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Replacement Icon Set for your favourite RSS Reader.
(Mac, Windows, PNG etc included!)

If you like and download it please also comment and :+fav: on it.. Thnx!

/// *** UPDATE *** \\\
Zip file now includes a 521x512px PNG for all the leopard users out there! :)
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Is really cool..I will use this and replace the icon I have in my website.. :)
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I'm going to use this to replace my Vienna icon - thank you!
thats a fine art :-)
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This one looks very creative. I will post it on my site later. Thanks.
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Thanks for this icon, i hope that you don't mind that i use this on my blog,azmo35.
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Feel free to use it there. A little link love to [link] would be nice but it's not a must. May I see your blog?
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Great stuff, thank you! I'm using it as a menu button for a non-profit website I volunteered to redesign. It should be up at [link] within the next month (May 2009).

Thanks again for posting this! Wonderful!
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Excellent concept. Thanks!
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Nicht schlecht :)
wird sofort benutzt ...
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great work.. m just download it...

thank you so much.....
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Oh wow, that's really good! I'm going to use this as a replacement icon for Vienna. ^^
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looks good. what sizes?
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Any sizes you need. from 16 x 16px to 256 x 256 px. PNGs included... ;)
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:) need 512 :) for leopard.

great icon tough
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Got a 512x512 px PNG here.
If you would like to have it, just drop me a note with your email address and I'll send it to you...

cheers, Oli
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:) yeah, but, why dont you put the 512 png in your zip file, i guess im not the only one here around with leopard running :)

256 for vista.
512 for leopard

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You're absolutely right.. Zip is now updated! ;)
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:) absolutely thanks :)
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