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February 3, 2021
Falls Forest by twinwaddle
Featured by Ellysiumn
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Falls Forest


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Companion piece to the Mystery Emporium- Victorian-horror Gravity Falls’ spooky supernatural forest 
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© 2020 - 2021 twinwaddle
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Brilliant. The moonlit stream is such a nice centrepiece too... beautifully framed by the twisting trees...

how do u download

can i have your permission to use this as my desktop bckground?

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I couldn't resist, I saved this to my laptop after slightly altering your BEAUTIFUL image. I call it "Intruders". It reminded me so much of my childhood nightmare (for lack of a better word). I believe my nightmare wasn't actually a nightmare, but a vision of being saved after getting lost in the woods. Adding to your unique and artistic talent, my first thought was dual rescuers' lanterns (similar to my dream-nightmare), but the ephemeral glimpse catches a belief they are intruders to my world, not rescuers, though in many instances those words could be interchangable.


I will never use this image anywhere else but my screen saver. I hope you enjoy it too.

V/R Spike

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I love it, so so cool ad dark..

BlackSun 4k
BloodMoon P2 4k

I am new here in Deviantart hope you check mine also :)

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I love the atmosphere to this art, it really does make it spooky.

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It makes me wanna go explore a forest right now

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A brooding and ominous forest masterfully portrayed.

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wow what a beautiful forest <3

this forest looks so spooky yet beautiful

love the color scheme too

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Spooky is right 😉

Very nice indeed! Shows what someone can do with basically a single color. And I like the 'kind' of forest you have created. Well done.

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Oh I just got chills, its so ominous I adore this

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Thank you so much! Exactly the vibe I was going for :)

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