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Cupcake fnaf by TwinkleStar05 Cupcake fnaf :icontwinklestar05:TwinkleStar05 4 0 R2D2 by TwinkleStar05 R2D2 :icontwinklestar05:TwinkleStar05 2 0 Pretty butterfly by TwinkleStar05 Pretty butterfly :icontwinklestar05:TwinkleStar05 1 0
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CreepyPastaXReader: The Dark Princess Pt-6
Waring there is some bad language C:
~Your POV~
  "You FUCKER! YOU CHEATING LITTLE BITCH!" I jolted up I jumped out of my bed and ran out of the room I rushed down the stairs. "What the heck is going....on?" Killer was holding Drowned by his collar. "Oh hey (y/n)" Drowned turned is head smiled and waved at me. "Uhh?" I tilted my head. Everyone was just sitting there. " just mad because he lost." "YOU FUCKIN' CHEATED!" "I didn't it's called winning.'re a sore loser." Drowned snorted. "Whatever! I know you cheated!" Killer threw down Drowned and stormed out of the house. I flinched at the door slamming. Drowned brushed himself off and sat in front of the T.V. I yawned, "What something to eat?" Masky asked. "Sure." I replied. He nodded and went to the kitchen. I swayed my arms as I looked around the room my eyes fell upon Drowned. "I haven't really talked to him...maybe I should." I thought as I
:iconladymccreepypasta:LadyMCcreepypasta 55 6
Ticci Toby x Reader
You lay in your bed. Tears. They glided down your rosy cheeks. You wanted a friend. All the slutty boys only liked you for your body. No one knew who you are on the inside. But what was so pretty about you? You always thought. Thought that question over and over. You never understood why. Why everyone hated you. It hurt. So much. You sobbed. What did you do? The rain poured down on your metal roof, as the thunder crackled, and the lightning lighting up the sky. You whimpered and put your headphones in. You played Pierce The Viel's Disasterology. They always knew how to make you feel better. You stood from your laying position and walked to the bathroom. You shut the door with a shaky breath. You locked it and sat on the floor sobbing. The world would be better without you, you thought. You, with blurry  vision, opened the sink cupboard and took out the razor you owned. You cut one inch lines. Ten to be exact. Ten, one inch lines on your beautiful flesh. One for the hatred you coul
:iconcrossovers11:Crossovers11 24 11
Ticci Toby X Bullied!Abused!Reader
((This is my first fanfic so no flames please! I hope you enjoy it even if it is a little long!))
You were sitting on the back porch of your house, staring into the woods. One day you would escape this house and live there, you thought. Ever since you were a kid you had wanted to go live in the woods. It was a sanctuary for you, seeing as your home was far from one. Your parents were rude and abusive, taking away any self pride or happiness you dared to have. School was no better. You often came early and sat in the back of the class, choosing to be more of a shadow than a person. Bullies took you for advantage and often lashed out on you with there problems even though you had done nothing wrong. Life wasn't always the best.
You had often thought about self harm but something stopped you. Or more like someone. Each time you were about to take out a razor or a knife you found a little note in front of you.It  never identified the sender and all it said was "Please don't. I need yo
:iconiamthegemini:IAMTHEGEMINI 353 103
ticci toby x reader... u drive me crazy~
yn pov...
your parents were fighting again.. trying to decide rather to home school u because your tics an twitches have gotten worse...
  "(your moms name (ym) she needs to face those kids she needs a soical life!!"
  "yf!! do u now what they have been calling her!!? huh!? they've called her demon!! idk how she hasn't broke yet!!"
   screams filled the house...
   little yn's crys hit her pillow.. she twitched lightly...
  why had it had to be her with all the problems ... she would like to be home schooled but... then shed have to face her fathers beats 24/7!!
   i guess it would be better to just go to school... face all thous basters.. plus.. she was already 15 ... 3 more years until she could move out.. away from her evil father ... maybe even take ym.. yn's mother...
  yn sat up .. her tears didn't stop coming out... she cupped her face in het hands...
:iconwerehuman13:werehuman13 39 7
Ticci Toby x Reader Mystery Facade part 1
Ticci Toby x Reader Mystery Facade Part 1
                          A huge sigh exits your mouth. “(Insert name), don't give us that attitude.” Your mother hisses from the passengers seat. You furrow your eyebrows already pissed and annoyed. All you did was sigh! And your parents mark it as attitude. However, you guess they've right. You tried to display your frustration and annoyance through that single sigh. Calming down, you frown. You very crestfallen during the whole car ride. Tracing the black leather seats of the car. You wore a sad black strapless dress.
                            It had a pattern of roses on the top. Leading down to plain black that was flowing, being only knee length tall. You never enjoyed showing a lot of ski
:iconlaylayjoan98:LaylayJoan98 148 40
After Us: Part 1 (Ticci Toby x Reader)
(f/c)=favorite color
(-Your- POV)
"Toby!" I grinned, taking the shiny pancake and waffle necklace he handed me. We were young- I was about 9, he would be 10. I looked at my best friend,who was in a brown sweatshirt and jeans, his mouthguard pulled up and the orange goggles i got him last year up on his head. He glanced around a bit, looking almost... worried. When he looked back at me though, he was overjoyed. "Happy Birthday!" He chirped, enveloping me in a hug that I eagerly returned.
Suddenly, the unsettling feeling of being watched came over me like a wave. Toby tensed a bit, but pulled back happy nonetheless. " Hey, I gotta go, ok?" He asked, cracking his bones nervously. "Ok..." I said, a little scared of being home alone with THAT feeling. Mom and Dad were still out with my older brother, Aster. "See you tommorow?" I asked, a smile returning to my face. For a second Toby's eyes flickered. "...Yea, SOMEONE has to save you from the boringness-ness of school!" I giggled, giving him
:iconsure-and-certain:Sure-And-Certain 79 27
Mature content
I Love You {Ticci-Toby x Reader LEMON} :iconalaskachan:AlaskaChan 264 156
Injured!Ticci Toby x Concerned!Reader
I ship Ticci Toby with Clockwork... but it doesn’t mean I won’t write an ‘x reader’ about him >:3
[F/n] - first name, [L/n] - last name
[H/l] - hair length, [H/c] - hair color
[E/c] - eye color, [F/c] - fave color
[F/s] - fave sweet (candy), [F/f] - fave flower
T.T is 19, You are 18
     [F/n] [L/n] didn’t like large crowds.  Ever since she was young, she preferred small populations.  Although she didn’t like large population, she loved large trees.  That’s the reason she loved nature.  More trees mean less houses, which meant less people.  Which is why she bought and moved into a log cabin in the woods.  It was a cute cabin; two bedrooms downstairs, two bedrooms upstairs, the living room and tiny kitchen connected, and a single bathroom.  She also lived next to a huge lake.
     Although she didn’t like large groups, [F/n] seemed to be concerned about others well being.
:iconrandom-x-readers:Random-x-Readers 579 121
Item #17, [A small hatchet (Ticci-Toby)]
    Your hand wiggled it's way into the festive hat, submerged in all of the oddities and random possessions of the other party-goers.  Curiously you poked and prodded around, biting your lip and you searched for an item that piqued your interest.  You proceeded cautiously, fingers maneuvering around all kinds of weird things and feeling all sorts of weird textures.  That is, until finally your hand ghosted over something that felt halfway normal... the wooden handle of something, a tool of some sort?  You yanked the handle upwards, jimmying it from the recesses of the top hat.  After a moment of struggling, you finally freed the handle and it's heavy metal wedge.  Looking over the small hatchet in your hands, you tried to guess who it's owner was.  Jeff the Killer?  No... Maybe BEN?  Probably not... It was then that Splendorman decided to clear things up for you.
    "Ah!  I know who that is~" He stood up straight,
:iconusername353:Username353 457 417
Mature content
Ticci-toby X Reader (LEMON) :iconlemonqueen18:LemonQueen18 276 76
Like Father Like Son XD by Sapphiresenthiss Like Father Like Son XD :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 395 312 Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 119 by Sapphiresenthiss Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 119 :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 607 903 Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 112 by Sapphiresenthiss Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 112 :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 641 738 Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 108 by Sapphiresenthiss Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 108 :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 624 781 Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 102 by Sapphiresenthiss Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 102 :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 669 1,187 CreepyNoodles page 19 by Hekkoto CreepyNoodles page 19 :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 124 32

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