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Free-to-use Identity Pixel Set

By TwinkJinx
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There wasn't anything on deviantART that you could use to state your sexual orientation/romantic orientation/gender identity that was straight-forward so I decided to create my own!

Sexuality Flags:
You have my permission to use this on and off deviantART, no need to ask! Credit isn't needed but highly appreciated!

EDIT March 3rd, 2016: This is the worst post I ever made

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© 2014 - 2021 TwinkJinx
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why hetero have flag :D what for
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why not? Dont try to make lgbt+ superior to hetero. Hetero is an orientation as well

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Aww, I wish the nonbinary flag and symbol was here. This is really cute, and I am going to try to use on my profile. Thank you for making these! <3
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What's gross
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The fact that Deviant Art is teaming with the infection that is this
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guess im infected! ugly ass hoe
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I can just tell your an interesting character by the look of that pfp, reminds me of some shit I see in tic tok cringe comps
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yeah im edgy at least im not homophobic lol
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.............thats your only response. like. im edgy? KDFJGKJDBGJKCKJ OK????
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uhm excuse me did we ask you to comment this rude shite on people's work?
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No, but I fucking did
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What infection
SailorYukiLaYandere's avatar
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These look lovely. I'll use it right away! Thank you ^3^
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do you have anything better to do than bitch about nonbinary people
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i like it how you also edited that comment of yours, making it seem like it wasn't there before

Real funny, asshat.
3729234732y74's avatar
making it seem like it wasnt there? i did nothing of the sort, acey
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"coming from a yaoi fan.. yatta yatta.. people's identities.. gross."

yeah you totally did not edit that comment of yours.
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