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DARKWING BEYOND -Preview-1 by DarkwingSnark
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it's a giveaway thing I hope I win
Temmie plush - GIVEAWAY by FatalPlush
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it's a new project of mine, still deep in development
you can see more of it here
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I don't really care that much because the pic was ancient.
But just so ppl know it was the "PnF - Competition" which was a comic with the content of Phineas and Human!Perry competing in making the most adorable shotacon uke-face. Last panel has Ferb and Doof getting a nosebleed.
Just wanted to inform those who care, I just think it's a bit funny it never got reported until now.

While you never actually see anything explicit, the characters are drawn to look underage so I guess it is justified. And since the picture is hella old and was submitted from my old computer I can't put int up again and even if I could I don't think I'd want to.

So R.I.P, dorito and platypus shota. I'll see you in hell when I get there.

in other news, I barely ever use dA anymore if you wanna see my most recent art you go to the myart tag on my tumblr blog Mica XIII
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so I realized I haven't written anything in a while and yeah I haven't really had a reason to.
if you want to be somewhat more up to date with what's happening with me  you should got to my tumblr page

anyway, I know I haven't been very active lately. I want to try and draw and upload a bit more from now on. I just need to motivate myself (since I'm the only one who can it seems)...

and with a new style to be stuck on for a month or two maybe I can come up with something great^^
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been for a while now

I had fun at Närcon and bought tons of shit XD

I've also caught up on Welcome To Night Vale and



so future submissions will probably be Night Vale related.

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Wanted to bring my NoFace cosplay but can't find all the pillows I need, also it would be hot as hell to walk in

other cosplays I will bring are Madoka Magica's Charlotte and Murdoc from Gorillaz

Me n Pekki goes to NärCon together, as we do at any other con, but this time it's special because we are gonna sleep in a hotel and it's gonna be awesome because we will actually be able to have some sleep for once! :iconshaplz:

I really hope I do not forget to pack anything, it's always that one thing you miss.

I'm also filthy rich so I will probably be filthy poor when I'm back

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m'yep izzat tyme again :P
and I'm 18 dis year aaaw-yeah!
I want to thank everyone who's been -will be (maybe)- filling my inbox with congratulation messages, you are all so sweet<3<3<3

So what presunts did I get you ask? ((no, we didn't))
first off TREE BOOKS!
The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky,
The Day My Butt Went Psycko by Andy Griffiths
and last but not least
Drama by Raina Telgemeier

I also got a PSVita and in addition to that, the game, Gravity Rush

also lots of munney and an a shopping tour at a very nostalgic asian store by my old childhood home, got  lots of pocky and a bag of crispy seaweed and laughed a bunch at the horrible Pokémon bootlegs they sold there, I wished I had taken some photos :'D

and o top of it all I got another thing I really wanted for my birthday
A FAKE MOUSTACHE!<3 and a cheap plastic monocle but it kinda sucks, wont stay up :/

we went to my new favorite sushi place and new favorite café and I had a good time spending quality time with my family

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Got tagged by :iconbtomimatsu:

1. You must post these rules 
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them 
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the persons you tag will have to answer 
4. Choose 5 people and put their icons on your journal 
5. Go to their pages and inform them they are tagged
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 5 people

Random trivia about me:

1) I have Asperger's Syndrom
2) I am a hopeless romantic shipper fantast.
3) The first thing I learned to draw well was anime eyes, I was 9.
4) I didn't draw anything that looked remotely like anything until I was 5 (not even those heads with arms and feet every well-developed kid is supposed to be able to draw at the age of 2)
5) I like to dance, but it's not a hobby.
6) I recently come to owe a book full of old quotes.
7) My favorite candy is lemon flavored soft toffee n caramels.
8) I have a body pillow of fully dressed Hatsune Miku in my bed.
9) I've been on tv more than once in my life, once when I was 6 and a few times when I was about 12 I think...
10) I'm bad at making tight internet friends.

:iconbtomimatsu:'s questions

1) Top ten movies (not a question I know but I find the topic interesting)
hmm.. nnnnnGGHHHHH IiiIIIiIiiII CAN'T! I can't come up with anything on such short notice, sorry. there are just so many movies that I like! I watch a lot of movies.

2) Favorite Musical Artist?
Also a hard one... At the moment I guess I'm really into Kate Nash and Detektivbyrån. I like Gorillaz and Paramore as well... I just listen to so much different kinds of music I can't really have a favorite artist.

3) Are you a city or country person?
I think I'm more of a city person, while I'm not that fond of crowded places, I find the city so much more inspiring than the country. All the different colors and noises and smells, it's exhausting as hell but the inspiration just floods!

4) Japanese food or Chinese food?
YOU CAN'T MAKE ME CHOOSE *throws myself out the window*

5) What is the best comic you read so far?
Dunno what to call best, so I'll just go with favorite. Favorite web comic's gotta be THIS IS NOT FICTION, favorite  comic book is a bit more difficult, I like Bamse (as the woman-child I am) and also Spirou and The Smurfs.

6) Favorite fictional character? many... D8

7) What if your favorite thing to do?
Scroll on tumblr while eating and drinking something pleasant. I also really like sining old songs while my mom plays the guitar late in the afternoon, those were the days...

8) Revolutionary or Evolutionary?
I'm not sure I understand this one. Going against the stream of flowing with it? A little of both, I guess? I wanna do new things, I want to be part of making society better the way I think I could (children's media, mostly), but that is it. I like having traditions and I think we should keep out roots close and such, as long as it doesn't stop us from evolving as individuals.

9) Where do you like going to on holiday?
Either I stay home, go to my grandma's or I go to Disney World. anything else makes me cranky.

10) Favorite Artist here on DA or anywhere else?

My Questions:

1) What's your middle name, if you have one?
2) What's the coolest thing to happen in your life, so far?
3) If you were a Pokémon, which one would you most likely be?
4) Do you believe in a higher power of some sort, or maybe a life after death? What is your religious believes, personally?
5) What was the most inappropriate thing you put in your mouth as a small child?
6) What is your favorite "so-bad-it's-good" song?
7) Have you ever done something simply out of spite?
8) Anime or Western Animation? Be interesting by motivate your answer.
9) What's your fetish, if I may ask?
10) What's your favorite kind of candy? (if you eat candy, that is)

I tag:
:iconchinchillaplum: :iconcu-sketcher: :iconegorina: :iconkamidog: :iconlord-of-potatoes:
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aaah it feels geeewd
got my class to watch "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" so yeah that was nice^^they seemed to like it

Started watching "Shingeki no Kyojin", watched all episodes that are out in two days, now waiting for episode 11 and omg I LOVE THIS ANIME!!!

Also, for a few weeks now, I've been developing a new comic project that I probably won't even begin to draw comics of for another 5 years XD
But that's only because it's so great and I want to put as much thought as I can into it, that and I want to finnish DarkWoodsCircus before doing anything else.

Everything happens so much.
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I might submit some Unico fan arts :3

ugh school right before summer break is the worst
so much pressure XC

and right when summer break starts there is Dinocon and right after that my summer job begins
and due to my summer job I can't go that art summer camp I've been going to the past two years that I like so much :(((

but at least I'll get tons of money to spend on Närcon later this summer^^

there is still stuff that I gotta do that I haven't mention but I don't feel like writing no more see ya<3
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man I really need to find a chatroom or something, this is getting ridiculous

were to tumblr users chat? (since there is no online chatroom on tumblr)

I should probably have my skype on more oftern too...
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I'm not a very social person, I'm suprisingly less social on the internet than I am in real life and that is saying something 6_6

I have friends, but they are all restrained to one place. I'm restraining my relationship with ppl to where I've always met them and what I always talk about with them. When I go over those restrainments with someone I get uncomfortable, because I either see a side of that person I've never seen before, or I get more of the same thing than I can handle in one day.
I got only one extremely close friend, which is, of all ppl, the one I'm infatuated with. *sigh* she's the only one who goes beyond all the restraints (or at least, I want her to. not sure how she feels about it)

Most people I know would say I like to talk, and I do. I love to talk, I alk alot. I find it hard to listen to ther people if they are not talking about something I find interesting, and that's just part of my Asperger. I ignore things I find uninteresting.
But I try, I do try! Because you can always learn something new when you listen to what people have to say.
I'm not a ranter. not really. It's just that nobody responds to what I have to say. Nobody gives me an argument, nobody gives me questions, nobody even agrees with me. They just stand there like, "uh huh?" Because I guess they either just do not find what I say interesting, or they simply can't hold track of what I am even talking about.

I'm wide with topics. There are alot of things I'd love to talk with a person about. The only thing I find "uninteresting" when talking with people, is when I either do not understand what they are getting at, or when it's about my grades at school *eHUM*
I try to fidn ppl who like a certain thing that I like as well, and thus I hav someone to talk with them about it from time to time. Problem is, that one thing is the ONLY thing we have in common. That's why I don't come close to people. At some point, you have nothing to talk about anymore.
I wish I could find someone who was interested in and liked to talk about several things as much as I do. Because I feel like all my friends are stuck in their own lifes, their own, one, interest. I go from from thing to thing, fandom to fandom, constantly. Sometimes I stay on them for more than a year(while being into other things at the same time, just not as much), sometimes just for a month, hell, even just a week. Most of the time I can go back to the old things and like them just as much.

I have nobody to engagingly talk to there days. Everybody I know has it worse than me, so they are too busy dealing with themselfs to talk deeply about childresn program and the fenomenon of memes and all that jucy stuff.

it makes me feel alone

also, I writing this because my mom dissed me today and I felt hurt
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I need to make a collab with someone as a project for my school to prove my skills in teamwork.
I have no idea what the collab would be about, but I'm sure we could figure something out^^
There can be more than two in the collab, so don't be hesitant.


I've found someone to do the collab with now! no worries :3
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I've been feelin' kinda shitty, lately.
I get easily pissed at everything and everyone, I'm late with 3-4 things I have to do because every time I even try to do something productive I get this twisty feeling in my stomach!
And I got shot on the mouth with a bandy ball at PE today wich made me scream like a bitch and that left me very exhausted :I
Then I was practicing a song I gotta learn, I sang it like 4 times and now my throat hurts.
I had a really nice dream last night and now I can't remember what it was about DX

And I'm bored out of my aching skull.

I just want to stare at something interesting for hours and hours.
I can't decide if I should start a Teen Wolf marathon first, or Red Dwarf marathon.

and I'm being paranoid about my period, it feels like it can start any day now and I want to be prepared
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(rather known as NärCon but I can't write åäö in the title)
I never told you I was going in the first place but.. well, ta-dah!

I got myself a Nyanpire kigurumi and now I'm so hungry that my head huits.

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My whole family will be gone on vacation to Israel from Wednesday to Sunday, I didn't wanna go because sun-bathing vacations bore me.
Also, Pekki :iconchinchillaplum: MIGHT stay with me to keep me company, since she does her studying at home anyway, and I rather spend a week at home with her than with my family in Israel with no one to talk to about stuff me and Pekki talk about.

Too bad my family won't be here for Valentines, though, but they promised we will do our traditional Family Valentines Chocolate Fondue on monday next week^^

So.. home alone on a school week... wish me luck XD

Sad News:
the R button on my DS is broken so I can't change weapons when playing Children of Mana :(
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I had this conversation recently with some anonymus person about gender and sexuality and I kinda hate her because she was being a smart ass.
And she said that sex and gender are two different things, I never thought of it that way.
Is it?

In general, I hate when you argue with someone over the internet and the start talking about something like you are supposed to understand it, and if you don't you are an idiot. Most of the time they are just trolling and trying to sound smart to confuse you but it's still horrible to deal with.
Ppl just can't allow themselves to admit that they are wrong, not just walk away from the subject. I am guilty of that as well and I hate it.
Sure, it's fun when you are WINNING the argument, but then you loose and you turn into a fucking hypocrite.
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I just felt like let some of my frustration out on you guys because I am a wonderful person.

I'm not really that sure what I am yet, I could guess a bisexual and one-target-romantic or whatever.
I've just never understood why we have to have so. many. labels. Ok, I do know, it's because we humans have to label everything somehow or else we don't know were to put it and if we do not know were to put it we can't hold it still long enough to know how to handle it and what to think about it.

Too many names, too many sexualities because we are everyone too different to all fit in just three, we want to be special, we want to be recognized for our little quirks, not just sexuality but EVERYTHING! it just kinda pisses me off because I don't feel like having ppl be dicks at me just because I don't know every single hipster word for the way you swing and apparently that is disrespectful!

When it comes to gender labels, though, sure, there are just as many. But the problem there is that most ppl I've met is not open with it. Most of the time you don't even know if someone's a transexual, you just have a hunch. And it's rude to ask and if you do, that's when it gets awkward, because they won't tell you!
I'm a girl with asperger syndrom, I like to know what I'm dealing with.
"Are you a transgender?"
"Ok, then I know. Nice to meet you, I will try not to bother you with this again."
That's all I need!

I'm sick and tired of ppl thinking you should not be referred to as anything. I don't want to call ppl "hir" and apologize if I accidentally call them anything else. Let me make it easier for me, just, please.
I'm tired of trying too hard to not be "insensitive", that is all.
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  • Reading: Genshiken, webcomics and fanfiction
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  • Playing: Children of Mana (aka. frustration)
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I'm watching an old-as-balls BL anime and my hands smell like cheese.

I have this urge to hug Pekki upside down but she went home so I can't and even if she was here she would probably not let me..

I want to draw something but I do not know what, I think I had an idea about what half an hour ago but I forgot what it was.

It's 02:08 in the morning here but I cannot go to sleep because I've eaten a whole bag of MnMs and a bowl of snacks (the cause of my cheese smelling hands) very recently so if I go to bed now I will have nightmares.

I think something were suppsed to happen Feburary 2nd, but I do not remember what, which makes my brain itch.

I'm in a passive agressive relationship with my DS game, Children of Mana, at the moment.

Bob's Burgers is a good show but it tends to drag out on some jokes for too long so you go from laughing to just feeling slightly irritated and awkward.

I don't think I've vever fangirled and squealed for anything as much as Parapines art made by kitpocket and the comics This Is Not Fiction and Best Friends 4-Ever.

The turrets in Portal are my spirit animal. "I'm flying!"

k bye
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  • Reading: Genshiken, webcomics and fanfiction
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: Children of Mana (aka. frustration)
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