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Mickey is Your Valentine by Twinkel13 Mickey is Your Valentine :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 9 0 Riddled with Confusion by Twinkel13 Riddled with Confusion :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 6 2 What do you say? by Twinkel13 What do you say? :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 11 2 SUPERMAN?! by Twinkel13 SUPERMAN?! :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 27 6 .:Vibrance:. by Twinkel13 .:Vibrance:. :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 11 0 PUPPIES! by Twinkel13 PUPPIES! :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 10 0 Star Gay-zing by Twinkel13 Star Gay-zing :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 15 0 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA by Twinkel13 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 15 2 You've read his work? by Twinkel13 You've read his work? :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 24 2 .:Delusions Drive The Dreamers:. by Twinkel13 .:Delusions Drive The Dreamers:. :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 17 0 Zara the Peryton Princess of Vaporwave by Twinkel13 Zara the Peryton Princess of Vaporwave :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 16 2 .:Charmed:. by Twinkel13 .:Charmed:. :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 14 2 Dark Passenger by Twinkel13 Dark Passenger :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 142 6 .:Vintage Minnie:. by Twinkel13 .:Vintage Minnie:. :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 50 16 .:Vintage Daisy:. by Twinkel13 .:Vintage Daisy:. :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 41 7 Magical Medalion by Twinkel13 Magical Medalion :icontwinkel13:Twinkel13 17 3


Country For (Gay) Old Men by DarkwingSnark Country For (Gay) Old Men :icondarkwingsnark:DarkwingSnark 18 2 kirby wants to be your valentine! by Dotoriii kirby wants to be your valentine! :icondotoriii:Dotoriii 43 0 McDowall VS McDowall by DarkwingSnark McDowall VS McDowall :icondarkwingsnark:DarkwingSnark 29 9 2519 Escapism by KenDraw 2519 Escapism :iconkendraw:KenDraw 161 7 Furuya Rei by MroczniaK Furuya Rei :iconmroczniak:MroczniaK 182 3 Gun by FlytrapDog Gun :iconflytrapdog:FlytrapDog 6 2 The Hidden World of Blep by SpainFischer The Hidden World of Blep :iconspainfischer:SpainFischer 287 8 Daily Paint 2262. Gaming Mouse by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2262. Gaming Mouse :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 7,244 268 Scarecrow commission by phil-cho Scarecrow commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 262 11 She's Gone by BlueXCanary She's Gone :iconbluexcanary:BlueXCanary 48 2 .:Amadeus Arkham, M.D.:. by DarkwingSnark .:Amadeus Arkham, M.D.:. :icondarkwingsnark:DarkwingSnark 11 0 .:Penguin Fight:. by DarkwingSnark .:Penguin Fight:. :icondarkwingsnark:DarkwingSnark 37 10 Loving You And Loving Being You by vaporotem Loving You And Loving Being You :iconvaporotem:vaporotem 868 24 Tied up by Slasher12 Tied up :iconslasher12:Slasher12 38 4 Rose Tutorial by BelieveTheHorror Rose Tutorial :iconbelievethehorror:BelieveTheHorror 4,407 99 Scrooge posing on money by TedJohansson Scrooge posing on money :icontedjohansson:TedJohansson 46 3



Riddled with Confusion

Riddle has met his match in the form of an impish idiot, who just so happens to have the inane ability to solve all his riddles. What’s a man of his caliber to do? Surely it must be a fluke? It has to be!
Follow Edward Nygma as he finds a new obsession of trying to crack the biggest puzzle of them all:
Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot.

What started out as just a fun little concept of a man clinging to dear life to a question mark ended up becoming a fake title card.

And to be clear, yes, this is shipping B:TAS’ Riddler with TB’s Penguin.
Based on concepts that are to appear in DarkwingSnark's and FlytrapDog's RP, What Happens in Gotham Stays in Gotham

What do you say?

“I’ll admit, I’m still new to the more… ah, insidious lifestyles of Gotham. I know I’m not especially seen as threatening, in comparison to some of the more notorious and infamous members of our rogue gallery. But.. But I can learn to be, if that’s what you need from me. If you need to feel secure with the idea of a partner, in every sense of the word, that is willing to go great lengths for you– I offer you look no further than here . I love you, Jonathan Crane. And I would like to continue our adventure down this rabbit hole, if you would so let me. ” 

Chapter 17 of ‘What Happens in Gotham, Stays in Gotham’. Jervis goes all in, and it seems Crane just might have to fold at the hand he is given. RP by FlytrapDog and DarkwingSnark.


“A little far from home, don’t you think?” Superman asked loud enough for Scarecrow to hear, causing the man to flinch suddenly in his direction. Clark continued, even as he hovered just enough to be above the man’s own towering height. “I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced: I’m Superman.”

And with his name came the unspoken threat of ‘and you know what I am capable of ’.

Chapter 15 of ‘What Happens in Gotham, Stays in Gotham’.  I dunno, guys… I think Scarecrow maybe should have thought twice about doing business in Superman’s turf.  RP by FlytrapDog and DarkwingSnark. Art by me.


Wonderland was always more vibrant than the waking world, and it was with a heavy sigh of relief that the Hatter found himself laying amongst the flowers. His beam only grew as he could hear the soft whispers around him, no doubt the flora being upset by their visitor. WELL, if they didn’t wish him to be there, then the Hatter would swiftly remove himself from their presence.

Hatter sat up, and looked around.

Chapter 14 of ‘What Happens in Gotham, Stays in Gotham’. A vibrant picture for a vibrant mind. RP by FlytrapDog and DarkwingSnark 




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

DARKWING BEYOND -Preview-1 by DarkwingSnark
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MicaXIII (on tumblr)
Artist | Student | Varied
hi, i'm an art-ist. i can makes the cartoonsssssss

I illustrate and do storyboards. I have a webcomic together with :icondarkwingsnark:



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