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Wig Tutorial L and Spiking

By twinfools
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A tutorial on L wigs, which happen to be an excellent example for basic spiking. The wig being styled is ~randomlyyellstuff 's L wig. Keep in mind that: wigs do not turn out the same twice, this is a tutorial on spiking over a tutorial on how to make an L wig, products/tools used are listed in the first caption and finally, this was a 45 minute wig job... but then again I have done this exact wig before ^^

Good luck to everyone! I hope this tutorial is easy to understand :)

If you want any terms defined, just comment and I'll list them in here.
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Thanks for the tutorial! :D
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What do you mean by dry-styled in this? x.x
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Thank you very much for this tutorial. I plan on cosplaying L over the summer, but this will be my first time cosplaying! I bought a basic black wig a little while back, but I was freaking out over how to style it! Thank you very, very, very much!!! :D
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could this possibly be done to someone's real hair? i plan to cosplay L for an upcoming con, but i can't afford a wig... my hair's the right colour, and i can live with L hair ^^
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im glad i stumbled across this tutorial
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Thanks for the awesome tips!
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i hate how got 2 b is not avalible in australia
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I'm so glad I found this! I'm looking at doing an L cosplay soon, and finding was exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to find as I'm very new to styling wigs (actually, this would be my first attempt to style one if I ever get around to it)

Thank you for making this =D
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Where did you buy the base wig?

Im hoping to cosplay Yami Marik [His hair be deadly spiked] and this base wig that you have looks good enough so the wefts arent seen through. ;o
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Totally featured here: [link]
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I shoul get some Got 2 B glued spray... I have none of that. My L wig isn't that bad, but the spikes might need a wee help. XD
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luv this thing ^^ i tryed it out the steps on my wig and it came out awsome ^^ thnx for making this tutoral ofr us less experienced cosplayers :D
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I Soooo Wanna By A Wig From Ebay But My Mother Is Like Freaking Out And Stuff...
How Can I Convince Her It's Safe???
rikkuuzumaki13's avatar
Just makes sure you check the seller ratings and show her the return policy {I recommend checking that the wig is made of Kaneklon, which is the best synthetic fiber you can get in my opinion}
So if the wig is bad you ca return it
but back on topic, tell her ebay is safe as long as you find the right seller, and the safest way is to go through paypal
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Dude, you are my saviour!!! Thank you!!!!
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This is a very helpful tutorial! I bought a wig yesterday that was supposed to look like young Sasuke, and I figured it wouldn't be hard to style it into L's hair. I pulled it out of the packaging, and it was just like L's hair. XD All I have to do is cut it and spike it a bit.
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Whats the best type of glue to use on a silvery-blue wig?
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Got 2 b glued spiking gel. It helped me a shit ton with my L/BB wig. :)
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Thank you so much! I'm cosplaying as L and my wig wasn't pre-styled, so this was very helpful! :) One question: Can I use normal hairspray on the wig? I could only afford either the glue or spray, and I figured the glue was more important... Plus, I may use it for personal hair styling. Thanks again!
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I have a question, if I may.... have you every used the Got2b in your own hair? If you have how hard is it to wash out?
CataUshigari-chan's avatar
You'd have to use a lot of shampoo but it'll come out. It'll give you some...Interesting hair afterward but for me, it wasn't a bad thing. It kept my curls not frizzy until I took my shower next. :)

Also, DON'T SCRATCH YOUR HEAD IF YOU OUT THE STUFF IN IT! It'll look like you have really bad dandruff. o.o;;;
MangaWhispers's avatar
I got the newer stuff in the black bottle, supposable it's not suppose to leave white flakes, which is good in my case cuz I have near black hair :) the only thing is it takes longer to dry... and it doesn't seem to stick but I'll just have to work more with it :D
CataUshigari-chan's avatar
Okay, glad to hear it. :) What are you styling your hair for anyway? Cosplay right?
MangaWhispers's avatar
Nope :) Just everyday thing, more like a once in a while type deal. I would love to do Cosplay XD but really I have no time at the moment... :(
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