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"It's life, but not as we know it," Mars snarks.

"So, is she a Sailor Senshi or not?" Uranus asks, impatiently.

Mercury hesitates: "Nearest I can figure, she's some sort of self-aware Anti-Virus program, based around a TRON protocol. So, in the very loosest sense of the word... yes."

The program merely regards them curiously.



Senshi of The Grid 3.0

Programmed to trace and anticipate the activity of hostile elements within the Grid. A powerful internal isomorphic algorithm allows her to grow, adapt and anticipate to the changing structure of the Grid.

She listens for the distant thunder of the command lines that herald the Users, but has yet to ever see one in person.

Her sidekick is Bit, a floating geometric projection who can only say "Yes" and "No."




I enjoyed trying to make a fuku that keeps the aesthetic of Tron: Legacy and still retains elements of the traditional Moonie fuku.

Copics and Microns on cardstock
Background & Text - Photoshop
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Wow, great scenario and art.
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This makes me happy in ways I previously thought were anatomically impossible.

Infer what you will.
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Hahahaha, this is awesome. What if she popped out of Mercury's mini-computer? xD
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xD oh god.
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*Snicker* That's adorable...

Normally, I hate the whole "OC" movement, but Tron: Legacy made me squeal like a giddy fan-girl.... TWICE. I'm even working on a character of my own. To what end, I dunno.
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hahaha yeah, me too.
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I tried working on him today. Wow, my skills have atrophied =_=
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I actually really like this! Because of the nature of Sailor Moon, you never see such a "technical" looking senshi with such a non-frilly and practical fuku. She reminds me of a Power Ranger as well actually, which is probably something to do with the helmet... it would be interesting to see what she looks like, but really, I like her mystique.

great job!!
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Yeah, true. xD The funny thing about Power Rangers is that's what the Sailor Moon live action reminded me of, so I suppose it's almost fitting now. xD
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You probably have no idea how cool this is...and on so many levels.
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8D Wait til you see the upgrade.
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LOL sailor moon and tron! Brilliant ;)
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XD my fiance and I love it, I wish I could fave this twice because it's the two of us
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