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DR Costume Test - Suzume by TwinEnigma DR Costume Test - Suzume by TwinEnigma
Costume Test for Suzume the Suna nin/ULTIMATE TEMARI FANGIRL (lololololol see wut i did there), first in a six-image series of costume tests for DR In Memoriam OC ninja.

Her design is intended to strongly emulate Temari's, much in the same way Rock Lee emulates Might Guy.

Suzume at ages 19, 15, and 5. Dx

At 5, she did not have the pigtails, as she had not yet at that point seen Temari in battle and decide to idolize her. She is from a merchant family and joins the Academy after seeing Temari fight.

At 15, Suzume is a bit ganglier and significantly more open than she was as a little girl. She is the "big sister" of her team, being almost a year and two years older than her other teammates respectively, and is more often than not their team leader. She is brash, and reacts aggressively to the implication that she is weak. She's become very comfortable with emulating Temari's behavior and mannerisms, but is slowly realizing she has to define herself as an individual.

At 19, Suzume has, by now, had her final growth spurt. She's become more reserved and less brash, a harder target to bait with taunts. She still does play "big sister" to her teammates, though.

Suzume is "Wind" as a primary element. Her specialty is "war fan."

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August 23, 2007
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