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DR Costume Test - Kagomaru
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Published: August 24, 2007
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3 of 6 in the series of Costume Tests for the DR In Memoriam OC ninja.

Kagomaru the puppet master/Gaara brat-spawn at 4, 13, and 17.

At 4, Kagomaru is one of those quiet, curious types who wants to know how things work. He essentially dogs his father's heels, trying to figure out the secret to how to make sand move. In an effort to redirect his attention to a more attainable goal, his uncle introduces him to chakra puppetry and gives him a small puppet to practice on.

13 years old and the shortest kid among his peers, Kagomaru has managed to improve his chakra puppetry and has been experimenting with building his own puppets, preferring youkai and animal shapes (such as "Dragon", shown top right). He's still quiet, introspective and very driven to succeed, but he does have a wicked temper and will shirk his teammates and bodyguards if he feels they're babying him. He desperately wants to been seen as more than just "the Godaime Kazekage's son." He is attempting to make his own unique jutsu at this age.

At 17, Kagomaru has more than earned his jounin status and his nickname "Sunamoujuu", the sand beast. His collection of youkai and animal based puppets has expanded over the years, along with his knowledge of jutsu and poisons. He remains a generally quiet person, though now treats his teammates as the siblings he never had. He still is looking to figure out new jutsu to improve his skills base.

Kagomaru's primary element is earth and his specialization is chakra puppetry. He also likes cinnamon buns and has a tattoo on his back. ;P

Art notes: Toes are still evil. Dragon puppet is the result of late night doodling and the 13 year old Kagomaru's controlling it. Kagomaru's lack of eyebrows makes drawing his expressions 20 times more fun. Dx Chibi-Kagomaru looks like he's been scolded. Also, am I the only person who's come up with a Gaara spawn that CAN'T control sand outside of a Doton (earth) jutsu?

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