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DR Costume Test - Hana
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Published: August 26, 2007
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4 of 6 in the series of Costume Tests for the DR In Memoriam OC ninja.

Hana the Wild Fox/Naru-Saku bratling at ages 4, 11, and 17 respectively.

Hana, at 4, is a loudmouthed terror in a sundress. She's a very energetic and physically active child, bouncing around outdoors as much as possible. She likes playing tricks on other kids and is very fond of sweets.

At 11, Hana is getting the feel for her new team and trying very hard to prove herself as a useful member of the team. She struggles to improve her poor chakra control and hopes to impress her first crush (and just maybe her parents too) in the process. Making progress is hard and her sensei seems more interested in teaching her teammates Konoha's #1 Perverted Jutsu! SHANNARO! She'll show them with her new and improved prank! Time to put Kage Bunshin to work! >D

Hana, at 17, is still a loudmouthed, flirty prankster, but has managed to learn some self control and when the situation gets tough, she is all business. Quick to improvise and using kage bushin as part of her fighting style, Hana is a versitile and extremely unpredictable fighter. Her ability with illusions continues to improve, as she has managed to get a better hand on her chakra control in the years since she first exited the Academy.

Hana's primary element is Wind, her secondary is water, and her specialization is close-range combat and high chakra-drain jutsu. She has a phobia of spiders. She has earned the nickname "Wild Fox" from her taijutsu style, which seems more berserker than formal style. She and Kagomaru of Suna feel a kinship with each other, as they're both children of kage that are (or were) hosts of a tailed beast.

Art notes: Trying something new with her hair. xD Hana's fun to draw. Her personality is such a freakish combo of her parents (Naruto's prankster/indomitable spirit and Sakura's fangirl spaz/violence). I want to draw her glomping Rinji in one of her fox-girl henge form. >D

LOL, I just read 367. Hana's like her grandma!

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