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Create a Comic Commission p6-7



Commission I did for Create a Comic.

Page 6 & 7 of a guidebook
b&w: inked Sakura Microns
text: photoshop 7
pounds of m&ms consumed: 1

It's a youth literacy program that uses comics to teach creative writing. Very cool idea, if I must say so, and I'm all for keeping kids interested in comics as a creative medium, so go and give them a look-see and if you can help out in any way, I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

Technical stuff: Certain things had to be in the panels and I tried to get them as best I could. I'm still horrible at desks (so don't mind the disappearing desk edges) and I managed to lose my ruler while working on this.
The students actually turned out quite like I hoped. This style's very fun to draw in - not quite anime, not quite Peanuts vibe.
Lol, YES, that is the death star he's throwing out of the desk. There's a kitchen sink, too, if you look carefully.

...I really need to work on my paneling more. ^^;

Create a Comic has permission to post this to their website and reuse it as they see fit. All images and likeness related to Create a Comic are used with permission, under the terms of the negotiated commission.
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This looks great! Very clear and informative while being fun at the same time!

Scott McCloud would be proud! =D