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Big Bro Makes It Look Easy

By TwinEnigma
It's rare a fanfic actually has me loving it enough to do fanart, much less a fanfic that isn't my own.

That being said, Partners is one such fanfic.

I adore it to bits.

This fic.


Everything about it :heart:

So here, have a Matt McGinnis, continuing the proud family tradition of jacking a supersuit and realizing this is harder than it looks.

lol yes I realize it's some screwy combo of Young Justice Dick's/Comic Tim's/Damian Wayne's Robin look, but it's supposed to be all mishmashed cause not everything fits. And wow, I managed to make Matt not look like an expy of Damian.
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I really hope this happens in the comics!
TwinEnigma's avatar
That would be schway wouldn't it?
TheDUDERulez's avatar
Totally!  I recently got all three current books and the "Hush Beyond" story rips!  Can't wait to finish all three!
NeonLunafish's avatar
I.Friggin.Love.This.FANFIC! Thank you for sharing with me! :D I stayed up way to late last night reading chapter upon chapters. XD
TwinEnigma's avatar
You're welcome. It's really one of the best fanfics. :3
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I just did a costume for Matt for a comic I'm going to start have a look [link]
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Sometimes I think I should just go and fav 90% of your Batman-related pictures, really. And I'm not quick on faving things. :)
But this... this... Aaah, it's so lovely! I didn't read the fanfic you recommend yet, because I'm seriously afraid I'd melt away haha. I loved Matt so much back then, it's sad that he doesn't get much attention in fandom. I like your costume very much; I suppose green in it wouldn't really fit withTerry's Batman suit, buuut I love my Robins green anyway so this is the only complain I have. ;)
"And wow, I managed to make Matt not look like an expy of Damian" - man, I know your pain haha. Hard thing to do, design these Robins...
Thank you for sharing so much! I'd love to see that in cartoon.
TwinEnigma's avatar
xD thanks
It's very action-oriented, so it's less melty adorables and more like "this is YES this should have happened". He was such a snarky little ass but he so really looked up to Batman and you could tell how much that meant to Terry.

Well, to be technical, he doesn't have his own costume yet. If he does, I'd keep the black in the cape, but make the black in the bodysuit more green-based black.

xD Not to mention Damian and Matt would look a bit alike anyway, considering who their father is.
Me too, but DC doesn't love us that much.
mai-takeru's avatar
These days, I think DC doesn't love me at all. :-/ Ya know, the reboot.
Anyway, I hated the whole "Bruce is their father!" thing in the JLU, it really kind of ruined it for me. I mean, I know they have black hair and their parents don't, but man, this is a cartoon. It just felt too weird for the DCAU!Batmanverse. I watched the JLU years after BB and was all like "Hey! My childhood cartoon, don't mess with it now!" Haha~
Buut, I'm talking off-topic, sorry about that.
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Goddamn it, reboot! Really, I have three titles that I want to keep up with - all the rest can go away.

It was hinted throughout Beyond though (god, Superman, you troll), so it wasn't like it wasn't unexpected for me, but I was kinda pissed that Beyond had to be wrapped up in a throwaway episode in JLU instead of a proper send off. Yeah, I was watching them all concurrently and it was kinda like the "afterschool DON'T FUCKING TOUCH the cablebox" cartoon block.

Of course it's all on the Hub now so... RECORD EVERYTHING!
mai-takeru's avatar
Sadly enough, I didn't watch the Superman episode back then. I don't remember doing it, that is. Me and my memory... sometimes I'm almost reaching the rebooted!Starfire-level, heh.
And I actually, somehow, WAS able to stand all the crap going on in this reboot (No Donna? Ugh! No Wally? Ugh! No Stephanie? Ugh big time) until I saw the new version of my Kory. Uh-huh, mister DC, we're done - now I'm not taking any rebooted title seriously, just in the alternative universe kind of way.
I'd like to ask which are these three titles you plan to read (Batman&Robin being one of them, I assume), but I think I really should stop "spaming" in the comment boxes. Note me? :)
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That beach scene. UGH. It was doing fine and then that beach scene was ten kinds of sexist, wrong, and such unfortunate implications. On tumblr, I actual posted a panel for panel re-sketch of everything with the genders reversed and it was STILL sexist, wrong, and implied terrible things. The cheesecake - fine whatever, I was expecting that - but guuuuuuuh the memory issues raised consent flags and the fact that Roy was her friend and didn't think there was anything wrong with sleeping with her with these issues and that Jason wanted her to remember just so he could have a spitesex fight with her - a guy who killed a rapist supposedly even when he was Robin and has always defended women and children. And then people going "Oh no, she's supposed to be LIBERATED and EMPOWERED. She's an ALIEN. And it's her CHOICE." Like that changes that it's still two guys who should know better taking advantage of the memory loss of a friend to have sex.

ug I could go on forever about how that was just wrong.

Batman, Nightwing (unless it sharply turns DickBabs in a lookIcanwalknowpretendourshitrelationshipissuesneverexisted way (I really don't like that ship anyway but I can be okay if it's not handled like shit)) and Batman and Robin.

Yes, yes, notes are fine. I probably won't be able to respond until later, since I have work today.
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And that fic shall be read. Excuse the fact that I just faved how many pics in your gallery?

I like the combo of the three Robin costumes. It fits.
TwinEnigma's avatar
8D That's fine. I'm used to that sort of thing.

Thanks! :nod:
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OH WOW YAY. I love his boot and his expression and EVERYTHING.
:D: :dance::dance: :dance:
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8D Thank you and again for inspiring me with that awesomeness. Matt needs more love. ;o;
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Yesss... More fans of Partners and Robin!Matt. He really is too adorable xD
TwinEnigma's avatar
Yes, he is. xD

Dat fic. Man, it's very schway.
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hm... I will have to check out the story. ^_^ I love the way you put all the costumes together.
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It certainly isn't bad for a 4 am sketch turned inkout.
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