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Eye - human frontier

By TwinDrops
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Watercolor on paper. 

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i-likethis's avatar
Great picture!
Sinperium's avatar
Very nicely done.  I would be lost trying to use paint to do this.
free-gamer4ever's avatar
Engolf's avatar
Jesus! It's incredibly beautiful!
saltnpepperjack's avatar
an awesome mix that's beautiful and haunting, very powerful
jjm021's avatar
So, I really want to get that level.
WanderingMogwai's avatar
This is phenomenal!
arinfu's avatar
nice specular. 
spiritlit's avatar
A whole lot of story-telling potential here.
roadskare63's avatar
Primo!!!'s entrancing to look at!
MariaEnzianiaKober's avatar
Beautiful! With that much details of the eye. And I quite like that you see what that person is looking at
Sandreane's avatar
So realistic that one would think oneself look in the eyes really.
JanKacar's avatar
Great work - I've been there - very dark place.
SRSmith's avatar
Golesh's avatar
I really like it! Have you ever been there?
ImpiusNex's avatar
Love this painting, so, so much. I have no idea how you layered in the different elements, but it is amazingly well done.
varjon's avatar
great work *.*
Tenchi8's avatar
This is an interesting visual concept here. Eye-Human Fronteir,
visually speaks to me about the perspective of a visionary. The 
house in the background seems to be a sort of fortress with an open 
door. What comes to mind, is that every journey is not without some 
form of opposition that must be overcome. The visionary looks at the entire
ball park, but the center of his focus is in getting through. Overall an interesting concept.

Well that pretty much concludes my interpretation. Hope you enjoyed the read. 
It's a brief interpretation from how I usually, and practically write a wall text. XD 
But I've recently learned how to condense my interpretations. This image could also 
mean many other things. The fun part is how I can personally relate to the image from 
my own experience, and also learn the concept from the artist as well. I learn much in that 
we all have so much more in common than we may have thought. If I could define art in a single 
word, it is provocative. Awesome work once again. :) 
Pyreite's avatar
Wow.  The shape of the eye and the reflection in it is amazing.  It's like we're looking through someone else's sight and seeing what they do even just for a moment.  Beautiful in symbolism and artwork. 
Juvartis's avatar
this is excellent :) 
mewssister's avatar
This is my favorite of yours, so far.  I may be slightly biased.  That's my eye color.  Blue-grey with gold around the pupils.  But my grandfather had pictures of lighthouses and, well, places he went (he was in the active navy, once upon a time).  This looks vaguely familiar--even though it probably isn't.
LaraWearsCatsuits's avatar
Thats one purrty eye there with alot of story telling in it :D
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