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Blind Hope

By TwinDrops
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Watercolor on paper

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I adore this, your style is very soft and sensual... 
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Here is a critique for you, as promised! This is for ProjectComment

There is something to be said for subtlety, as well as symbolism. What I'm critiquing in this isn't the artwork because, in my opinion, it's a bit minimalistic, but the meaning behind it. At least the meaning I see.

This reminds me of an old riddle: "I see." said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw. You've shown this person with what I believe is a scar around their eyes as they clutch their head not in agony, but in quiet hope. The eternally closed eyelids, rather than be damaged and ruined, are peacefully sealed, suggesting that even wounded, we can carry on. The mouth is what truly interests me. It's not a grimace. It's just quietly whispering something, with a ghost of a smile there. It seems almost content with itself, suggesting that the person has found solace.

Can we go further? This is blind hope, after all. Maybe it could be seen in a more cynical light. Perhaps this is showing that the person is hoping for something that they internally know they will never have, or, on a higher level, trying to do something that they know will be impossible, and performing this is destroying them in many ways not counting the physical, yet the act of doing it has given them a purpose. I wonder: Is this Kierkegaard, even Nietzsche?

For once, it's not the art. It's the questions the art raises. Nice work. Welcome to The List.
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b e a u t i f u l . w o r k . =)
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Great teeth. I cannot draw teeth, just can't do it. I spent my lunch hour watching youtube about how to draw teeth.
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Lovely! I like the minimal colour palette. It makes the pink around the eyes pop. Good job. Nod 
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I find this to be an endearing piece indeed.
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Also as a daytime computer geek and night-time artist I only wish I could produce work as good as this - fantastic stuff !
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I really love the defined yet smooth angle of her jawline. The shadows really define her face and features, as well. I am really loving that part of it. The pink color was a good choice, too.
    Good job. :heart:
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