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Chibi Commissions
All digital chibi commissions require payment up front. More specific commission types can be requested through

Unless other wise negotiated, artwork that is bought may be used for personal use only and is NOT for publication, sale, or profit.

Licensing of a piece of artwork requires further discussion. Please contact me for more information. I retain copyright and sole ownership of materials commissioned unless other wise negotiated.

Under NO circumstances will I produce any artwork that is sexually explicit, contains violence/gore, or features occult themes. I reserve the right to refuse any artisitc proposal.

By commissioning me you are agreeing to these terms.

Thank you for your interest.

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Light hooves upon the grass flitted between laughing waters. A favored guardian of the garden, Dawn surveyed its land with swelled chest, antlers high. The morning dew was brought into being by its breath as sun light unfurled over the horizon like tender flower petals. Together with the two, they three would guard, preserve, and find life worth restoring. The garden was theirs and no one else’s forever more.
Zenith flew above its siblings; between the two extremes it commanded the highest sun. The ache of foreign rays burned once hopeful eyes. From the light had grown a frenzied power that destroyed all creation. It devoured with a burning flame everything in their garden, a head now drunk with greed. The world would belong to it, obsessed with the strength of an eternal sun; its family withered away.
A desiccated empty shell; Dusk felt the world dissolve below dry tongue and cracked cheek.  Carnivorous sibling, cannibalistic murderer killed his kin without forethought. Swe
:icontwin-earth:Twin-Earth 1 0
Where is your God?
Gnarled knuckles rapped against his gaunt face. The chipped ring caught on white lips and turned them cherry red.
“What is this boy?” A voice screeched.
“It’s a Bible ma’am.”
“After all I’ve done for you, you dare to bring this filth into the house? This kind of contraband could get me fired or worse killed! You’re lucky I dragged you in off the streets and gave you a proper home. Stupid child, don’t you know there is no God? He doesn’t exist. He hasn’t taken care of you, I have!”
A sharp slap across his head came without warning, then suddenly he felt a heavier stroke. The book itself came crashing down on his neck as he crouched below the hateful tempest.
“Stop it!” He cried.
“You don’t deserve anything I’ve done for you!”
“The Bible, please stop; you’ll break it!”
“The book! Ha! You’re worried about the book?” She laughed cruelly into
:icontwin-earth:Twin-Earth 1 11
A Dragon in Santa Monica
The putrid smell of fossil fuels still woke him far too early every evening; even weeks after his arrival. Los Angeles was proving difficult to stomach. With each passing day his disgust pushed him further west in hopes of finding some place barely tolerable to exist, since nothing would ever compare to home.
The twirling lights hypnotized him first, spinning in the night sky like a top. He flew low, circling the park. Laughter bubbled through the swell of waves as they crashed along the pier. Children wore cotton candy mustaches as the carousel sang along.
“Charming,” said the dragon, rolling his eyes. He descended silently upon the joy.
He landed behind a popcorn stand in the shadows to watch the merriment fade. Between his claws he suddenly felt fur and cold, wet paws. A twisted meow past the feline’s whiskers as it inspected the new arrival. The ragged collar around its neck sported a silver tag and canister. Unscrewing the canister with a delicate claw the dragon
:icontwin-earth:Twin-Earth 2 4
Hear No Evil
The afternoon sun spilled into the living room; its strands of light lay neatly atop the wooden arms of a faded recliner. The intricate grooves of carved mahogany mimicked the design of the nearby fireplace mantle. Crowds of figurines looked out from atop their perch. One statue in particular was cast in faux gold, now bronzed with age. The light accented molded hands that sat folded over the space where ears should have been. A somber gaze was carved into the primate’s features even as it watched a storm explode into the room. A volley of acid words climaxed with a shove sent Nenette flying into the edge of the fireplace.
The small figurine tumbled to the carpeted floor behind Philippine girl as she lay crumpled atop the cold, unforgiving stones. Her fists shook but her aching body would not let her retaliate so quickly.  Instead, she roughly wiped her face of blood with tense knuckles. The mockery in their crooked smiles stoked the flames of hatred within her ribcage as th
:icontwin-earth:Twin-Earth 1 0

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A Guardian's Duty by thinhnguyenart A Guardian's Duty :iconthinhnguyenart:thinhnguyenart 15 0 An Unexpected Ally by thinhnguyenart An Unexpected Ally :iconthinhnguyenart:thinhnguyenart 7 0 Stick Together by thinhnguyenart Stick Together :iconthinhnguyenart:thinhnguyenart 3 0 Please Stay by thinhnguyenart Please Stay :iconthinhnguyenart:thinhnguyenart 701 19 GOOD DREAM  BAD DREAM  cover art by Onikaizer GOOD DREAM BAD DREAM cover art :icononikaizer:Onikaizer 1,201 59
rats curl up
in the empty sockets of
my eyes;
i hear them chittering
of threadbare trees
and windworn grass
into the empty hours of the night
the scarred hyena cackling
in my lungs
lowers his mocking to a whisper,
and in the darkness i can almost hear
your far-flung breaths
(i never could evict this lump that’s settled in my throat,
owes me all kinds of rent)
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buds by loish buds :iconloish:loish 5,744 107 sketchblog sketchdump 7 by loish sketchblog sketchdump 7 :iconloish:loish 7,077 122 Coloring tutorial - 02 by sandara Coloring tutorial - 02 :iconsandara:sandara 4,854 77 Violin Pyrography Project (1/2 progress) by DC-Pyrography Violin Pyrography Project (1/2 progress) :icondc-pyrography:DC-Pyrography 33 14
8 Ways to Help You Write Without Writing
1. Go for a Jog. No really, you should. Even though it is sort of built into the stereotype of writers that we should never get out-and let alone even think about being fit-perhaps it is time that you ignore that stereotype for the sake of your writing quality.
According to a study by journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, people who exercise regularly do far better on tests of creativity than those who do not exercise. More creativity means more writing ideas, so getting into shape and exercising regularly might just be the final ingredient in making your novels shine.
2. Unplug the Internet. In the famous words of an unknown writer, “'Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the Internet,’ and it could not be more true. How often do you go on the internet  for some research or to find a song, then suddenly find that an hour has past and you are suddenly on facebook or twitter without even knowing you did so?
There are two w
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Fairytale the Storm by Widdershins-Works Fairytale the Storm :iconwiddershins-works:Widdershins-Works 756 65 50003 by kaiserisms 50003 :iconkaiserisms:kaiserisms 453 13
Love dA Lit: Issue 170
Welcome to the one-hundred seventieth issue of Love dA Lit! Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.
LITplease's Community Portal
A Smattering of Lit News

Literature Links | Workshops, Prompts and Challenges
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:iconhugqueen:HugQueen 22 54
Sweet Nothings
I used lie on your chest after loving you
Listening to the slowing concussion of your heart,
The soft outgoing tide of passion in your breath,
As I traced sweet nothing patterns across your stomach
You made me promise early,
When our love was fresh and new,
That I would die last-
And I promised-
Because it was easier to see you smile
And death was just a word.
But now I know why you made me promise.
You knew how hard it would be to go on alone,
Constantly weighted down by that black hole
Where love once stood-
You always were the smart one
I want to trade places with you-
Be the one under stark light and twenty four hour care;
Be the one whose life is measured
In heart beeps and cell counts-
I dont want to be the one left alone
Moving the chair closer to your bed,
I lie my head on your chest,
Listening to the slowing concussion of your heart,
The soft outgoing tide of life in your breaths
As I trace sweet everything patterns across your stomach
:iconeremitik:Eremitik 30 53
Tale of a Madman 104.
There's a storm inside of my mind,
it's making my thoughts unwind,
I can't feel without my mind falling apart,
I can't think without the beat of my heart.
The sound of the storm is silence,
but it rages on with great violence,
and soon will my mind break,
with it will my heart do its final quake.
So when my mind withers away,
and the heart starts to decay,
my soul shall be free,
to find a ship at the Inconstant Sea.
Where it will sail under the darkest day,
and on the other side of the sea,
another land awaits where I will forever stay,
and live my new life away.
:iconyzkethrag:yzkethrag 3 6



Polar Bears are Dry Clean Only by mree Polar Bears are Dry Clean Only :iconmree:mree 10,043 1,207 Roses Are Dead by I-Heart-Photo Roses Are Dead :iconi-heart-photo:I-Heart-Photo 5,033 1,733


Hello Peoples!

For anyone who still follows me on here and is still active, I truly appreciate your support! I periodically update my DeviantArt and for the better part of the past 5 years this account has been primarily used to house the Twin Earth archive. Since I'm heavily editing and hammering out the rest of the novel I've decided to take down the older version of the story offline in order to focus on creating a solid manuscript. Thank you for your support on the story for the past few years and I just wanted to let anyone who cares know, it's not disappearing forever; just for a little while.

In the mean time, I will still be posting illustration work and concept art as I continue piecing this world together. DeviantArt will continue to be a place where I will primarily post finished polished pieces, especially ones I'd like to offer as prints. In addition I will also begin updating this account with a few finished pieces featuring characters from a few other story ideas. Hope you enjoy the changes! I always appreciate the enthusiasm and support of any who love these stories and characters as much as I do so if you wish to get more frequent updates feel free to follow me also at the following links...

:bulletblue: For my official website:
:bulletblue: For my Instagram with sketches and in-progress artwork:…
:bulletblue: For my Twitter writing snippets and daily musings:
:bulletblue: For prints, stickers, and other products:…
:bulletblue: For merchandise featuring my artwork:
:bulletblue: For my Tumblr with sketches and reblogs:…

Thank you so much! :heart:

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Twin Earth is a fantasy story revolving around the life of a young teenage girl named Joli Vita who is caught within a sinister world of speciest discrimination, hatred, and lies. Amidst all the social conflict she faces from her strange blood line a brewing war also threatens to spill over into all regions of the world as the Feline race of Pridectorians and the Primate race of Congos battle for the dying world's valuable resources and above all else power.

As Joli is torn out of her world and thrown into a chaos of twists and turns she will meet the unlikeliest of friends and push her own sanity to it's brink. As she struggles against impossible odds she'll need to find the inner strength, courage, and wit to face not only her past but the future it will inevitably lead to...

Personal Quote: "Sometimes all you can do is cross your fingers and hope for a miracle." -Yun



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Just a courtesy note :) Take it easy!
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