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:icontwilyx360:Twilyx360 posted a status
You know I NEED! to know my viewers I need to know who they are. At this point I have over 2,244 views on my page BTW THANK YOU GUYS. But yeah I need to know you guys. leave comments watch me because, well this is a big thing for me. I mean i've been on deviantart for over 2 years and a half, like how dose someone like get this.

See you guys in the comment section

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F1r3w0rks Featured By Owner May 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
eyyy! I think I saw your papercraft bronalysis stuff a while and was super impressed, that's how I found you. :D
Twilyx360 Featured By Owner May 5, 2016
What i'm trying to say is that I want to figure out who my other viewers are, those who have not watched me yet.

I mean I must have a large audience if I have over 2,000 page views.

Also you know how people are commenting on my page like I love this, like it kind of keeps me company on this site, to know i'm not alone.

Glad to hear you were impressed thyx bro.
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