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Tagged by the radishing mare :iconsummersketch-mlp:

You can never escape it summer XD

Ok on with the questions

1. What is your real name?

2. How old are you?

3. Nicknames?
- Twily, Twilx, Twi Guy, 360.

4. What food do you like?
-Sandwich, Cookies, Many others

5. What Music do you like?
-All genres really, but sometimes I don't really like some modern music.

6. Your favorite idol/band
-Well a lot and I mean a lot of people I idolize are friends of my friends already.
Yeah hi summer XD

7. Show your first and last art


My Film Collection by Twilyx360

Isn't it ironic that I'm a film collector and never once recorded with it?

9. the name of your pony oc?
-I honestly never thought of a name, But I did have Ben in mind at one point for some reason
10. Single or Taken
-Taken by the most lovely girl in the world :iconelement432:
I could talk all day about how she changed my life but I have to move on with this tag XD

11. Why did you choose your username for DA
-Honestly I found the idea on someone else's DA but it wasn't the same as mine. So I had nothing to think of and one day I found it and I lazily used it and it became my username for literally everything.

12. Nationality
-American but I have close Philipino ties

I tag: :iconilovecreativity14: :icona-bright-idea: :iconheartsyartsy: :iconartisticashgamer: :iconelement432:
Ok so I'll stay in contact for this one, Because this one is a little more relaxing. Nothing is scheduled so I can just do whatever I want.

I'll be in Navarre Beach Florida. For those who want to know.

And that's about it.

Any brony in that area keep your heads up cause you might find me there.
Yes I'm going on vacation again. 

I'm headed to Texas and New Mexico.

And i'm taking south west airlines. So yeah just like when I went to L.A. I AM LITERALLY GOING SOUTHWEST.

Why am I doing this. Well on one end I am going to have a good time. I might go to Roswell or Alamogordo. (Yeah hi atari landfill) Another reason is because we have to attend to a relative out there because he is having spinal surgery.

And as for Texas. Well :iconelement432: lives out there.

Yes :iconheartpawphoenix16: you can ship us ;) and that goes for the rest of you guys.

So I leave on the 31st. See ya guys ;)
Yes I'll be graduating on May 17th. Which I have to say I have about a Novel of things to do that day. So I'll have to be completely out of contact during the 17th

I would tell you all I need to do. But it would take hours to list them all.

And I am hoping and praying that this goes fast. Because this is gonna be a tough one.

Please wish me luck. Both in keeping my sanity, And finish strong.
Ok guys I'm pretty sure on May 4th yesterday you all celebrated Star Wars and all.

But it was also :iconflyingcentar3: Birthday. I know I don't bring him up for the most part. But he has done so much for me.

I met AJ back in I think it was March or February of 2017, Now I was a fan of AJ's channel before I met him, But what he did best for me is that he invited me to wonderful chat rooms on skype and when I was starting to get used to skype he helped me with my words and just overall helping me communicate with these new people who soon became close friends. And so most of the friends i've made were because of him. 

Say what you will. But if there is anything he does right, is that he cares he really really cares about his friends. Trust me he's a good person.

And also...I know i'm taking my dream toward the voice acting community of bronies now but, When the analysis community and artist community was still thriving in 2017, He brought me closer then ever to helping that dream become a reality. 

:iconflyingcentar3: is the closest I ever got for having someone who is a role model to me, And became a friend who I owe so much to.

He may have made mistakes, But i'm here to tell you he's so much more then what he seems.

Happy Birthday :iconflyingcentar3: and...Thank you so much.

A close friend-Twi

May 5th 2018
Alright first off, I wanted to say something about a few of my previous videos. Bendy and the Ink Machine.

I am fully aware that chapter 4 has been released and i've let's plays of it and...IT IS AWESOME!

And as well as chapter's 1-3 have been completely updated. So as a result I decided to completely remake my let's plays of this game.

Also for those who remember that my new computer broke down. 

The only problem is that my computer is low on memory. And I have to get a decent game recorder back. So I'm going to upgrade to windows 10 on here because it has not been upgraded surprisingly.
Ok so my next project.

Is going to be an audio reading of : 1. Dr. Mare

Ok before I make anything offical. I want to give a background behind this. 1. (Personal) No I am not Trans but the message at the end of chapter 5 is true in a way. So it's why I make this TG stuff sometimes

2. (Will it be made?) I at least want to do chapter 1 of the fic and post it on my channel becasue it has a little more recognition then Artist Gate. And again Artist Gate is a slowly growing production channel. And some of the people mentioned in the fic and many more including myself are associated with the group. But anyway I want to show the fic to a bigger audience so it might have some kind of success and if it turns out to reach a certain goal on my channel it will be taken down and moved to Artist Gate's channel and we might do chapter 2.

3. (The fic's transition) At some point in chapter 3 I know it becomes more serious then funny. And there is a reason for that. As I mentioned before I don't think i'm a good writer but I still just like writing stories and plots for some reason. So by chapter 4 I shifted the fic in that direction because I thought I could improve my writing that way.

4. (The fic's rating) I honestly don't have that many people not even from Artist Gate who saw the full story. But I do know that chapter 1 at least was a huge success (At least to me) The founder of Artist Gate :iconartisticashgamer: Even commented that it was funny.

5. (How does the group feel about it?) Ok I'm not going to speak for anyone here. As for the casting of the fic I naturally wanted the OC's I put in there to be voiced by those who owned them. And I'm pretty sure eveyone in Artist Gate can agree with that. As for the group though I can't be certain about it though I do think they still have high hopes for this and they probably want it made just as much as I do?

6. (Will your female OC be voiced by someone else?) Yes but I'm still in search of someone willing to voice her.

7. (When will it be done?) I sadly do not have a release date for it but if we do get started with voice recordings and make it someway through the production I might have an answer.

8. (Will the audio have video as well?) I have thought of a few idea of how to do that. And I wanted to be done in a way that hasn't been done before. Lately I considered using puppets and have already have a few from Artist Gate already finished. I will post them when the cast is done.

9. (What's keeping you from it?) Part of this answer needs to go back to :iconartisticashgamer: ash has recently relased this video [link] on her channel explainig Artist Gate's future plans and why we haven't been doing much. But for 1 most of us are waiting to finish school first including myself. Which btw has left a lot of us including myself dismotivated for both our content and for group content. :iconartisticashgamer: in particular is so burnt out lately. BTW if you want to send her support just go right ahead to her DA.

10. (And finally anything else?) Apart from maybe planning a few summer trips that I will probably be out of contact for that's about it.

Have A Nice Day Everyone :)

As of lately I've been considering taking my dream in the brony fandom in a different direction.

And I'm aware that the fandom has been tense lately, especially in the analysis portion. Which as you know was my dream of joining.

And yes I also know about what happened in January. I didn't skip over it or forget, I just refused to make another response that would only add to the controversy that doesn't mean I look down on people who did make responses however in fact such things would be expected to happen.

And because such a thing has happened the brony analysis community has been receiving a bum rap as of late. It's original fans are starting to turn from them and starting to turn on each other. And even the people who tried to talk about the wrong doings of that part of community matters more then ever.

As for my standing between this conflict. I personally think that they both have good intentions with each other and with the controversy. Though I will admit some didn't handle it as well as others but then again no one is perfect.

So therefore no, the brony analysis community has not lost all my respect.

Now I want to talk about what I won't do with my dream. "Join the brony analysis community" yes I know this is kinda a shocker and I know I just said they haven't lost all of my respect however I won't join them because I think it would not only be uncomfortable for my fans and friends but uncomfortable for me as well. I guess I didn't join it when I had the chance because I was afraid how they would judge my content. I know that most of the community does not so I was confused on my own fear.

What direction is my dream going now? It's going towards the future. One day when I returned from my vacation I discovered :iconobabscribbler: had made a tweet on twitter that kinda saved me from being afraid.

So yes I'm going to now see if I could join the brony voice acting community.

And again I still respect the brony analysis community. Now some of them like the amazing :iconfinnthepony17: has joined a group I'm in on Skype and helped my lovely girlfriend :iconelement432: one day .He's definitely one of the guys I would like to meet and become good friends with him soon.

So to recap

To the brony analysis community I still like you guys you have good intentions.

Oh and :iconfinnthepony17: if your reading this thank you so so much for helping my girlfriend.

And :iconobabscribbler: I know your not reading this, but if you are thank you for saving me from being afraid of the wonderful fandom. That changed my life.
Twi: Ok I'll say it. I've enjoyed being a mare for this month. And for a while I never knew I would like it. And...well. I like it because it made me feel like a part of the group even more so.

Summer: Twi? What are you saying?

Twi: I'm saying for a while. I've felt inferior, very inferior to the girls of the social group i'm in, Why? because in some way I feel like you are better then me. So for a while I tried to be like you. So I could feel better about myself. And don't get me wrong i'm happy to become a colt again tommorrow, But i'm just afraid that I'll lose that too.

Summer: Twily. Your not inferior to anyone.

Heartpaw: Yeah, Your a good friend.

Jessica: And you've been so happy and made us happy even if your not a mare.

Ash: When were down you show us the bright side of things, you always do.

Ele: And you don't have to be a mare to be important to us. Your very important to me. And how you saw the bright side in your gender being changed is amazing. And that's what you bring to our group twi. You try your best to make everyone happy.

Twi: Thanks I really needed that.

Ash: Hey do you want one last girls night out tommorrow.

Twi: Yeah. And at midnight ele can meet us so we can be together when it happens.

Summer: Why is it always midnight.

Twi: I really don't know, see ya tommorrow.

All: Night twi

(The next day)

All: Morning Twi

Twi: Morning all.

Heartpaw: Ready?

Twi: Yes I am.


Twi: Oh wait I forgot to do one thing.

Heartpaw: What is that?

Twi: Take sexy pictures. Let's see if I can do 12

Heartpaw: Ok Twi, although to be honest your sexy enough already.

Twi: *Blushes*


Ash: Hey these look good.

Twi: Can we put them in a calender?

Heartpaw: Well ok. I'm pretty sure everyone will like it.

Twi: Hehe.

Heartpaw: Everytime you giggle as a girl twi it's adorable

Twi: Well you did say I make a cute girl.

Ash: And a sexy one.

Twi: ^/////^

Jessica: Indeed you are.

Twi: Girls please.

Heartpaw: Aww she's blushing again.

Twi: Ok here we go.

(Later at 6 minutes before midnight)

Twi: 6 minutes before midnight

Ele: Are you ready?

Twi: Yep, are you?

Ele: Yes

Jessica: It's been fun Twi

Chaud: And ele you've been great too.

Twi and Ele: That's good to hear.

Twi: Before we go back?

Ele: Yea?

Twi: Can we dance?

Ele: Of course we can, we have 5 minutes left though.

Twi: Let's make the best of it.

(And so they dance beautifully for the next 4 minutes)

Ash: That is so sweet.

Moon: Yes it is honey.

Twi and Ele: *Stops dancing*

Twi: We have 1 minute left.

Ele: I would love to do this again some time.

Twi: So would I. But again not for a month.

Ele: Yep *Kisses her*

Twi: Well this is it Ele

Twi and Ele: 5...4...3...2...

*Magic surrounds the two and then vanishes*

Twi: Heh after being a mare for a month it feels a little strange to be back to normal.

Ele: Same. But welcome back Twily

Twi: Welcome back Ele

Twi and Ele: We're back everyone!

All: *Cheer and start hugging each other*

Twi: When will we do it again?

Ele: How about this time next year for a week?

Twi: That sounds good.

Ele: Good Twily.

The End
(After 3 weeks of being a mare something is coming around)

Ele: Twily? are you there?...Oh Wow!

Twi: Do I look pretty?


Twi: *Kisses him*

Ele: Your beautiful~

Twi: Hehe~

Ele: So why are you like this?

Twi: I want to do something sexy soon so i'm pracitcing.

Ele: Huh?

Twi: You really want to know?

Ele: Yeah.

Twi: *Whispers*

Ele: o///////////o Wow.

Twi: Yeah I know it's a little far fetched.

Ele: Well I think it's good if you want to do it.

Twi: Yeah how will I break it though?

Ele: I'll tell them.

Twi: Ok then.

(After the news gets out.)

Jessica: So? Let me get this straight? You want to do a pole dance?

Twi: Y-yeah...

Jessica: Wow, Your really into this aren't you?

Twi: Yep.

Jessica: I'm getting a little worried for you though.

Twi: Why?

Jessica: Well the month is almost over, Will you be ready to be a colt again?

Twi: Yeah I want to be a colt again i'm waiting for it. But...there is something that's been at me.

Jessica: What is it?

Twi: Well...It's kind of why I liked being a mare. I'll say it when I want to though

Jessica: Ok Twily it's ok. Now let's get started on that training. It's gonna take a while for you to be ready.

Twi: Alright

(1 week later, 2 days left before Twily turns back)

Ash: So is ele in the audience?

Heartpaw: Yes

Jessica: Yes. She is ready.

(On stage)

Summer: Ponies, Welcome to a very strange yet. well...strange dance. Twilyx360. *Mumbles* I really just need normal friends.

Twi: *Comes and dances*

Chaud: Who would've thought she would do this. And be so amazing.

Twi: *Dances amazing*

Twi: (In mind: This feels great, I'm only going to be a mare for tomorrow though. Look at them. They are loving what I do...Will I be able to...Oh come on think about it you won't)


Moon: That was great Twi.

Summer: Yeah you did it pretty good.

Jessica: Looks like I trained you well.

Ele: You were really sexy up there babe.

Twi: ...

Summer: Hey what's going on are you ok?

Twi: Yeah. I'm good. And there's more sexy where that came from~

Ele: o////o

Twi: Oh ele~ *boop*

Ele: Hehe

Twi: Hey ele?

Ele: Yeah?

Twi: Can we gender swap again sometime? But maybe not for a whole month

Ele: Well yes indeed Twi.

Twi: Good.

Ele: Twily is anything wrong?

Twi: Ok ok I'll spill. But in the next chapter.


Twi: See ya

The End
Yes I have returned from my vacation in Disney world

Now as for tonight I'll try to get on some Skype calls but I'll only take one at a time. So no one go crazy ok :)

Anyway I'll be in artists gate first and if anyone wants to ask me about my vacation please note me. And I'll send you a link to my google drive where the vlogs will be.

Yes I vlogged it. :) and now I feel refreshed and a new man.

I also have YouTube projects to catch up on now.

And I got some ideas now.

But for now let's just say...

Twi: *Wakes up* Please tell me that was a dream. Well I'm still a mare so...Yeah...It was real. *Goes in bathroom and washes face* How am I going to step out there?


Jessica: Morning Twi.

Twi: ...

Heartpaw: You ok?

Twi: Yeah...Because I wasn't teased to death last night.

Ash: Sorry about that but it was soooo cute.

Twi: >////< No...

Summer: Well it was fair for how much you teased me.

Twi: True.

Heartpaw: IDEA!

Twi: What? Ohhhhhhhh

Summer Ash and Jessica: OHHHHH YEEESSSSS

Twi: Yes, It's only fair. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. All according to plan.

(Later that night)

Twi: *Sneaks into the window of Ele's room* Hehehehehe I've got you. *Cast spell* YES! *drops note* This is getting weird and fun *Escapes*


Twi: *Rushes in* hehehe I think you didn't see my note yet?


Twi: Hey I only turned you into a colt because it's only fair.

Ele: Well I don't want to admit it but your right. So how long will I be a colt?

Twi: Both me and you will be back to normal on the same day same time.

Ele: Ok then

Twi: So now that we've been reversed. What do we do?

Ele: I don't know.

Twi: Well we could just do whatever and have a date tonight and see how it goes.

Ele: Sounds good

Twi: Ok I'll tell Moonlight, Chaud that you'll be on your way.

Ele: Hehe

With The New Colt Element 4

Moon: So how is it going so far?

Ele: Well I actually am enjoying it. But at the same time it takes some time to get used to.

Chaud: Understandable.

Moon: I wonder what everyone else is think now that we had a gender reversed couple.

Ele: I think you could ask me and Twily.

Moon: Hmmm I'm wondering?



Twi: So ash? You really think this red dress will work any good for my date tonight?

Ash: Certainly. Red always seems to work for some reason.

Twi: Well red isn't really my color.

Ash: To be honest Twi it only seems to work on you as a mare.

Twi: Very nice. What's going on ash?

Ash: My moonlight sense is tingling.

Twi: Seriously?

Ash: You have no idea how I got this

Twi: I don't think I want to know. So why is this?

Ash: Well it wouldn't happen unless moon is nearby but this is a little different.

Twi: Anyway. I'll be honest I'm loving this dress to be honest, And to make it better...I'm gonna need some makeup.


Twi: Yeah.

Ash: Oooook let's see what we can do.

(That night the date begins at the artist gate cafe)

Ele: Ok i'm here. Now where is

Twi: What was that ele~?

Ele: I...

Twi: You like this don't you?

Ele: Yeah and it's also surprising too.

Twi: Well I'm kinda surprised too.

Ele: Why?

Twi: Because we agreed to this. And we are still enjoying ourselves. By the way how was your part of the day?

Ele: Well i'm in the same vote as you. I'm liking being a colt.

Twi: Well that's great.

Jessica: Fillies and GentleColts I now present to you the reversed couple of the evening. Element 4 and Twilyx360.

Ele: May I have this dance?

Twi: Indeed.

*The Dance Begins*

Twi: You know dancing is a little hard for me

Ele: It is for me too. But I think I can do it here

Twi: Same

Ele: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Twi: Yep this was the best worst idea ever.

The End

:iconjessicapedley: :iconartisticashgamer: :iconheartpawphoenix16: :icongamingbrony88: :iconchaudthegamer: :iconsummersketch-mlp: and :iconelement432:
5 days after it happened Twi's girlfriend starts to get worried

Jessica: come on Twi I know this has been strange for being a girl for 5 days, but you need to get used to it for a month.

Twi: Am I doing any good?

Jessica: well you've actually been doing very good. Oh and now that I think about it you need a new mane style.

Twi: that's something I've been thinking too. So what should it be?

Jessica: well it's your mane

Twi: well I would really like...a pony tail

Jessica: *facehoof*


Jessica: oh. Well you would look even more cute that way.

Twi: really ^\\\\^

Jessica: yeah let's try it.


Twi: ele?

Ele: *glomps*

Twi: oof

Ele: Twily what happened to you? Did she get you?

Twi: yeah.

Ele: Hehehehehehehe

Twi: what is it?

Ele: your cute as a colt. But you also make a cute mare.

Twi: yeah ele do you think this will put a strain on us?

Ele: no not really. Your note did say that you'll be back to normal in a month right?

Twi: How do you know that?

Ele: Oh...Well...somepony told me.

Twi: Ok then

Ele: Who is this mad mare?

Twi: We don't know but she goes by the name Dr. Mare

Jessica: She certainly is a mystery

Twi: There I got my mane in a ponytail

Ele: Eeeeeeeee That's adorable!

Jessica: Yup you got the right idea

Twi: Ele you don't look as worried as I thought

Ele: Well it's just good to know that your alright now

Twi: Yeah I guess that's true, But when and where will this Dr. Mare strike again.

Ele: I really don't know. But you should look out for the other guys here.

Twi: That's good.

Ele: Well I need to go. See ya Twi.

Twi: Bye Ele


Moon: Soooo that's what happened?

Twi: Basically madmare comes in when I sleep and poof, I'm a girl.

Chaud: Hehe. Well ok that sounded a little funny. Anyway how is it going for you.

Twi: Well to be honest...I am kinda enjoying this.

Moon: Really?

Twi: Yeah I've been very happy for a while. And well of course I wouldn't want to stay this way I still like being a colt. But I feel like I've let something out that I wanted to for a long time.

Chaud: And what's that?

Twi: Well...You know I'll say it when I want to.

Chaud: I do have admit though you make a cute mare

Moon: Agreed

Twi: Yeah ^////^ Thanks boys~

Moon and Chaud: o/////o

Twi: And I'll be honest I feel a little more flirty this way. But I'm liking it so far. Anyway see ya.

Moon and Chaud: See ya.


Twi: Yeah I've actually been enjoying being a girl for the past few days

Summer: So how's it going twi? Ooo nice ponytail.

Twi: It's going good. Glad you like it.

Summer: Have you told any of the guys about this.

Twi: Yeah I only told moon and chaud so far.

Summer: We need to tell everyone else though they need to know if this Dr. Mare will strike again.

Twi: I know I know. But there has been no sign of her lately...Summer?

Summer: Twily I wouldn't be so sure of that.

Twi: Why would...OH NO...Another note.

Summer: It says so now you've given me 2 targets. Twily that's moon and chaud.

Twi: Ok tonight we gaurd the rooms from everywhere. Whenever she strikes I'll go after her.

Later that night...

Twi: What've you got?

Ash: Nothing

Heartpaw: Nothing

Summer: Nothing

Jessica: Nothing

Twi: Alright


Twi: What is it?

Heartpaw: She went into an air duct right in moon's room

Twi: Ok I'm headed there now. Everyone! head to moon's room.

(When she gets there)

Twi: *Bust door open* DR. MARE!


Twi: Yes stop your horn now!

Dr. Mare: You think you can stop me...

*Heartpaw Jessica Summer And Ash run in*

Moon: Ahhhh wait what's going on?

Twi: Pin her down. Good work. Sorry moon but that madmare that turned me into a mare tried to target you.

Moon: Who are you!?

Twi: We are about to find out. *Removes the mask*

*Everyone looks in shock*

Twi:...Ele? It was you!? Your dr. mare!?

Ele: Hehe yes.


Twi: Why did you do this ele?

Ele: I thought this might happen. So I have this.

Twi: Wait what is? Oh No.

*Opens a file with a male Twi dressed up in girly dresses and makeup*

Twi: >////////////<

Summer: *Laughs* No wonder you got into this so quickly.

Ash: *Laughs* I had no idea you were into that.

Twi: >/////////////////////////////<

Heartpaw: Awwwwww look she's blushing

Jessica: She's such an adorable girl.

Moon: Now it's my turn to make you blush!

Ele: I love you baby

Twi: >///////////////////////////////////////////////<

The End

Featuring: :iconjessicapedley: :icongamingbrony88: :iconartisticashgamer: :iconheartpawphoenix16: :iconchaudthegamer: :iconsummersketch-mlp: and :iconelement432:
Heartpaw: so let me get this straight. A mad mare is hunting you turn you into a mare?

Twi: yes...

Heartpaw: *stares blankly*

Twi: I'll get the bleach.

Heartpaw: *uses bleach*

Twi: you good?

Heartpaw: yeah. But why you? You just barely look like a girl.

Twi: errrr I don't know.

Heartpaw: so how do you avoid this mare? Can't you just disguise yourself?

Twi: She's a unicorn she'll see whatever disguise I wear.

Heartpaw: so what can we do to help twi?

Twi: look best we can do is keep our guard. Can you tell everyone else for me?

Heartpaw: ok twi.

Twi: good. See ya heartpaw.


*Phone rings*

Twi: *picks up phone* hello?

Ash: Hey twi I heard the story. And I think I have an idea to keep you safe tonight.

Twi: well I'm about ready to go to sleep so what's the plan?

Ash: we could get in if you happen to be attacked?

Twi: ok I'll turn to monitor on.

Ash: k twi I have mine on too. Night.

Twi: night ash. *hangs up* *goes to bed*

(Right before the sun rose)

???: hehehehehehehe I got you. I finally got you. *drops note* Now prepare to be turned

*cast spell*

???: the sun has risen. Wake up.

*Runs out window*

2 Hours Later


*Summer Heartpaw And Ash Rush in*

Summer: What is going on Twi...Oh no...She got him.

Twi: *Cries*

Ash & Heartpaw: Oh No

Summer: Hey guys look here. There's a note.

Ash: It says (I finally did it Twi, And I hope you like being a girl because this spell last for about a month. Enjoy <3)

Summer: is this for real?

Heartpaw: I don't think we should tell him. What about Ele?

Ash: Nope. I'm pretty sure that would be very shocking if she found out.

Heartpaw: She's gonna have to know at some point.

Twi: WHHHYY!!!

Summer: uhh I think we should calm him down first.

Ash and Heartpaw: Agreed


Heartpaw: feeling any better.

Twi: yeah I guess... what will everyone else think?

Heartpaw: well if we can fix you up we won't have to tell anyone

Twi: how?

Heartpaw: it's easy just use a spell to turn you back. Ash?

Ash: ok I'll try *uses magic and struggles* ahhh I can't do this... the  spell that's on him is more powerful then a regular unicorn.

Summer, Heartpaw and Twi: wait what?

Twi: How is that possible?

Heartpaw: well it leads us a clue at least.

Summer: this can't be a regular unicorn who did this.


*knock knock*

Twi: Come in...

Ash: hey twi here's lunch.

Twi: thanks ash...

Ash: we need to talk.

Twi: ok

Ash: look I know this is all a mystery and this is kinda big for you. But you can't just stay in bed and be miserable all day, let alone for a month.

Twi: *sigh* I know... and I know this won't wear off overnight. I read the same note you did. But who is this? Dr. Mare?

Ash: i don't know Twi. But we have a way to cheer you up.

Twi: and what might that be?

Ash: me summer and heartpaw will be back here by 4:30 tonight.

Twi: ok let's hope it works.


Twi: ok what exactly is your plan for cheering me up?

Heartpaw: well...uhhh...we are just going to do all sorts of things here in artist gate.

Summer: yeah you know like, watch a movie or go to the bar and just do whatever and have some fun.

Twi: waaaaait? So what your saying is?

Ash: well yeah Twi.

Twi: it's...

All: Girls night out

And so...

Ash: well I have to say. It worked

Twi: yeaaaaaah

Heartpaw: so twi how did you enjoy your first girls night out.

Twi: to be honest. I enjoyed it. I'm not kidding I enjoyed every minute of it.

Summer: see twi now isn't this better for you then staying in bed.

Twi: well I'm surprised we didn't get seen by anyone.

Summer: 3...2...1

Jessica: heyo

Twi: eeep! Hide me!

Heartpaw: momma jess *glomp*

Jessica: it's nice to see you heartpaw, summer and ash and, wait a second! Is that twily?

Ash: well yeah actually.

Jessica: oh no the mare got him didn't she.

Twi: yeah but I'm ok now.

Jessica: That's good. By the way twi, you do kinda look cute as a girl.

Twi: well... yeah even I have to admit that.

Jessica: you know that everyone will have to know at some point.

Twi: I know, and I want all you 4 to help me

Jessica: good we'll help.

Twi: and with something else too.

Jessica: what is that?

Twi: well I'm not sure but I know that this might last for a month. I need you 4 to teach me. How to be a girl. At least for a while.

Jessica: you know you might actually need it. I'll coach you tomorrow.

Twi: great! This is gonna be one hell of a story.

Heartpaw: agreed

The End

:iconartisticashgamer: :iconsummersketch-mlp:
So i'm actually going to disney world after all.

I leave on March 29th

And I don't know when I return yet.

But we all know the drill i'll be out of contact etc.

See ya ^^
1. Get a rubber ducky
2. Paint it blue
3. Squeak it (when it's dry)
4. Do it at night
5. Do it when the moon is full
6. Drag him down to earth
7. Huggle him to death
8. Huggle his rump (Because why not?)
9. Say "I love you" to him (If your :iconartisticashgamer:)
10. Sleep in his arms and cuddle him tight

For :icongamingbrony88: and :iconartisticashgamer:

It is true...

I'm not getting any break and neither are my friends and family. My grandfather has a neck problem, and my mom has a back problem. From what I think it's basically just a weak section of the body that just gave out.

And yes I was considering to stay off skype nonetheless. I'm not, because all that's gonna do is disappoint my friends and fans even more. Seriously right now I feel like everyone is mad at me. And even though that's not the case, every piece of January and part of February has been complete bull.

And even though I still am going to continue my quest. And having new contents and a new quest in mind.

I'm definitely a little sad now :(

But it would help if everyone just spoke in these comments. And basically comfort me...

And I am so sorry for making more drama :(
One thing I always noticed whenever I go to Disney world. I always come back a new man.

So I will say I'll make so more projects when I come back on my YT. I don't know what they are yet but I will think of something and I always do. And while I'm gone I recommend posting comments in this journal about what projects you want me to do.

I want to take other recommendations from people because. Even though my channel is popular to some extent (68 subs to be exact) I think it's best I take it in a different direction this time by taking different ideas. And being there for my fans and friends I always said that I am and I made a promise.

The ideas I currently have.
More Plushie's.
Brony Couple clay statues. 
Valentines day top 10 list for brony couples.
And possibly a new YT series.

And again I'll be out of contact from Feb 8th - 13th. 1. Don't worry :iconelement432: I'll be back in time for valentines day.
2. If anyone wants to talk to me please send it through DA notes.

I'll post a status update on the 8th when I leave.
I will be going to Disney world from Feb. 8th to the 13th. And yes I will be out of contact during that time. 

And...guys I'll be serious I need this break. I've been going through a lot lately I won't go into any mad details.


1. I get back from nightmare nights and I go to school the very next day after I get home.
2. Thanksgiving I always go to my dad's and it's always a struggle to get through.
3. 3 weeks of school finals.
4. The Holiday hassle
5. Something I want to keep sealed up.
6. A very painful new years eve to get through. (With some exceptions)
7. Semester schedule change. 
8. Weeks going until the vacation

I know that may not be a lot. But it really is a lot to go through especially since they were in the span of several weeks.

And don't get me wrong I enjoyed the holidays. But it still is some challenge to get through.

And no I will not bring up number 5 for very good reason. Even though things are starting to come back up again. I am just ready to go back to that place. I always end up being a new man whenever I come back. So I'll still be in contact until February 8th if anyone wants to talk.

And BTW thanks to everyone who helped me get through this.
I'm not perfect.

I make mistakes.

But you all reminded me. That I have you.

I needed to hear that. I needed to hear that my friends love me in someway or another.

And guys...Just so my hopes can be brought up again through these hard times.

I wouldn't mind seeing comments like that in this journal. 

"We Love You Twi
-A Friend"

And too

:iconilovecreativity14: :iconminty25: :iconmisanthropony: :iconpinkyshy101: :iconchaudthegamer: :iconcharmless-crescent97: :icontheeditormlp: :iconmiacookiecrunch100: :iconmlpfan212: :iconpeacockstudios: :iconheartsyartsy: :iconkindheart525: :iconcinnamon-swirls: :iconsummersketch-mlp: Melody Moonlyte :iconjessicapedley: :icontakarapov: :iconflyingcentar3: :iconrigifan32: :icona-bright-idea: :iconstardust2755: :iconstar-lovedrop: :icontyandagaart: :iconalexvoicer001: :iconm-elodysketches: :icondiamondthevocaloid-p: :iconconniethecasanova: :iconeliyora: :iconfinnthepony17: :iconkeeneye47: :icongamingbrony88: Andrew Soria, Snogwritts
:iconlightning-bliss: :icontoonkriticy2k: :iconcosmicchrissy: :icongoldenfoxda: :iconhenmo24: :icondawillstanator: :iconjasperpie: :icontheeditormlp: Redchaos :iconilovekimpossiblealot: :iconhisbestfantasyeverxd: :iconromancewriter1: :iconheartpawphoenix16: :icondrwolf010: :icondigigex90: 
:iconf1r3w0rks: :iconsparklechord: :iconsegasister: :iconbluerav3pony: grace the bouncy :iconihasjessie-kat: :iconpristine1281: :iconprjc1116: :iconanimewolfgamer: :iconrobin0928: :iconplushiehut: :iconmlp-silver-quill: :iconbiancaroseg: :iconideamaker6161: And many more

And :iconelement432:

Even if you don't know me. You are still important to me.

I love you all too. :)