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a clear out journal

Mon Oct 22, 2018, 4:49 PM

ok for the past 3 days, i have been targeted by some strange people came to me and talked about my friend :iconheadlongequestria:

i dont know what the fuck is your problem or who the fuck spread the danm rumors about me and him then show up you coward !!!

i want to make this clear that me and Headlong ARE NOT in relationship. 

we are different ages and the words you saw some one my DA is only FRIEND words uses. so STOP being and jackass and leave us alone im tired of this bullshit !!!

T.O.S (Terms of Service)

Sun Oct 21, 2018, 6:45 AM

~Credit and Usage~

-reposting is ok as long you credit me !!
-you can use my arts for your personal use 
-pls dont make money out of my artworks ;;o;;

~what i can/Can't draw~

tick by DiegoVainillaPonies | Furries | Humans | Anthro | feral
x by DiegoVainilla NSFW | Heavy Gore | robotic character | Dragon/Griffin 

~Payment and refund~

-i accept paypal and points (prefer paypal more !! )
-you can request me to take a look at the sketch commission. If you arent satisfied with the sketch i can change them right away or get a refund !!
-after you accept the sketch, you wont be able to get a refund or tell me to change anything
-you can tell me to refund right away if i havent started your commission !!

Star Emote by Gasara Thanks for taking time to look through here have a nice day !!  Star Emote by Gasara

i almost done everything on my plates a couple more commissions then im done so will try to open commission in the next 2 weeks lol
if you want to see the price then here ! 

even tho i have no use for points but i want to accept it too because i will use it to support others and trade muns because i need muns to buy merchandises lol
so ya price change too !! :3
paypal commission is at the end of the info !! i will be very happy if you commission me with paypal its help me alots <3
so ya looking forward and stay fresh !! :3


Fri Oct 5, 2018, 10:05 AM

[Ych auction] Halloween by PunzieFlower2002
BOOM BEHOLD A YCH MADE BY PunzieFlower2002  !!! OwO
[Gift] Rachel by PunzieFlower2002
Spring Dress by PunzieFlower2002[AT] Valentina by PunzieFlower2002

~New commission info ~

Thu Sep 27, 2018, 7:12 AM

Beee by Twily-Star
Commission Update by Twily-Star
speedpaint examples:

share is appreciated !! <3……

pixel commission [open]

Sat Sep 8, 2018, 4:25 AM

-pfff im broken on points so im open this type of commission because i can and i enjoy it and i want to improve on this >:3
-so pixel commission yay !! :3
- points only for now !!!
-can draw: ponies,furries, human 
-cant draw: Dragon, Hybird, Robotic, difficult ocs
+ pixel icon:
Starlight by Twily-StarOkimichan by Twily-Star
+flat: 30 points
+fully shade: 50 points
+animated: +10 points

+pixel pagedoll: by Twily-Star
+ flat: 150 points
+fully shade: 200 points
+animated: +10 points

- consider support me ! :3
-share is appreciated <3 

another vent....

Wed Aug 22, 2018, 8:36 AM

-im sorry for making this too much but i want to let this out...
-first sorry to 2 people who commissions....i have been very stressful with school and irl problems which it has been the worst nightmare i ever have in my life right now....
-if you ask about school..? school is great. the school my mom sent me to its very nice and friendly with funny teachers too (except the literature teacher i hate him tbh) even tho, studying more things i dont know or different from it its a big challenge....
i didnt make much friends in class...only like 5 people i close to and that it.....
- im losing my pony style atm...i mean..i left digi for quite long so does with pony (i move to draw human for practicing) so that is a second challenge for i need your patient in this if you have an AT or CM...
-im currently having trouble with my health atm....since my parents didnt give me much money because they dont want me to be spoiled so i have to make money on my owns...which im currently try to get a cintiq tablet for myself..because my mom said if i wanted her to buy me a new tablet...i have to sell my old one which it very special to me...(i got it for the first time on Christmas day from my parents) so i have to stop eating breakfast to get the breakfast money for the tablet which i have to save it for 1 year... so third challenge for me...
-the last one which is hard for me is....body shaming....i hate it...just uncle just do that me... (he just divorced my aunt for some reason so he lives alone atm). i was pouring water in my bottles then all of uncle came out of his room saw a glass of sweet food which my mom is the one going to eat it, not me...then he started to say...i am fat, ugly, i should stop eating to get thinner...(you kinda fat...ugly...etc..) i wanted to tell him that it wasnt mine but...i just kept my mouth shut..then he told my mom and my mom...she didnt even care or say anything back....which it hurt sensitive so i cant stand of people say like that which i almost tear up but i would never cry in front of my parents (just like last time i did and it didnt turn out well and i end up lost control myself...because of my dad..) so i whisper which my mom didnt hear it then i shut my door and start to screaming and crying in my room...i have gone too much things for the past few days...from school, family friends and now this....
-feel like im at the edge of death and ready to seriously...i tried to smile and talk happily in front of people but it always hurtful for me... i could say..the only person who understand...know what happen to me..through my voice and what i acted and be there to help me is :iconheadlongequestria:... thanks for being here for me...
-so ya sorry for the long vent....i have been cried for more than 10 which is hard for me....i hope you guys understand and thanks for still supporting you guys !!…………

since i done my commission i want to open comm again but with a simple thing to do so i open sketch color commission ! <3
  PG 1 no bg by Twily-Star Idk Anymore by Twily-Star Ily by Twily-Star Waah by Twily-Star
it will come with color sketch, cell shade and a small effect !
if you want you can have transparent/simple bg <3
can be ponies, humanoid, furry :3
how much ? it will be 100 points/1$  ^^
pls consider support me :3
slots (open)
1. taken Idk Anymore by Twily-Star
2. taken Ily by Twily-Star

3. taken Waah by Twily-Star

Tag game!!! why

Fri Jul 20, 2018, 5:59 AM


If you get tag, you must answer these questions below.

- Make a journal, copy the rules and the questions and answer it!

- Tag me, the original person that make the game.

- Tag 10 person to answer!

- Have fun!!!


Questions :

1. What's your real name?

2. How old are you?

3. Your nicknames?

4. What food do you like?

5. What kind of music do you like?

6. What's your favourite idol/band?

7. What program do you use for drawing?

8. Show your first art and your last art!

9. What's your main OC and her name?

10. You are single or taken?

11. Why you choose this username for DA?

12. What's your nationality? And your country?

13. What's your favourite song right now?

1. Mai Lam Kieu My
2. im 15
3. Twily, Twily Star
4. spaghetti, pizza, hot pot, sushi, etc..
5. USUK, Vocaloid, wtc
6. Owl City, Avicii , Jordan Sweeto, Boyinaband, etc
7.PaintoolSai mostly, Ibis Paint (on phone), MediBang Pro
8. first art (on ipad)Twily Star by Twily-Star
-latest art (on PTS)
Shooting Star [AT] + Speedpaint by Twily-Star
9. main oc: Twily Star
[2017] Twily Star Reference by Twily-Star
10. im single lmaooooo
11. well idk my old username is twilystar2015 
12. im Vietnamese, Vietnam
13. this one
tag: no one because im lazy lmao