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Wanna Brawl?

Something i did before my hands screwed.

Made as a poster for a Brawl competition. The back logo is the brawl logo for our Colombian league. Those interested:

...and yes, Peach is my main character in Brawl :). WANNA BRAWL WITH ME? My code is 1719 - 6019 - 5630. If you want to brawl, leave me your code on a note and tell me who you are

Something i did before my hands screwed.

Hope you all like it
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I saw this on a slideshow about 2 years ago, but couldn't find it here on DA. I have got to say this is one cool pic. You did a great job with her clothing, and accessories.
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
So she is a gamer girl. Sweet. :D
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Beautiful and cool presentation of Peach in regular clothes.  Very smooth line art and colors too.
AznBlitz215's avatar
wow she looks sexy and badass nice work
Buizermaniac1998's avatar
the necklace is awesome!
LlawlietVemo's avatar
This is incredible she looks SO damn great!
Metalraptor's avatar
Awesome work. ^_^
NatSunny's avatar
I don't really like peach that much because she's all Fru Fru... but DAMN you made her look pretty cool! And I love the style you gave her hair.
1GARO's avatar
Amazing work! ;) (Wink)
Sonic2099TheHedgehog's avatar
Love it. sorry Wii Internet Shut off. Maybe i can Fight you in Smash 4.
mouseanderson's avatar
Duh, ok? pretty lady.
Afanasi-Wolf's avatar
Yes wheres the gamecube?
Zedrick775's avatar
Love everything about this, great work! :D
InifiniySociety89's avatar
I can't look at princess peach the same anymore, now I just want to game it up with her XD she looks like that best friend that you could play videogames with all day
netherbandit's avatar
wow, this is so cute! :3 
Antictra's avatar
Usually not a Princess fan, but the theme is awesome. Love the look/design of her clothes and the haughty attitude. Fun theme with fighting girls challenging with controllers!
sentaiblade's avatar
Animarye's avatar
Same here, Princess Peach is main!
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