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Ville Du Mort - Candy

New Perk and Gift have been added~

 Candice Schweetz

Nickname: Candy

Race: Human

Age: 21

Occupation: Candy Shop Owner (Schweet Dreams Candy & Confections)

Nationality: American

Alliance: N/A

Height: 5'03"

Weight: 112 lbs.

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Light Blonde

Blood Type: O+

Gift: Sweet Treats

Description: Once a day, the user can create 1d6 candies that gives the consumer a +3 buffer depending on the flavors:

Bullet; RedCinnamon/Spicy: Boosts up Strength.

Bullet; GreenSour: Boosts up Defence.

Bullet; PinkSweet: Boosts up Speed.


+Gives a +3 status boost to whichever status the consumer chooses from different flavors.

+Comes with a bag with all three flavors in it so there are choices to choose from.

+ Effects lasts for 6 turns (unless the same flavor is consumed to replenish).


-Can only be made once a day so there is a cool down period until then.

-When consuming another candy that is a different status boost, it’ll automatically cancel the last consumed treat and be replaced with the one the consumer just ate. (Ex. If you eat a sweet candy but had a spicy candy from before, the sweet candy would automatically cancel the spicy's effects so you'll have speed instead of strength.)

-The amount of candies is randomly generated so you never know how much she'll make.

Light pink bullet by catluvr2Sweet Tooth - Gains a +3 status boost when consuming candies to which ever stat the candy applies to.

Light pink bullet by catluvr2Bludgeoner - Characters with this perk are especially handy with blunt weapons
• +2 Buff to Attacks using Blunt Weapons, i.e clubs/bats/hammers

Light pink bullet by catluvr2Delicious - Characters with this perk are especially Tasty
• Vampires and Werewolves will find this character particularly palatable 

Light pink bullet by catluvr2Slippery Eel - Characters with this perk are more difficult to hold onto
• +2 Buff to Escaping a Grapple or Hold

Weapon: Umbrella (for now as self defense)

Bubbly // Friendly // Charming // Quirky // High Tempered // Sweet // Spunky // Feminine // Ladylike //

    Candy was born and raised in the plantation estate at the State of Mississippi. Before that, her parents met and wedded from an arranged marriage. Her father Mr. Schweetz, a traveling businessman who came from a long line of bakers and confectioners. And Mrs. Schweetz, a woman who was pleasant to her peers and well mannered in public. Behind closed doors, however, she displayed her true colors as uptight and snooty, even berating the poor employees for the tiniest mistake that Mr. Schweetz would otherwise easily forgive. Which is why the workers are always relieved whenever Mr. Schweetz comes home from his business trips and makes sure his wife doesn't get out of hand.

    During this time, his wife had a craving for sweets when she was still carrying their unborn baby, to which became a running joke that should they have a girl they would name her "Candy" due to his wife's sudden sweet-tooth. When the time came, Mrs. Schweetz gave birth to a baby girl and was given the name Candice. But she would be called Candy by her father and the other staff and from that point on, the nickname stuck. Candy was a sweet and curious little girl and was loved by both her father and the plantation workers, who has inherited her father's kindness. But like most girls in high society, she was groomed to be a perfect lady. Whenever she gets bored she would often sneak into the kitchen to see her favorite nanny cooking or sneak outside to play with the nanny's daughter. She was very fond of her nanny, an African-American named Jubilee, who often took care of Candy more so than Candy's actual mother. So much so that Jubilee became a motherly figure to the young heiress and mentored her on baking when the girl became fascinated with Jubilee making desserts until they would get caught by Mrs. Schweetz, to which she would scold her daughter to leave the workers alone and to stop bothering them from time to time. This news has made Mr. Schweetz laughing, thinking amusingly that Candy has the blood of her ancestors' sweet making talents while his wife rants about their daughter getting cooking lessons from their nanny. To appease his wife while keeping Candy's interest in mind, he hired pastry chefs, confectioners, candy makers and bakers alike to teach her instead of Jubilee. It was one of those lessons that Candy looked forward to the most but she would miss Jubilee and often go out to see her and her two children, her eldest son and her youngest daughter Josephine, who is around the same age as Candy and is her best friend.

    She would do this now and then, even though her father would catch her playing with Josephine but pretend he didn't see. Though nothing lasts forever as her mother eventually catches on of what Candy has been doing during her off time. She warned Candy to stop hanging around Josephine and associate more with children of her status. Lil' Candy couldn't understand why her mother would refuse her to see her friend as her mother made sure she wouldn't go out to see Josephine again. When her mother tried to get Candy get acquainted with the other higher class children, she got along okay with them except for her cousin. And even so, her mother tried to set her daughter up with the son of another wealthy family to secure a future suitor when Candy comes of age. She was starting to miss Josephine, to which she finally snuck out from the crowd to go out to visit her friend to play. That lead to her mother catching her and the next day Nanny Jubilee was fired. This news devastated Candy and blamed herself for getting her nanny into trouble, though the father was mad at the wife for firing the nanny without his consent.

    As the years gone by, when Candy became a teenager, she rejected the marriage from the same wealthy family from before along with others, which infuriates her mother. Instead, while Candy was in the kitchen making sweets, she had an epiphany - she wanted to run a candy and confectionary store! So she went to he daddy and asked him about this idea and for his help to get it started. With his help and suggestions, she started her first candy store in her hometown. Eventually her small business boomed and it became the most popular in the state of Mississippi. Over the years with the support of her father, she wanted to try and branch out to international waters and consulted with him about it. He was a bit hesitant at first but agreed to it as he knows just the perfect place for her to start out. So he told her to wait until he comes back from his trip to England. When the time came for his return, he told her to pack her bags for the surprise he has been working on. Once the arrived in London, her father presented her with her own candy shop in London, a little touch from home to a foreign city. This made Candy really happy but the biggest surprise is when her childhood friend showed up and Candy bawled with joy as the two friends reunite. She apologized to Josephine for getting her and her family in trouble and surely they made up. And so now a new chapter for Candy beings and business... Is now open!

+Sweets (she has a sweet-tooth)
+Cute animals
+Vibrant & Pastel colors
+Baking/making sweets
+Her daddy
+Her nanny
+Sweet tea
+Tall men

-Rude Individuals
-Being addressed as Candice - her real name (She prefers to be called "Candy")
-Her mother

:bulletpink:She has dimples whenever she smiles.
:bulletpink:… :new:Candy's Theme (playlist will be provides late)
:bulletpink:Candy's Voice Claim (Lottie from the Princess and the Frog) :…
:bulletpink:She has quite the fascination with the supernatural yet she has never seen one before in person, only in stories and just assumes it's nothing but superstition.
:bulletpink:One of her favorite desserts to make is Whoopie Pie with Lavender milk. It's the same recipe that her Nanny taught her.
:bulletpink:Asides baking, she also knows how to cook, but enjoys baking and candy making more. As they say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
:bulletpink:Candy's a sucker for romance or anything like cheesy romance fairytales where the girl finds her prince charming and they live happily ever after.
:bulletpink:The idea behind of why Candy wanted to run a shop was hearing stories of her father talking about how the Schweetz family used to be bakers and confectioners and all things sweet making and decided she wanted to bring back the old family roots through her business.
:bulletpink:She even has her old family recipes which her father kept from his wife and thought it be a perfect gift to pass down.
:bulletpink:She has he fair share of traveling. Mostly around all over the US but she does want to travel all over the world someday.


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United States

Pokimono Song's Birthday Party

Fri Oct 27, 2017, 11:01 AM

Song's Birthday Invitation by TwilightSweetie
FOR POKIMONO ONLY :iconpokimono:

To all members of Pokimono, you are approached by blue benevolent flames to hand you a very important message.

The wisps are inviting you to attend a surprise party they are hosting at the Grand Gale Spring temple for Song's birthday! For those who know Song are welcome to come over for the celebration and are more than welcome to invite others with them. If by how you don't know Song but want the chance to meet her, feel free to drop by. / u \ 

Her actual birthday is on the 30th on a Monday but due to it being on a work day, I have planned it to be on the weekend. Starting today Friday at 5:00 pm is when the party starts.

It's okay whether you gave her presents or not, she'll appreciate your presence the most. //shot for pun

The party will start here at this Discord Channel:

Graphics and CSS by Metterschlingel | Want your own?…

For Pokimono Members - should Song move to Gale Springs to further her Priestess training? 

10 deviants said YES! COME TO GALE SPRINGS~ :icongrabbyhandsplz:
4 deviants said Let Song decide... It's her choice.

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