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Hello and welcome to the Twilight Sparkle Cub, the home to the most magical pony in all of Equestria, but you probably knew that unless you accidently clicked on a the wrong link looking for a club based on the other kind of Sparkles and Twilight (har har(!))

Anyhoo the rules are plain and simple, anyone who is a fan of the purple unicorn can join and contribute art if they so wish. But if you want to do this please abide by a few obvious rules:

1. The gallery is divided by topics, so if you want to submit art to the gallery please put the image in the right folder. If anyone tries to submit art to the wrong folder it will automatically be rejected.

2. Yes the gallery has a mature folder but I want to make it absolutly clear that a line has to be drawn, and I trust that anyone who contributes to the group understands that. And hopefully this rule will not ever have to be mentioned again.

That's pretty much it, other than the obvious rule of that everything submitted has to contain the purple pony, but it's so obvious I'm not going to list it down. So thanks for looking at this stupid list of words and rules and I hope you guys enjoy the group!

Gallery Folders

Finding the Snow Queen Sword by user15432
Flying Lessons with the Winx Fairies by user15432
Happy Birthday Aaliyah by user15432
Mario and ponies meets Alice and Riba by user15432
Mlp Fim Twilight Sparkle (wut) vector by luckreza8
Mlp Fim Twilight Sparkle (uh?) vector by luckreza8
Mlp Fim Twilight Sparkle (here) vector by luckreza8
Sad Twi Don't Cry by Scourge707
Digital art
Commission: through the darkness by bakki
Twilight Sparkle (Darkness Nightshade) as Batmare by Joeycrick
Team Batmare II (wallpaper) by Joeycrick
Traditional Art
Rainbow Power Pony Clip On Tails by RebelATS
Missing some texture by Watisdatdennhier
Study of a Pony Walking by horselover-fat-01
Study of a Pony Running by horselover-fat-01
Rainbow Twilight [MLP Speedpaint] by Shad0w-Galaxy
bigpurplemuppet99's Happy New Year MLP EqG by bigpurplemuppet99
MLP EqG New Year with kTd1993 by kTd1993
Snuggleywuggly by Sintakhra
Maya meets Maud (Part 3) by Axel-Doi
Improving Skills - Part 27 by BCRich40
Three's A Crowd - Alternate Opening by Beavernator
MLP Comic 1 'A Locus of Metempsychosis' by horselover-fat-01
Happy (late) Hearth's Warming Eve! by screwtapethedemon
Flawless Twilight Sparkle by Bass-Senpai
Twilight Sparkle the Ace Hearts (Concept) by The1King
Best pone by shadowman7890

Mature Content

My princess... I WILL PROTECT YOU [NSFW] by Pony4Koma
Warm-up Exercises... by DarkKnightHoof
Twilight Sparkle in the lab coat by TFANCS-85

Mature Content

Sharing Shining Announcement! by ZwitterKitsune
MLP FiM: S8 E17: The End in Friend Review by Cuddlepug
MLP FiM: S8 E16: Friendship University Review by Cuddlepug
MLP FiM: S8 E14: Discord BETRAYS Fluttershy Review by Cuddlepug
'Devastated' brony launches petition to STOP GEN 5 by Cuddlepug
Mature Fanfics
Human and anthro ponies
If Only Things Could of Turned Out Differently by Axel-Doi
My magical wings by GlacialFalls




MLP - Twilight learning magic by RingTeam MLP - Twilight learning magic :iconringteam:RingTeam 64 8 Few Years Ago by anniezhai Few Years Ago :iconanniezhai:anniezhai 13 0 Star Subject by ReyJJJ Star Subject :iconreyjjj:ReyJJJ 233 23 Twilight Sparkles (ps. commissions!) by TheJung Twilight Sparkles (ps. commissions!) :iconthejung:TheJung 8 2 Make a contract with me, and become Alicorn! by Zabchan Make a contract with me, and become Alicorn! :iconzabchan:Zabchan 136 18 Camelot County World Logo by ReyJJJ Camelot County World Logo :iconreyjjj:ReyJJJ 50 13 The #3 Assistant by ReyJJJ The #3 Assistant :iconreyjjj:ReyJJJ 2 6 The Evil Owl by ReyJJJ The Evil Owl :iconreyjjj:ReyJJJ 9 0 Twilight by gekopa Twilight :icongekopa:gekopa 2 3 There's always shroom for ponies by Mythee There's always shroom for ponies :iconmythee:Mythee 5 3 Twilight Upgrade by Monkey-Picker Twilight Upgrade :iconmonkey-picker:Monkey-Picker 49 14 MLP - Twilight Sparkle wishes you a Happy Holidays by worldofcaitlyn MLP - Twilight Sparkle wishes you a Happy Holidays :iconworldofcaitlyn:worldofcaitlyn 2 0 Goth Styling Twilight Sparkle by Roogna Goth Styling Twilight Sparkle :iconroogna:Roogna 68 17 Twilight Sparkle, photo 09 by Horror-Scarred Twilight Sparkle, photo 09 :iconhorror-scarred:Horror-Scarred 47 9 More Than Just The Night by Etiluos More Than Just The Night :iconetiluos:Etiluos 181 10
Sadly it has come to my attention that a Co-Founder has been posting journals about Alicorn Twilight without mine or the group's permission and asuch has caused some members to leave.

I have dealt with the person in question and would like to point out that whether or not people like the whole Alicorn Twilight thing that people are allowed to express their opinion freely on the subject regardless of whether they like it or not. This group is for fans of Twilight Sparkle, and asuch anyone who likes the character regardless of whether she is an Alicorn, Unicorn is allowed to be part of this group. I can't believe that I have to say something like this.

As long as the matter is discussed maturely and without any forms of abuse I don't see a problem on where anybdy stands on the case.

On behalf of the group I apologise for the previous journal entries and to anyone negativly affected as a direct result to it.
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