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Disclaimer: I do not own "Jackie Chan Adventures," or its characters. They are property of Columbia Pictures and Kids WB.

"24 hours in Paris,"

By TwilightSparkle3562

Chapter 1

"A Call for Help"

Ever since that fateful day when I attempted to steal the Pink Puma Diamond from that museum in New York, my life seemed to have been changed forever. All my life, I was destined to live the life of a loner and only resort to stealing in order to survive. The items that I had stolen from others resulted in me earning the money I needed to maintain a series of apartments and otherwise, give me necessities to satisfy my everyday life. Now, it appeared that this encounter I had with the famed archaeologist, Jackie Chan and his niece, Jade, had made me realize the error of my ways. There was a much better way to earn money than just stealing from others.

You see, my family was resorted to a swindler when I was growing up in Hong Kong and all my childhood, I was shuttled from foster home to foster home because both of my parents did not have any money to keep me living with them. When I was 18, I was sent to a military school in the United States and even them could not keep me in line. Ever since then, I was unable to get a job and stealing valuable items from others was the only way. When I met Jade, I saw that there was something in her that I could relate to. She was the girl that I should have been when I was her age, someone who was optimistic about her future and eager to have potential goals that were meant to be fulfilled. Most importantly, she began to look up to me as a big sister figure and role model, something that I never had as a child.

Thanks to meeting her and Jackie, I had since given up my ways of stealing and had gotten a job as a security consultant for a major company called Bechtel, which had a branch in Boston, Massachusetts, where I had since relocated for this job. It was the only major job that didn't have any college backgrounds and my parole officer had recommended to me to take this job, since I knew the security systems that I had destroyed when I was a career criminal. With this job, I was earning no more than $100 dollars an hour and for the first time in my life, I realized just what happens when money is earned instead of stealing it from others.

But, my story of the next time that I met Jade and Jackie began on a Thursday afternoon in the spring of 2001, just before the 9/11 attacks that would happen later that year. I had just gotten home after a long days work and was looking forward to a quiet night in my apartment. I couldn't wait to change out of the gray business suit that I was wearing for work and into some comfortable clothes. Sliding off my suit jacket, I sat down on the sofa and turned on my laptop computer.

"Huh? What's this?" I thought to myself when I saw what appeared to be an email from Jade. Since we've met, we had been keeping in touch much to the dismay of her uncle, who saw me as a bad influence on her. Clicking on the email, I carefully read the message:

"Hi Viper,

I was wondering if you could come to Paris as soon as possible. Uncle Jackie says that there was a fold up man who stole a valuable painting from the Louvre Museum. I know he doesn't trust you, but we need your expertise to help us catch this guy. You are our last hope and Jackie's friend at the Louvre is in danger of losing her job. Please help us, Viper.


Now, I had not lived my life entirely in the United States. Because of my job as a security consultant, I maintained several homes in New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, London and Paris. Because of this, I was a frequent flyer and once I knew the gravity of the situation that Jade and Jackie were in. I had made up my mind and decided to help them recover this painting:

"Hi Jade,

I will be on the first available flight to Paris tomorrow. I will keep you informed of my flight information.


As soon as I sent the message, I got on to and scanned the site for flights to Paris from Boston. I made contact with Air France, which offered a direct flight from Boston, but to no avail. I then made contact with American Airlines, which also offered a direct flight from Boston and that effort was nothing more short than futile. Finally, I found a decent fare on British Airways via London/Heathrow. Once I had booked the flight, I sent another message to Jade:

"Hi Jade,

I had just booked my flight to Paris. I will be arriving on British Airways at Charles de Gaulle Airport from London. Here is my itinerary:


BOS LHR 7:15 06:35


LHR CDG 08:55 11:15


CDG LHR 12:15 12:30


LHR BOS 3:00 5:10

See you when I get there.


Almost immediately, I began to make my preparations. After all, I was only going to one of my old stomping grounds to help recover something instead of stealing it. The object I was targeting was something that would determine a young woman's job future with one of the most famous museums in the world.

So, the very next day, I got up and dressed myself in the gray business suit and pink blouse that I had worn the day before. I did own a second suit just like it which was cranberry red and had a purple blouse, but it was at the dry cleaners and I would not get it in time. Standing in front of the mirror and smoothing out the skirt of my suit, I sighed as I stared myself in the mirror.

"I'm just hiding the real me underneath this business suit," I said to myself sadly. "Jackie will never view me as anything but a thief."

It seemed however that this was a chance for me to improve myself to Jackie, it would be this and it seemed that deep down, I was falling for him. But the thought never fully crossed my mind as I slid on my black high heels and grabbed my yellow purse from the kitchen table. Despite my thoughts, I had to stay focused on the task at hand. Jade was counting on me to help her and Jackie recover this stolen painting.

But first, I had a job to do and then a long flight across the Atlantic that was ahead of me.
Chapter 1 of my story from
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