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Ref Sheet Comish - Avarus Lux

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Customized Ultimate Reference Sheet Commission for :iconavarus-lux: featuring the dragoness, Avarus!

Phew, this Ref turned out wicked!  This one is super customized for Avarus, featuring a lot of details that have been fine-tuned for this gal, mainly centering around her various powers and even stats.  This is also a good example of 'mix and matched' shading styles, as only the main body shot is Soft-Cell shaded, whereas all else have been done in Flats.  I really like the emphasis on the different powers, as that makes them seem really...real, like a character I could play in a video game, y'know.  And her wings are super gorgeous, to boot - I learned how to iridesce!

Check my front page for links to Commission information and availability.

Stat bars and grid provided by Avarus.  Some details subject to change.

Thanks, Avarus!  Hope ya like!
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Wow, love how you combined the feathered look with the bat wing look! Also very unique characteristics of the dragon itself. Thanks for sharing!
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wow pretty neat Character! I really like the abilities like for the Wing Shield one! Nice! :)
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really nice work ! she is quite an interesting character and has really nice design and colors too !
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Looks like a lot of work! A very detailed  Ref indeed!
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That is one sweet looking dragoness. I love the feather-on-membrane look for wings.
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She's so beautiful and I love how detailed the ref sheet is! I am Love..Onion 
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Great design and great details! :-)
But simply having cell regrowth stable would make an animal immortal, at least from age.
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thats the point, being biologically immortal :).

besides that, it is a real thing, lobsters have it for example, it is scientifically proven they cannot die from age, only from injury (predation for example), lack of nutrition(food) and or sickness (a plague), and so do certain other creatures have this abillity, so why not a dragon eh ;).

but even though the body stays fine, the mind is a different subject, corruption and or going batshit crazy is another thing, it just depends on the individual how and when, mostly after going cuckoo most die due to injury to themselves (recklessness) or by fighting, starvation, etc....

ps, yes i know lobster die of age at some point, not due to their cells and cellgrowth deteriorating though, its due to exhaustion of shedding their "final" shell, the shedding which at some point takes to much energy to pull off, killing the lobster... and the ones that stop shedding, their shells eventually get damaged enough and die of infection of exposed tissue and whatnot...
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Like I said, stable cell growth (non deteriorative  cell growth) would let you become immortal from Age.
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Wow, one really cool designed dragon :) Nice one!

Everytime I see one of your refsheets, I wish to make my own more special and a lot more detailled than I did them in the past... Like we say in Germany 'One's hungry for more' - that's what I feel while looking at your awesome refsheet-artworks.
Well done!
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Thank you very much! :)
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No! Don't stop being awesome!
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I know no other way. B). Lol, thanks!
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Stop being awesome.. ><
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