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Personal - Muzafr Reference Sheet 2.0

This reference and Muzafr have been updated.

You can find his new reference sheet here:

Personal - Muzafr 2.0 Ref Sheet by TwilightSaint
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© 2014 - 2021 TwilightSaint
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Oml how do you guys write so much??

GlacierIceDragon's avatar
How big is this reference sheet? Like the resolution in px or inches? Just curious
How many people do you create your YouTube channel with? :)
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May ask what kind of dragon Muzafr is?
Danze-e's avatar
I s l a m I c
TwilightSaint's avatar
Danze-e's avatar
Nothing, just surprised. It is hard to find good Islamic art. Great arts btw! 
Taelsa's avatar
Awesom design!
Ruvaszenko's avatar
Holy guacamole this is beautiful! This is this kind of oc references I love!
It's amazing how much work you can put in this. 
I usually die after doing like two fullbodies and you did more than ten arts
Also I love her design! She's beautiful 
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Thank you very much! :)
SilverFlick's avatar
muzafr is such a beautiful dragon!
Also do u speak arabic?
TwilightSaint's avatar
Thanks! And yus. ^^
SilverFlick's avatar
Neat! i do too ;w;
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lol, I've been screwing around with making a crusader dragon... 
I have made a bad choice. 
TwilightSaint's avatar
Hehe, he'll be safe as long as he doesn't try anything funny. ;)
awsomecat13's avatar
well, he hasn't smiled in 20 years, so I dont think that he finds much funny. 
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I'm so tempted to know how she can turn into her anthro form and back to her dragon form.
Anyway, I've watched you long ago and still find your arts impressive, especially your scalesona...
Sorry if you don't like people editing their comments, but I don't want to make two unimportant comments.
I opened her old ref and tried to compare to find the difference as best as I can...
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You should do a work on the winged bipedal form. It looks really cool!
XTechnomancer's avatar
The phrase, "perfection lies in the details" is an understatement here. Finding so much.....DEPTH in one's character is beyond rare, it's almost hard to believe that so many aspects can be described. 

I wonder why it took me so long to find this...

Anyway, a much deserved thank you, if you didn't have enough already, is in order for putting in so much effort and dedication (and most likely, time) into the design and story of Muzafr. So, thank you for sharing this.  :)
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Thank you very much! :) That means a lot!
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Wow!!  This is beautiful!  I really love all of the detail that you put into both building your character and to your depictions of her.  As a writer myself, I often write similar bios for my characters, although unfortunately I lack the incredible ability you have to bring the character to life in pictures.  Keep up the good work.  You have a lot of talent as a writer and an artist.  Use it!!
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