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Epic Scene Commission for :iconalmonihah: featuring Almoniha, (upper right,) Zakhin'Dach, (gryphon,) and Garkhen, (lower left,) fending off a wicked dragon from the wood...

Yeeeeeeah, multi-character Epic Scene GO!  I was given these awesome characters, some backstory on the land, and info about the demonic creatures within, and this just...totally diabolical dragon immediately came to mind!  Composition-wise, I wanted to balance the characters, two flightless and two in-flight, and a outwardly-spiraling action line beginning from the center and expanding outward from the center, where Zakhin'Dach is distracting the beast as Almonihah steadies his bow.

I really wanted the dragon to appear as though he was possibly just part of the forest itself - one could have walked by him until the thorny vines began twisting with a mind all their own.  I matched him closely with those vines, that may or may not be reaching out to the characters in flight!

I lovingly dubbed him the 'Voldemort dragon' as I worked on this, haha.  And poor Garkhen, down there!  Two mouths equals double the trouble, and he's holding fast as the dragon sets the undergrowth alight!

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Thanks a lot, Almonihah!
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I LOVE that double mouth! great job!!
ReinaCastillo's avatar
Ohmygod,I NEED to draw a single dragon with many mouths sometime,imagine three!?
Alghedi's avatar
It is... it is imagination. This is what I look for: unique!!!!  Clap  Clap 
xHelloBeautifulx's avatar
Holy, epic-ally enchanting! The Majestic Fire-Breathing Dragon is stunning and The Griffon looks incredible! The flying fursona, fighting lizard, designs, action, interactions, expressions, poses, wings, eyes, horns, feathers, scales,tales, woodlands, trees, vines, plant life, flames, effects, cave, glow, gleam, shield, bow and arrow, anatomy, terrain, spikes, movement, claws, flow, perspective, realisticness, atmosphere, hues, textures, concept, composition, uniqueness, colors, lighting, style, and other details are also wonderful! Amazingly radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
TwilightSaint's avatar
Hehe, thank you very kindly! <3
BlackWyvern95's avatar
awesome job with all of the details :) it's unique
Valrunie's avatar
This is so cool, so much details :la: :heart:
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fredje323's avatar
Looks awesome :D
WoW! Fantastic piece! I love the action and composition. Heh, how does this battle play out?
But it kind looks like the winged guy is aiming his arrow at the gryphon,,, or is that my imagination?
TwilightSaint's avatar
Thanks! The dragon is reaching upward to get the gryph, so he's shooting where the dragon will be in a moment. :P
Ah! I see what you mean now! Thank you for explaining it.
The gryphon certainly trusts the archer,, with his life! If they all survive, perhaps you could show us these characters???
KingDreki's avatar
So....fricken....EPIC! Words cannot express how cool this looks, very well done Twilight! :D 
TwilightSaint's avatar
Thanks very much! :D
StardustAstro's avatar
WHOA this is so cool 
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