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Comish - Over a Kingdom of Rock and Ice


Epic Scene Commission for :iconivanthedragonofgold: of King, the dragon, overlooking his tundra home~

Whoooo, another piece that I'm freaking in love with!  I was amped when Ivan told me his idea - like I've said before on other pieces, one of my favourite types of scenes to do is dragons doing what they do best - being damn epic.  And when he described the background, I was even more excited to begin.

Again, I tried something different for myself, and shaded King with the background visible, (I usually hide it so I can focus on the character.)  I really wanted to focus more on the light source and atmospheric effects, from the subtle light from the aurora and reflections from the peak on which he's standing.  By keeping the background visible, it was more evident to me where exactly these should show up on King, and it helped me to think of the piece as a whole, rather than character and background separately.  Again, I tried to be a good artist by blurring the distant parts of King's wing and the peak. :B

Also, I experimented and found out the PERFECT way to add snow to trees!  I love how those turned out!!!

Also-also, King's wings were done with excruciating detail.  I've been watching documentaries on pterosaurs, which have been hella inspiring and informative, so if you stare reallllly closely enough, you can find the blood vessel detail I added to his membranes. :D  I also happen to shade my dragon wings the same way pterosaurs' wing muscles were layered - I rock! *fist pump*

Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend, y'all!

Thanks a lot, Ivan!
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pretty landscape~~
GrowLegends's avatar did you draw them?!,
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Airbrushed and smudge tool on a large soft-edged airbrush setting.
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this is just fantastic artwork! amazing! wow*Free Icon/Emote* Toothless (Love it!) Dragonhead Emoticons Woooooooooooooow 
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Oh my goodness, this looks exactly like a scene from a fantasy novel I wrote a long time ago! I got a bit of nostalgia seeing this, that's how much it reminded me. :giggle: 

Plus, it reminds me of this soundtrack:…;

Either way, beautiful picture, I adore it! :D
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Great detail, excellent scene, the dragon's stance and expression look so solid and powerful +o+ Very nice work!
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Thank you so much! :>
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The colors of the auroras right next to that sunset are SO SO NICE!! Delightful use of contrast!!!  You did a great job with the auroras too!!!! They're so hard???? to draw???? I DON'T GET IT????  The snowy trees are awesome too!!! The snow part is such a task too.  I always like the draw the tree in first and then cover it with snow??? idk.  THE CHARACTER IS SO NICE TOO!!!! They look so big and POWERFUL!!! The little flying dust bits are just the perfect touch too.  AMAZING job buddy!!!
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Hehe, thanks a bunch hun! XD  A lot of people have been asking, so I actually did up a quick gif-guide to illustrate how I do auroras! -…  They're legit really easy - just takes progressively larger-to-smaller airbrushes, and I do 'em each on separate layers so I can adjust how bright the main 'body' and 'shafts' of the auroras are, depending on the piece. ^^

I did the same thing with these trees!  Just roughed in the forest, then actually used my custom cloud brush (lol) on scatter to get the kind of patchy look, and did that for each tree bough.  And hells yeah, big epic dragons are the most fun to work on!  I absolutely love getting to work on pieces like this!
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NICE that's how I do my auroras too!!!  Ahh your backgrounds keep getting better! :heart:
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beautiful aurora effect. Would you mind making a short tutorial about how you painted it? 
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Thank you!  And sure thing, I've whipped up a mini gif-tutorial!…  They usually take 3-6 layers of airbrush layers, all on highlight settings. ^^
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I just found you and oh my god.
This is amazing!
Also,if you don't know who i am,i'm Bublamorce Games on youtube Sweating a little... 
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Ah, thanks so much! ^^
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