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Lovable Leopard Gecko by EmeraldBlast63
The Lost Elements of Harmony  by chanyhuman
Big Rigs by EmeraldBlast63
Galaxyverse: Equestria Kids NG - Side Characters 1 by MiraculousLover22
Princess Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle And Blue by Devon13168
Twilight Sparkle In High School! by Devon13168
Dyna Twilight vs. Rhinoceros by Devon13168
An Elephant Ride! by Devon13168
Sunset Shimmer
She Demon~ by Mellorine91
Hippocampus Pride by MustLoveFrogs
Her Protector by flipwix
Sunset Shimmer (Vector #1) by Serviner-Tama
Starlight Glimmer
Starlight Glimmer~ by Mellorine91
Best Pone by CanisRettMajoris
Stresslight Glimmer by ShutterflyEQD
Some Moms and Kids by MustLoveFrogs
Moon Dancer
EQG Moondancer by flipwix
older moondancer by flipwix
future school of friendship faculty by flipwix
S'mores For Tonight by Devon13168
Trixie Lulamoon
Trixie Lulamoon~ by Mellorine91
COM: Harmony's Family by MustLoveFrogs
EQG - Beach Trixie by REMcMaximus
Trixie Wears Socks By Friendshipishorses by ice1517
Twilight Sparkle by Devon13168
It's Our Gaming Time! :D by Devon13168
Twilight Sparkle And Godzilla Gaze At The Stars by Devon13168
A Big Friendly Walk. by Devon13168
Tempest Shadow
Tempest Shadow By AnonymousTrollF4c3 by ice1517
Tempest Shadow as The Punisher by ice1517
Tempest Shadow by seahawk270
Tempest Shadow vs. Twilight Sparkle by seahawk270
Happy Fourth of July by bigpurplemuppet99
MLP EqG LGBT Smooch-athon by bigpurplemuppet99
MLP EqG LGBT Smooch-athon by kTd1993
Socks And Love by ice1517
With Friends
Rainbow Dash by Devon13168
Goth Sunset + Starlight by ice1517
Happy Birthday MLP! by ice1517
The Mane 6 by ice1517
Giant goddesses, demons and monters
EQG Midnight Twilight by Orin331
More Students Of Twilight, OCs
Xbox Sparkle by Devon13168
Buttons, gifs and stamps
Sunlight -Fan button by MajkaShinoda626
V-Rex Wrestling by Devon13168
Equestria Girls: Mad Twience (Flashimmer Version) by 3D4D
Fan children
Caught Firting by ice1517
TAEE - The Forgotten (Chapter 128) [Poser] by Naduron0


Equestria Kids NG - Sunmmertime Moonbow Glitz by MiraculousLover22 Equestria Kids NG - Sunmmertime Moonbow Glitz :iconmiraculouslover22:MiraculousLover22 18 1 PinkieDash by Darkest-Lunar-Flower PinkieDash :icondarkest-lunar-flower:Darkest-Lunar-Flower 71 38 A mysterious rival - Pinkie: Guardian of Laughter by ilaria122 A mysterious rival - Pinkie: Guardian of Laughter :iconilaria122:ilaria122 72 1 Im In Love With My Bestfriend Ch 1 Cover by takrontoxicity Im In Love With My Bestfriend Ch 1 Cover :icontakrontoxicity:takrontoxicity 16 0 Shadowbolts by charlieXe Shadowbolts :iconcharliexe:charlieXe 564 31 Canterlot High by charlieXe Canterlot High :iconcharliexe:charlieXe 596 24 Memories... by charlieXe Memories... :iconcharliexe:charlieXe 206 19 Rarijack by LooknamTCN Rarijack :iconlooknamtcn:LooknamTCN 219 3 Rainbow Dash in gala dress + SPEEDPAINT by Julunis14 Rainbow Dash in gala dress + SPEEDPAINT :iconjulunis14:Julunis14 165 12 Fluttercord - Best Friends by l-PastellePink-l Fluttercord - Best Friends :iconl-pastellepink-l:l-PastellePink-l 85 5 Masquerade by GamblingFoxinaHat Masquerade :icongamblingfoxinahat:GamblingFoxinaHat 205 12 The Dazzlings by TheArtsyEmporium The Dazzlings :icontheartsyemporium:TheArtsyEmporium 272 29 Teacher Rarity by The-Park Teacher Rarity :iconthe-park:The-Park 477 20 Glitter Up! by LiaAqila Glitter Up! :iconliaaqila:LiaAqila 178 32 Dazzlings 1960s by WubcakeVA Dazzlings 1960s :iconwubcakeva:WubcakeVA 438 105 Vector #5 - Fluttershy by WhalePornoz Vector #5 - Fluttershy :iconwhalepornoz:WhalePornoz 212 6

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Group Rules

:bulletpurple:You don't have to submit art to join this group! This group is for all Twilight Sparkle, Moon Dancer, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon fans and more! so just enjoy yourselves.

:bulletred:You can dislike one (or more) of these characters and still join the group as long as your a fan of at least one of them. Even so, if you have a strong dislike for any of them, please try to keep calm and control yourself. You don't have to like them, but please be respectful of other people and their opinions.

:bulletpink:Even though art done with bases and vectors are allowed, screenshots are NOT allowed.

:bulletblue:Any My little Pony Friendship Is Magic and Equestria Girls content is allowed in this group as long as any of the 8 ponies are in it.

:bulletpurple:Pairings/Couples of any kind are allowed as long as it includes at least one of the 5 ponies.

:bulletgreen: Memes are allowed, but no screenshot memes. Sorry.

:bulletred:AUs are allow as long as at least one of the 5 ponies are in it.

:bulletpink:Journals ARE allowed (and there's going to be a folder about it), BUT it has to be about at least one of the 5 ponies.

:bulletyellow:Normal MLP FIM and EG related content is allowed in the favorites. If you have any Twilight, Starlight, Moon Dancer, Sunset or Trixie related content, submit in FEATURED!

:bulletblue:No stealing, bullying, or being rude is allowed in this group. If I ever see things like that, you will be banned.

:bulletpink:If you have any questions or suggestions, please ask MiraculousLover22

:bulletpurple: NSFW of any kind is NOT allowed anymore. No nudity, gore or fetish art is allowed. If it's seen in this group, it will be removed.

Rules for being a Co-Founder and Contributor

-You must know how to run a group. Having a group or to help run it is a reasonability.

-You can't be too biased. For example, even if you do like Sunset Shimmer but dislike Starlight Glimmer, be respectful to members of this group who do like Starlight Glimmer (or even dislike Sunset Shimmer). Basically, treat people and their opinions like that with respect.

-Help me out. Helping me out with unorganized folders and such is apart of being a co-founder and contributor. Don't be a co-founder or contributor if you don't have the time to help or run the group.

-Be nice and kind. Try to keep brash thoughts and opinions to yourself. If you have any problems with anything or anyone in this group, then please go to the founder.

-Of course NO TROLLING. If I see you showing this here or outside of the group, then you will be banned from this group.

-Always ask me before making any significant changes.

-You as well as anybody MUST read and follow the rules!

-If you have time, find some art that's related to the group.

-If you don't want to be a co-founder or contributor, at least spread the word and let your friends and others know that spots are opened up.

-If anyone has any questions, note me.
Hello everyone^^ I'm here to ask if anyone would like to have a character appreciation week of some sort?
Here's some rules/steps for you:

-I will link you to a poll where you will vote which character you want to celebrate and draw for that week. The ones who draw art of the character, I will represent it in the journal.

-Just let me know if your going to participate. Whether if it's a story, picture, or comic, link me ( MiraculousLover21) when your done.

-You don't have to ask to be in it, just let me know.

-You can do this only IF you want to. I'm not forcing you. Only if you think it's fun and if you think you have time to do it.

-This isn't like a contest where you get prizes, but if you do it, I will display your picture/story/comic in my journal and in my Twilight's Students group journal.

-It is required to submit your work during the appreciation week, BUT if you didn't have time to submit it in the week because you were busy or there was a emergency, then I will allow you to submit it after then (just don't submit it too late).

-If you made your picture/comic/story before the appreciation week, then just wait to submit it until then.

-I'll make individual folders for each week we decide to do (or will just put all of it in one folder).

If you guys are interested in having one or have any questions, then ask me.

Wanna vote for which character to appreciate? Click here! miraculouslover21.deviantart.c…
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Hi there! Welcome to Twilight's students! Where all fans alike are welcome here! :D You can consider yourself as a student or just be a fan of these awesome ponies and girls!^^ You can join as a Co-Founder (assistant) or Contributor (trainee), but you must know how to run a group.



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