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OUAT Rumbelle Catch Stamp

This episode, you guys. This episode. All my emotions

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My favourite , I love lot to Rumple.
G-A-AnimeFan4's avatar
So cute~ Love that episode!!
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FEELINGS. This episode devastated me and brought me to tears like 7 times. I love this chapter FOREVER AND ALWAYS!
TwilightProwler's avatar
Seriously, favourite episode so far - these two just kill me with feels.
VaatiLatoan's avatar
By the moment, "Deep Skin" is the first one, and then comes "A land without magic". But the first is going to be my favourite forever. So much feelings every time I see an scene of that episode.
ninewood's avatar
I love that scene! He's like "Why did I do that?!" Hope they get back together!
randomz13's avatar
That awkward moment when...

"What the hell am I doing with a girl in my arms?!"
PIPIpanda's avatar
This really was so sweet!!! I swear I squeeled so much when this happened!!! :squee: :D :dance: they're so cuuute together~:heart:
ninewood's avatar
I loved his face when he caught her. It was like "Why did I do that?!" :D
MariaPereira's avatar
This is my favourite episode ever! Rumplestilskin was my favourite character since the start, and I just could believe when this episode came to air: My favourite fairy tail, beauty and the beast, with Rumplestilskin and Belle :heart:! Like you said, All my emotions!!
TwilightProwler's avatar
Seriously, you described it all just there in a far more eloquent manner than I could. My feelings on this all pretty much result in tears and key-smashing.
I have a lot of feelings for this show, for the characters and the tales in it and especially for Rumplestiltskin and Belle. Beauty and the Beast was always my favourite fairy tale as a kid too.
MariaPereira's avatar
I know right?! I think that the best part of this show is how they changed the fairy tails. I like Snow White, but I think that there's so much more on the other princesses ^^ My favourite is definitely Belle! And Rumplestilskin *-* I adore them together! :D
TwilightProwler's avatar
Yes, most definitely. I am interested to see which characters they're going to be including in the future - they have used a fair few that have already been made by Disney but they've added in a few that haven't so I'm excited to see who else we've yet to meet.
I'm also eager to see how they're going to be playing the characters that Disney has already adapted. Snow White was never my favourite princess and there have been many adaptations of her story but I like where ABC has taken her with this one. She's not too perfect.
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*Cries some more*
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You're not a monster.

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:giggle: Such a typical "fairytale romance" moment, and they made it totally awkward. :lol: I love RumBelle!
FellDownAlone's avatar
I know how you feel, this episode REALLY gets someone going! One of THE BEST moments right 'ere.
evilredcaboose's avatar
Lucky lady! *pouts*
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