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Disney Beast Stamp

Check out the sincerity of that smile.

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TrottingPeryton's avatar
Show off those pearly whites.
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
BloodRedWishes's avatar
SO ME XD I'm using this
KittenPrince55's avatar
Smiling for a school picture 
gungirl23's avatar
I wish he stayed in his beast form!
FrozenHeartWarrior's avatar
I thought I was the only one xD
Darklight-phoenix's avatar
Umii-tan's avatar
xDDDD I love that simle!
Fallenpeach's avatar
Hahaha xD too cute :iconawwehplz:
RomanceFreak's avatar
Give her a dashing, debonair smile! Come come, show me the smile!
TopHatBigPencil's avatar
He's so cute!
And yeah, fake smiles, we all do them. (6,6)
LOZRocksmysocks77's avatar
His smile is amazing! haha!
Voaz-Kzrhovb's avatar
:iconblushplz: this is so adorable!!! I love him so much!!
TransylvanianRose's avatar
That's how my smile looks at the end of a day of work. I have to smile at everyone and my face is numb by the end of the day, so I know my smile looks something like this. rofl not quite as toothy and scary but oh so close!
marziyyih's avatar
Me when I'm smiling for pictures.
NintendoFreak29's avatar
IntelligentWolf's avatar
I smile like that sometimes.... only when I'm in a joking mood though :P
karribou's avatar
Why does he have to change to a prince! :O Why not stay a pretty lion?!?!
1redgirl1's avatar
show me the smile!!
Labryinth-Absurd's avatar
OfOneSoul's avatar
Must use this stamp. :+fav:ing and posting! :salute:

:heart: *OfOneSoul
LadyBeelze's avatar
i loooove his smile so much xDDDD
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