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MH - Charlotte Annabel Taylor

Name: Charlotte Annabel Taylor
Age: 16
Grade (if a student): Sophmore
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation/role: Student at Misery High
Orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Single
Dorm Room/Roommate: Jamila Anisa Jackson
Likes: Florida, Nicki Minaj, fashion, all kinds of music, Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5, anyone else in pop, gospel, and hip-hop
Dislikes: Bullies, posers, preps and jocks (maybe some exceptions)
Personality: Charlotte is a sweet girl but refuses to tolerate bullying and hates to be pushed around, or ‘used.’ She can be funny and caring, intelligent, stubborn and very sarcastic. Do not get on her bad side and you are good.
Bio: Charlotte Annabel Taylor was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her parents both have well off jobs, life was okay until the economy hit rock bottom. Her mother lost her job, causing her father to get two jobs to support the family. Charlotte wanted to study to become a nurse, and possibly a doctor. She heard the best way for her to get into a University was to attend a top notch high school. That’s where she finds a brochure to Misery High, ends up getting a scholarship. After she digintly studied and worked her best to get excellent grades, and perform in Solo Ensembles for Orchestra. She managed to get twos scholarships for music and Academics. She left her parents, giving them her final goodbyes and began her new life there.

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MiseryHigh & Jamila Jackson © JaxxyLupei
Charlotte Annabel Taylor © me
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Sugoooi... good :aww:
kagstar's avatar
For some reason this pose looks really similar. Did you use a base?
Twilightprincess06's avatar
No. I didn't even recall a base that looks like it.
kagstar's avatar
Hmm, must just remind me of something I've seen.
The-Clockwork-Crow's avatar
Found this in her favorites [link]
The-Clockwork-Crow's avatar
I see she claims she drew it herself still but I HIGHLY suggest doing a lay over just in case.
Twilightprincess06's avatar
The pose took me awhile, I had to keep sketching it over and over until I was satisfied. I'm still not satisfied with that hand. But its the best I have done.
kagstar's avatar
So this didn't help? [link]
Twilightprincess06's avatar
no I drew it on paper. if she looks too close to it I can always redo her. I know the rules, I didn't use a base.
kagstar's avatar
Yeah, the reason that I'm asking is because we don't allow bases.
I suppose since you didn't trace over it, it's okay. But remember to put the link to the original base in your artist comments as a reference.
AstralPhiliac's avatar
She looks good so far! c: Just to make sure, you know how to get into the Misery High chat, right?
Twilightprincess06's avatar
Thank you she took me two days to finish XD; And no I don't know how to get into the chat.
AstralPhiliac's avatar
Oh! There should be a link on the front page, but if you can't find it, just use this!: [link]
Twilightprincess06's avatar
haha yeah Misty helped me.
AstralPhiliac's avatar
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