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Chibi poses reference (chibi base set #9)


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Wolfe x Hag's Cure (CLOSED)

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Little Red RidingHood - Story - Mind-OOF

Lil' red Ridinghood Fanart

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Kaoru x Male|uke

3rd pov: It has been a little over a week, and (Name) had finally gone back home to live with his family once again after a year that he can´t remember, I wasn’t as bad as (Name) had thought it would be, nothing had really changed back in the apartment and his room was like it was when he left, organized and relaxing. Haruhi and the host club had come by every day to talk and make the wait of returning home more bearable, in that time (Name) had talked a lot together with Kaoru and had grown a huge little crush on him. Tamaki had (Name) enrolled into Ouran Academy after hearing how (Name) didn’t want to leave his sister, besides he was really hoping to get him to join the host club. “Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean I haven’t been in school for over a year” (Name) said very nervous, while fixing his tie for the eighteens time that morning. “Don’t worry, you will be fine,” Haruhi said as she took his hand and walked outside “besides you were the smartest person on the whole

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Lord!Prussia x Stable Hand!Reader One shot

Lord!Prussia x Stable Hand!Reader: Be Kind to the Horses! ~ "Ack!" You fell backward in what seemed like slow motion, having been pushed into the water trough by the magnificent black Friesian you were tending to. The beautiful horse belonged to the lord of the household you worked for, and was extremely playful and friendly. Unfortunately for you, he seemed to have a pretty forceful head. "Dammit, Lance!" you cursed under your breath, but you sighed and gave the horse a tired smile. You had been working with animals since you could hold a hoof pick, which was the precise tool you were trying to use on the hyperactive beast. The other sta


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Meme- Shiny Lion


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cake tail pony species!

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[G] Alfie

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