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Published: July 10, 2011

It was a dark night that evening, from what Yllwenn could remember. It was pitch black and none of the stars nor the moon shone through the dark canopy of trees that provided protection from the heavy storm that started hours ago. The wind was savage and covered up the horrible scream that came from the Warden's tent. She shot up like arrow in her small tent, barely colliding with the top of it. She ran her hand over her brown eyes and checked for tears. A few of them had leaked down her cheeks and she quickly wiped them away. She slid her hand to her temple and massaged the headache away as she exited her tent.

    The air was muggy outside of the tent, and very cold with only a thin nightshirt on. Yllwenn walked toward the dead embers of the fire that they had going only a few hours ago. She lifted a stick and poked at an ash that got the fire going just a little when she heard a ruffle from her side. Alistair had switched his position on a log next to the fire and covered himself with a wolf pelt. The dark circles under his eyes were painful to look at, knowing they weren't exactly from darkspawn dreams.

"I thought Leliana was watching tonight?" The Warden said, keeping her eyes on the fire and not Alistair's face. His smile was hard.

"Switch out when I woke up. Couldn't" He belched out a yawn, "sleep." Yllwenn continued picking at the fire, the only thing to do in the tense silence.

"Alistair, could we-" Alistair's mean glare is all it took to cut off Yllwenn.

"Honestly, I really don't want to hear anything you have to say." He replied, standing up to his full height. He stormed away to the fringe of the camp, leaving a pissed off Yllwenn in the camp. She wondered if she has that Nug Crusher in the Backpack.

"Fine," She said to herself, "storm off like a child." She reached into her tent and retrieved a pair of trousers and boots. She pulled them on and stuffed a knife in her left boot. She grabbed her dagger and sword, making as little noise as she could. She side-stepped a passed out Leliana on her way, and stopped quickly before stepping on the lyre next to her. She hopped past and stepped into the thick woods that surround the camp.

Yllwenn only realized when she was about 10 miles from camp that she wasn't all that great with trees. She was, after all, a city girl. Sure, the Vhenadahl  was huge and that but it was only the one tree. Not this labyrinth of creaky branches and loud twigs. And it was not the ideal place to fight darkspawn.

She had gotten that prickly feeling on the back of her neck, the one that usually meant someone was watching her. Alistair had said something about the first few months she wouldn't be able to Sense, and then gradually feel a tingle.

        Then she could smell them, the thick rot of blood, death and taint. They came out like ghost in the night, blades and shields and staves at ready. Yllwenn hesitated behind a tree, just out of view of the Spawn. It was just her out in these woods, and any sort of support she could use was too far. It would be suicide to attack them by herself, but did she have any choice? She retrieved her blade from her boot and glance over her shoulder. A Hurlock  Emissary had anointed itself as leader and was sniffing the air. A bead of sweat ran down Yllwenn's face, who turned back quickly and ready herself like Zevran had told her. Zev...

        The blade flew from her hand and sunk all the way into a Shriek's eye, the darkspawn giving off an unearthly cry that created chaos. The Warden's legs pumped back and forth in the dark earth and her fingers unsheathed her sword. She hid deftly in the shadows and attacked swiftly with a Riposte at a Genlock. It's dying cry alerted the others and sent Yllwenn into a flurry of moves. She sliced a head clean off, amputated a leg, and cut the throat of many darkspawn, but still they kept surging forward. A Genlock Rogue made an attempt at her with a back stab but only got the tip of her shoulders. She felt weary, but they kept coming at her, and any drop in defense would be death. And she was not ready to die.

         She cartwheeled back a few times and grabbed a limb of a tree. She heaved herself up and dodged any arrows sent her way. If she aimed this right, it would guarantee some breathing room. She pulled out a shock bomb from her side pocket, its weight a silent comfort. Her eyes ran over everything, every movement, every blade of grass. Her fingers loosen lightly, her grip looser to aim better. She shook the bomb once, twice....it soared through the air in a slow pace, slow enough for a Genlock archer to send off an arrow that went through the flesh of the Warden's arm.

"Andraste's ass!" Yllwenn cried, clutching her wounded arm as the bomb smashed on the forest floor. The disgusting smell of burning darkspawn filled the air. Lightning shook through each spawn in the perimeter of the bomb and fizzled out blood.

        Yllwenn didn't care about what was happening, because the pain in her arm had become excruciating. She tried to remove the arrow from her forearm before their was any permanent damage. It hurt like a bitch.

        A dash of silver went past Yllwenn from below and her eyes focused on a blond head moving faster than lightning through the spawn. Quick flashes of silver cropped up here and there wherever a darkspawn had fallen. What had originally been left of the twenty darkspawn around her became four as the Assassin slaughtered his way through them.

        Yllwenn was entranced by the display of swiftness, not realizing that the branch she was seated on was losing war with her weight. Creak...Snap. The Warden fell weightlessly through the air. The ground was hard with branches and dirt that made her landing hurt ten times more than it should have.

        Zevran had only snapped his eyes over to her for a moment before seizing the opportunity to hack a Genlock's head off. His foot went high for a kick, tossing the body back and allowing Zev momentum to flip back to where Yllwenn squatted. He eyed her arm.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Couldn't wait for me to catch you, hm?" He teased, gently helping the Warden to her feet. Yllwenn clutched her wounded arm in her hand, applying pressure to stop the bleeding.

"We need to go back to camp. I'll bleed out if we don't hur-" The horrible cry echoed throughout the woods around them, their ears ringing from the sound. Yllwenn only had enough time to reach for her blade before the Shriek Alpha was on Zev. The Darkspawn ended on top after its leap, sinking its claws in Zevran's shoulder. It was quickly tossed off after Zevran's knee came abruptly up. The Shriek was turning itself back to attack when it found a dagger pushed through the middle. The dagger was yanked backed quickly and allowed the Shriek to topple to the ground. Yllwenn stood behind, the bloody dagger still in her hand.

        She sank to her knees as Zevran jotted up to help her. Blood still leaking through her fingers, she let Zevran drag her back to camp.

        When the first rays of the sun shone through the canopy, Yllwenn examined her newly healed arm in front of Wynne.

"Thanks Wynne, I can't tell you how much better that feels." Yllwenn said, running fingers over her smooth skin. Wynne gave her a stern smile.

"Yes, well, it wouldn't have need healing if you hadn't went off by yourself." Wynne scolded, causing Yllwenn to roll her eyes, "Be sure to bring Alistair with you next time. Okay, dear?" Wynne stood up from her spot and went to Leliana to help pack up camp, not realizing Yllwenn was scoffing at her advice. It was Alistair's fault that she went into the woods alone, dammit! As a shadow passed over her, Yllwenn visibly erased any tension in her body as Zevran came to sit with her. He was bare-chested with only a bandage around his upper shoulder from where the Shriek had attacked. The Warden laid her head on his other shoulder and played with his fingers.

"Feeling better, Warden?" He asked, watching as she twiddled with his thumb.

"Much." She said dreamily, making Zevran smile sadly. She looked at him. "Something wrong?" She asked innocently.

"I believe you should talk to Chantry Boy." He confessed, waiting for her reaction. He was reward when she scrunched up her nose at the idea.

"Like that's going to happen." She scoffed.

"Say what you want, but you do care what he thinks." Zevran continued, "And after what happened last night, well, lets say it's not wise for our only two Grey Wardens to hate each other, no?" Zev finished, the scowl increasing on Yllwenn's pretty face. He tugged on her brown hair ponytail.

"Kiss and make up, please, for me?" Zevran gave her a puppy dog look that made Yllwenn squirm.

"Fine! But I'm not kissing him." She sneered, standing up from the log. She could feel her stomach fill with nervous twinges. She exhaled for a brief moment and walk toward Sten and Alistair. Sten was taking the tents apart and Alistair was stuffing them angrily in the pack. Sten eyed him warily. He gave a slight bow to Yllwenn that had Alistair tense up. Sten removed himself from the area to give them space.

"Yes, Yllwenn?" Alistair asked, not bothering to look at her. Yllwenn bit her tongue, praying to Andraste, the Maker or anyone who would listen to help her get through this.

          She bended down next to Alistair and placed her hand on top of his, gesturing to him to give her the tent canvas. He sighed, but reluctantly gives it to her. She smoothed out the canvas and made a folded square with it in only minutes then handed it back to Alistair. He gave her a quick glance with a reluctant smile.

"Thanks." He said, putting the canvas in the bag. Yllwenn clears her throat.

"Can we talk?" She asked, hesitating to continue before seeing his reaction. Alistair sighed again and wiped his face with his hand.

"Sure." He says with a tired smile.  
Part 1 of my art-trade with the lovely :iconsoniacarreras:

Seriously, Yllwenn is like the epitome of all spicy Tabrises in Dragon Age.

I want a nugcrusher.

On a side-note: This didn't take long to write but long to write all of it. I surprised myself by writing 7 pages. Wennie does that you.
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SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist

What can I say? I've found myself re-reading it three or four times before commening and finding new wonderful things to enjoy each time. It has made my morning! The part of Yllwenn falling from the tree and Zev's comment was so them!!! It made me giggle! And I can see the final scene so clear in my head... Thanks!!!! OMG, this has made my Sunday!!!

And thank you so much for the comment... Wennie wouldn't be so special without all the love and support she receives...

(I'm a bit delayed with my own part of art-trades but I hope to post yours soon :blushes:)
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Twilightlover28Student Writer
Take as long as you want, honey. I'm not rushing you.

To be honest, this would have been done much faster if I didn't get stuck at the part you mentioned! I couldn't think of anything good for Zevran to say at that point, and the the catching her part just came to me yesterday. But I'm glad you love it!

How can I not say great things about Wennie?!? She beautiful, cunning and a funny gal. She reminds me of my Mae so much. (except the jealousy and nugcrusher part:giggle:)

Okay, I'm going to be working on the other gift(hint, hint) for you at this moment, so I was wondering if there's anything more on Mage!Yllwenn. I know she spells her name Yllwen and her eyes are blue, but is there anything else you like to add?

Again, I'm glad you love it!
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SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist

Yeah, but I must rush myself. I hate to be late in art-trades, I feel selfish!

You got the right line! I was expecting him to catch her and when she fell to the ground I started to giggle like crazy, because it was the thing which would have happened in real life :)

Well, mage Yllwen is very much like the rogue one, her blue eyes are so due to Lyrium (I want to think they were brown before she went to the Tower, and maybe they would turn brown back after she leaves), and she's not interested on magic at all, she prefers a couple of swords. Since she came to the Tower in her later years, she isn't very attached to people there... She still distrusts humans, so even if she considers Jowan a friend, he's nothing more, and she was very pissed off after what happened with him and Lilly, but not because of jealousy... and she didn't care at all for Cullen.

I never went further than Ostagar in that playthrough, somehow I consider it mixes with the rogue one. And surely as soon as she became a Grey Warden she never spoke about her magic powers at all, she considers herself a rogue and wears and acts like one. Maybe only Duncan knew, and he brought the secret with him to the grave ;). Like.... using magic as a last resource, I think... if that makes sense.
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Twilightlover28Student Writer
Okay, so here's a few questions I wanted to ask:

Did Yllwen's opinion of Duncan change during this playthrough or the same as before?

Would it be okay if I wrote it like she's a Arcane Warrior or would you rather I kept her specializations?

Did she agree to help Jowan out or did she turn him over to Irving?

Should I write about Cullen having a crush on her?

Any info will be appreciated.
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SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist
Let's see...

Duncan: Hard to say, I must admit in the mage origin he's rather nice, but in my head he was also there in the alienage and did the same than in the City elf origin story, then when the templars wanted to carry her away, he said he'd come for her if she survived the Harrowing. Dunno if that makes sense, but since she was quite old, I imagine she passed her Harrowing only a couple of months after she joined the Circle (with very few hopes of surviving, anyway :P)

Arcane Warrior is OK, actually that should have been her first specialization if I had played that far.

Cullen: As you think it fits better the story ;). I guess he did, since he always has a crush on the female warden, but that doesn't affect to her story, or so I think (I wanted to play until she meets him again in the Tower to know what happens but again, never went that far)

Don't hesitate to ask any other doubt :). And to suggest changes... it is a very weak "What if", I know...
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Twilightlover28Student Writer
Thanks! That helps a lot.

Just the three questions now: When Jowan told Yllwen of his plan to escape the tower, did Yllwen help him without any doubt or did she feel comfortable enough to go to Irving and tell him Jowan's plan?

I know Yllwen was not happy about the situation with Jowan and Lily, so when she "reached" Redcliffe and saw him in the dungeon, did she considered helping him again, killed him, or leave him to rot?

And finally, would Yllwen have had a relationship with Alistair or went with Zevran throughout the playthrough?
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SoniaCarrerasHobbyist General Artist
Yllwenn made all the posible questions, but finally helped him without telling to Irving... Even being humans both of them, I think she liked Jowan better ;).

She yelled at him and told him to go.

Romantic relationships are exactly the same than Rogue Yllwenn playthrough :)
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Twilightlover28Student Writer
Thanks! Now I can start on it in more detail.

...Something tells me this will be quite long.
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