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The sentient Equestrian pony, equus sapiens adorabilis, is known for its diversity and expressiveness. Both male and female variants of...

Let's celebrate a true traditional changeling holiday!

I'm not sorry.


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There are some who call me TIM
Artist | Student | Varied
G'day, mares and gentlecolts! I'm just one of the bronies who likes the show, the community and the great things we produce. I particularly like to give feedback and appreciation to artists of the community. I believe that whether you're a maker of pictures, custom figures and other things, music, animation, fiction or whatever else you can think of that doesn't fall into these categories and is related to pony (including good cheer, by simply being a good person), you are contributing to the life of bronydom as a whole, and it is my view that for such things, you should be rewarded with appreciation.

Cherishing our community's creative members is part of being a brony for me. It's something like my creed, and I hope that others will do likewise and give bronydom's active members at least a little bit of helpful feedback and thanks. If you like something, I encourage you to at the very least note what you like about it and relay it to the artist. I know firsthoof how uplifting and helpful it can be.

As part of that, I like to try and contribute to the community through pony-related and art-related word things. You may have seen my (admittedly amateurish) interviews of pony artists appearing on Equestria Daily, or you may have seen me participating in the rather uniquely open, fair discussion-focused and audience-involving podcast of Babble with Bronies (hosted on If you haven't, I strongly encourage you to go out and find them, as they and the people involved in them are both worth your attention.

I'm also trying (and failing) to make things myself. The example of other brony creators is just too inspiring. My artistic skills are not really beyond the doodle-on-scraps-of-paper level, but I want to make things - pony things - nonetheless. Currently it's visual art that is my focus, both in hunting and in producing, and I hope to become better in time, if only to look credible when giving feedback.

Everypony is best pony, but all glory to Twilight Sparkle.

Secondary account serving as a watchlist extension: TwilightIsFriendship. I don't do anything there but that, though, so if you want me for one reason or another, look for me on this one.


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Ty for the birthday wish. ^^
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Happy birthday, friend! I'm so sorry I missed it. I found myself counting the days this year to be sure I wouldn't be late, but of all the rotten luck, I got the stomach flu. I've always appreciated your well-wishes.
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