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Seriously, may it be cooler?
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Homebrew DND race: Basidi
History: Many scholars believe that Basidi are distant descendants of (those mushroom monsters) blah blah backstory.....however if you ask any ancient fey they will tell of a tale of an old faery king over drinking one night and puking on a patch of mushrooms. The puke was magic and caused the mushrooms to gain sentience.  Some dudes are forest guides while others are forest bitches.
Appearance: Humanoid Mushroom
Ability Score Increase: Your Constitution score increases by 2
Age: Unknown
Size: Generally growing as high as 3 feet with a weight of 30 pounds, Basidi are Small.
Speed: 25
Natural Ancestry: Being direct descendants to the original enchanted mushrooms Basidi are the most attuned to the earth as they are able to tap into the mycelium because of this they know the cantrip Druid craft
Camouflage: When you choose this race, choose a favored terrain. As long as you’re in your favored terrain, you can make hide checks as if you had cover.
:icontwilighthomunculus:TwilightHomunculus 0 0
Adoptables Halloween (OPEN) by TwilightHomunculus Adoptables Halloween (OPEN) :icontwilighthomunculus:TwilightHomunculus 4 6
I made these o^o look at them!


Simple Digital Sketch
Size: 1000x1000
Using the Pencil Brush in Autodesk Sketchbook
Only Line Art
Head Shots, Busts, or Full Body
Any color
Any character
Any Simple Pose
White Background
Keep it PG-13
Simple Coloring Character
Head Shot, Bust, Full Body
Any Character
Any Three base colors(For example: I used different shades of the primary colors)
Any Simple Pose
White Background
Keep it PG-13
Line Art
Inked Line art scanned with AutoDesk Sketchbook App
Any Character 
Any Pose
As long as it's PG-13

This is what one thing you could get when I go to cons! Except it's not scanned.
Traditional Colored
Any Character
Done with whatever coloring tools I can find. 

I might add this to my arsenal of commissions offered at cons I'll go to. 
Size: 2000x3000 
Usually Full Body
Any Character
Simple background
Full colors
Note: I will be experimenting with my shading and sometimes even art style but they should stay relatively the same, but expect slight differences than what you see. 

Might take more than a day to complete.


Fairy Vial MYO by mintae-chii Fairy Vial MYO :iconmintae-chii:mintae-chii 124 18 AnnieManga's Doodle Commissions! by AnnieManga AnnieManga's Doodle Commissions! :iconanniemanga:AnnieManga 6 4 Flower crown for doctor Tenma by chernotrav Flower crown for doctor Tenma :iconchernotrav:chernotrav 164 19 s n e k by AlishmcMalish s n e k :iconalishmcmalish:AlishmcMalish 130 6 Flight by toshi13go Flight :icontoshi13go:toshi13go 133 11 Tellurion 171 by MattRhodesArt Tellurion 171 :iconmattrhodesart:MattRhodesArt 225 15 lovely leopard moth (closed by Grimmla lovely leopard moth (closed :icongrimmla:Grimmla 541 25 Pixel Lounge - December Dears! by AxxKat Pixel Lounge - December Dears! :iconaxxkat:AxxKat 65 5 Turid plate armour by Bergholtz Turid plate armour :iconbergholtz:Bergholtz 157 14 Ice Cream Flavor Batch // 4/1 OPEN by riayuun Ice Cream Flavor Batch // 4/1 OPEN :iconriayuun:riayuun 61 25 [c] Heiress of Ice by al-kem-y [c] Heiress of Ice :iconal-kem-y:al-kem-y 179 11
[Open] Experimental Headshots Point Commissions
Pastel Yellow Star Bullet Hello! I'm opening commissions since I want to practice a new style!
Pastel Yellow Star Bullet I'll only be accepting points,
but if you only have paypal, we can negotiate a payment way~ 

Price: 400 Pink Points 


If you are interested please comment or note me with the following: 

Pastel Yellow Star Bullet Character(s): (please provide a link to reference and/or character gallery)
Pastel Yellow Star Bullet Description: (Some description about the character,
 notes about the design and personality of the character.)
Pastel Yellow Star Bullet Please fill the form above.
:iconnicole-melody:nicole-melody 8 2
Commission: Kiyoko Rio by Chopstuff Commission: Kiyoko Rio :iconchopstuff:Chopstuff 157 3 New New commission sheet by Bumcchi New New commission sheet :iconbumcchi:Bumcchi 45 0 Aizawa by AyumiTsuji Aizawa :iconayumitsuji:AyumiTsuji 124 0
Commissions // OPEN
Hi, I'm taking commissions!
Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 
I will do: fanarts // OCs // humans // humanoids // chibis
I won't do: nsfw // furry // anthro // mecha // old people // bara
Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 
My offers 

Pixel Icon: 400 pts / 4$
+ blink animation: 100 pts / 1$

Pixel Fullbody Icon: 300 pts / 3$
+ blink animation: 100 pts / 1$

Headshot: 400 pts / 4$

Halfbody: 600 pts / 6$
Chibi: 500 pts / 5$

Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 
♦ Face animation(excluding icons): 200 pts / 2$
♦ Background: 100-400 pts / 1-4$
(depending on complexity)
Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 
1. -
2. -
3. -
:iconriayuun:riayuun 15 25
I like these! Give them attention if you want.


TwilightHomunculus has started a donation pool!
0 / 2,000
Living on my own for the first time, could use extra cash

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:iconenderphoenix01: :iconreekmaus: :icon1ce-cool: :iconarteraz:



Cool things to happen in 2018:
•I met my best friend
•I finally let go of a broken friendship
•I started going to community college
•I started living on my own
•I came closer to building a squad(something I've wanted for as long as I can remember)
•I joined a club
•I got a minor job
•I made more online friends

Here's to more good things in 2019
My character's Aesthetics 

Liam: Hipster
Riley: Okatu
Kayden: Punk/Goth
Lilith: Neon
Zoe: Pastel
Noct: Hot Topic/Victorian
Ester: Faerie 

I need to draw this....
"hey teacher, If I did this, can I expect these results?"
"no, it souldn't work that way"
*tries it any ways*
"hey teacher...It worked"

Leader: Liam
Lancer: Lilith
Heart: Zoe/Riley
Big Guy/Smart Guy: Kayden and Riley 

The last three are pretty overlapping in their roles lol
i have ideas of updating and improving LAMG which might equal a small hiatus. Don't worry, I wont be resetting the continuity



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Hey there! You have come to the art gallery of a lonely college student who likes designing characters and making crappy jokes. Sometimes I'll even draw a comic about magical girl superheroes fighting fairies and other supernatural creatures in some modern city near the American Pacific Coast.


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so many ideas, so little inspiration

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