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Mama Smiled
Mama Smiled
By: Hillary E.G. Brown
I've always been good with a needle and thread.   
"Mama, it's so good to see you. It's been such a long time, and so much has changed. I've done so many new things. Met so many new people. Seen so many new places..." I trailed off, looking over at her.
Mama smiled.
I continued, "Isn't it wonderful, mama? That man you saw when you came in, he asked me to marry him. Now we'll be together forever." I looked over again.
Mama smiled.
"I've made something of my life, Mama. You see?" I spread my arms and threw back my head dramatically before continuing with a small laugh, "I'm a goddess of the stage now! Remember how you and Papa always said that it wouldn't happen, and that I should be an accountant, or a doctor, or lawyer? Well, look! Here I am! And it's wonderful, Mama. Just like I thought it'd be. You're happy for me, aren't you Mama?"
Mama smiled.
"Oh, I knew you would be! I've always dreamed of this and now my dream's come true! No
:icondark-aerith:Dark-Aerith 3 8
No Tell Motel
No Tell Motel
By: Dark-Aerith
It's raining outside.
That's all that's entered your mind so far.
You're lying on the floor.
It's cold in the apartment, but what can you expect? Crappy place, crappy heating system.
But you're not cold.
That's the next thing you notice.
Then it all hits you at once.
You're not cold because you're lying in something warm.
That warm thing is sticky. Blood. Oh, g-d, it's blood.
It's not yours.
A smile forms on your face.
That's right.
He can't hurt you any more now. You made sure of that, didn't you?
It's a real shame, though. You sigh as you stand up.
He did love you once upon a time, back when life didn't suck.
But that all changed.
It always does.
Life isn't fair and all that hypocritical bull everyone blathers on about.
Your pupils dilate for a moment, as the smell hits your nostrils, and then you're really awake.
You pack a bag of the things you'll need as fast as possible and come back to plant a kiss on his cooling dead lips before yo
:icondark-aerith:Dark-Aerith 1 12
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Kittens are so cute and cuddly!
United States
Current Residence: Florida
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Celtic (Random, I know. XDD), J-pop/rock
Favourite style of art: Semi-realistic style, much akin to Final Fantasy
MP3 player of choice: I don't really have one.
Shell of choice: Eggshells! o_0;
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever is on my desktop
Skin of choice: My -own- skin, thanks.... ¬¬
Favourite cartoon character: Suiseiseki
Personal Quote: Procrastinate now. Don't put it off.
  • Listening to: Random assortments of Rock
  • Reading: on MMOs and TONS of schoolwork
  • Drinking: Tea, but of course!
Mmmm, so much to say. I'm sorry for not updating my account in god-knows-how-long. I have been drawing a LOT, despite my lack of dA pieces. I've also been expanding my art to website design, avatar/signature things, music videos, sewing, and the like. I'm also writing a blog on clerics/healing classes in MMOs called Buff Me, Bitch!, which can be found here I really appreciate comments, opinions and the like, so feel free to check it out! (There are also links to my Facebook and Twitter pages for BMB! so you can check those out as well.)

To everyone who's been favoriting/looking at/commenting on my pieces over the last year or so, thank you so much! I responded to all the comments and some of the favorites/activity messages but a lot of them are from several months ago, so it feels strange to say "thank you" so late. So I say "thank you" to everyone here, instead!

I'm also working on graduating from college this year. It's scary. And a LOT of work. @_@ Sometimes too much. I think once I graduate, I'll definitely be able to keep up with dA, though, and start submitting regularly again. It'll be fun to see how much my art has changed since I last submitted.

Thanks to everyone, again. You guys are awesome. :D


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