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Daenerys Stormborn

I redid this piece this year.
This was before Game of Thrones was on TV, so I based her look off the book description, after she had won a few battles, hence the bells in her hair.  It was a lot of fun to paint.  
Reference from: :iconrammkitty-stock:
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I'm sad I missed this when you posted it. Very pretty!♥
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Thank you. =) I'm glad you were able to see it since I reuploaded it here. =D
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This is beautiful! The lighting is spot on, it looks very organic, and I like how you did that subtle pattern on her dress.
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Thank you. :) I fixed some of the lighting issues from last time.
Part of me wants to paint more characters from ASoIaF. Have you read it yet?
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I haven't read or watched game of thrones yet, but I'd definitely say the imagination can come up with a more realistic and interesting character than just drawing the actress. Good work.
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Thank you. :) This was a few years before Game of Thrones came out and I agree, it's more fun to imagine the character than to base it off an actor.
I like the actress but they did age her up a bit, for obvious reasons hehe.
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wonderful work! excellent highlight on her left side of the face (beautiful realistic shine to her eyes too)
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Thank you. It was fun to do. :)
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welcomes :D it should be fun right? i've hit another point where art hasn't been so fun for me... hopefully i get re-started again soon... :faint:
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