Team Maintenance - Task Researcher 2

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    Ella blushed at the fact that she was in the presence of Solstice, the cute Swoobat Guild leader of the Researcher guild….or at least Ella thought that she was so cute-looking. Nonetheless, she needed to concentrate on the task at hand. Solstice needed to do some paperwork and required assistance in performing the task quickly and efficiently. So, the two used their psychic abilities to perform double the work that one psychic could perform. Glitch assisted by carrying the stacks of those finished paperwork and organizing them into their appropriate piles.

    But there was more. Once in a while, Ella used Helping Hand on the Swoobat, stimulating her mental prowess enough and provides a boost in making speedy work on the documents. Solstice was grateful for the Espeon and her cooperative move. Ella smiled at her before she returned to her own work load, trying to block out the strain that was building in her, mentally. Just recently evolved and, already, she’s been putting her psychic powers to such lengths. First it was the Snorlax that she and Glitch had to get out of Archimedes’ lab. She managed to rest up after they were done with the task but she felt just a bit of soreness. Now, here she was, not only using her abilities once more to such strenuous levels, but she’s putting in more effort by using Helping Hand, furthering her mental strain.

    Still, for one thing, she had to keep going. She understood that she just had to keep going until the job was done. It would be a matter of time, after all, until all the paperwork are done since they had Glitch transporting and organizing the stacks of paper and there were two psychic Pokemon at work. There wasn’t quite a particular reason as to why she had to keep going but…she resolved to help those around her whenever she can…And she intended to do just that…After all…it just felt natural. She just simply loved to help people and there was nothing more complex to it…

    Plus, it made her heart flutter whenever she turned herself around to use Helping Hand on Solstice. The Espeon would feel her heart leaped with joy when, occasionally, the Swoobat lifted her head up toward her way, after feeling the beginning effects of Helping Hand, and smiled at her. She couldn’t help but watch her with adoration, especially the way when the Courting Pokemon’s tongue would stick out as she concentrated in utilizing her boosted abilities onto her work.

    The Espeon lets out a sigh as she would then return to her work. Solstice…She’s such a pretty bat…

Reward Chosen: DIY Handbook

Team Maintenance

Solstice really is a pretty, cute bat... I don't blame Ella V/w/V

Ella: >/w/< ~
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