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    What an opportunity! Alexander’s errand made it possible for Ella to learn more about her Porygon2 friend, Glitch. It would’ve been easy to just ask him just for herself but she figured that there’ll be others who’ll wish to talk to Glitch as well. So, she decided to join with the others teams, who also had their own automated Pokemon in their ranks, to set up stalls inside the Researcher’s guild so that other Pokemon may come in to ask away! Adjusting her glasses, she was ready to take down notes with her clipboard and her pen in front of her.

    Team Maintenance met, first, with Team Spiritfire, a Lucario named Luca and a Charmeleon named Chaz, who were familiar faces to the Espeon. Then she met with Team Im Paranoid, a sweet and cute-looking Numel named Mimea and a Hoothoot named Oliver. Not only did she found the conversation with Oliver stimulating, but the tea that Mimea made provided a nice little short break before she met with the next one. Sure enough, after some minutes of having finished the tea and she and Glitch cleaned up the area, a lone Lucario named Gomez, from Dawnheart, came by too. The conversation, like with the past two teams, also provided more insights on her friend…

    Eventually, she decided to close up the stall for the day. She takes the time to look over her notes:


    -          Has no memory saved for having come from the fog and afterwards

    -          Organic Pokemon, mechanical, program, or something?

    -          No records available over how any damages look if he gets hurt

    -          Seems to possess no hobbies, desires, or passions saved for his objective to regain his memories

    -          Does not appear to need sleep, nourishments, or beverages

    -          Unknown how Subject handles being submerged in water of any form

    -          Can only record those he has come into vicinity with

    -          Possess a strong sense of self-awareness

    -          Oliver suggested that there may be a chip within the Subject. Very probable possibility

    -          A mechanism or some force may be at work that allows him to float

    -          Subject claims that he does not possess “something within himself” that would personalize his behavior and alter his processes speed. It is speculated that this could involve a chip or a program. It is also unknown if his current behavior and manner of speaking is his personality…

Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

Time of date that Errand Task is completed by Team Maintenance: 07/22/14

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Cameo Appearance: Team Spiritfire | Team Dawnheart | Team Im Paranoid

Woot~ Busy busy, Team Maintenance was... Heh...
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