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$12 commission for :iconhelloheath: of her unicorn mare Thalessa! I have more pre-approved commissions in my stash, don't know if I should spam y'all or not.
Also, finally have days off, so working on the rest of the commissions today. Hopefully the lines for them will be finished at least.

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Beautiful!! and those colors...:love:
love your work!! :nod:
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So very pretty. I love the elegance of your poses. The shading is almost pearlescent. So nice!
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This is such stunning work, like you always manage to pump out so effortlessly. I loooove that fiery mane against the cremello, almost pearly coat. Gorgeous work, sweets :heart:
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I thought it was Ses at first.
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Is Ses one of your characters?
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No, this is Ses: [link] She's from the Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce. It's a fantastic and well written series and I think you'd enjoy it if you haven't already.
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This came out lovely! And yes please spam us with more!!! :-)
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Oh my Gawd! What a wonderful picture! :love: I just adore the way you draw unicorns :heart:
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Thank you, doll! :hug:
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This looks so gorgeous! :love: can't tell you how much I like the way you draw hair. xD
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Really? Well I'm so glad you like it!! :heart:
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yes spam us plz!
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Your art makes me so happy! Also makes me insanely jealous of your skillzzz.
Do you take design commissions for unicorns, by chance?
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Thank you so much. :hug: I definitely could! Although I've never done it before, but I would just make a design right? I love making designs. ^_^ But my commissions are on hold at the moment, but I could do it when they open up again if you want?
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Sure! Just note me whenever you can!
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Very beautiful. I love your coloring style, it's really amazing.
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Thank you so much!

And nice signature! I love that series. :heart:
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You're very welcome. And thank you I love the Infernal Devices so much.
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Same! Now I gotta ask...Will or Jem?
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