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I’ve decided that I should compile a song list for Alice! It’s mostly heavy music with some sadness...

Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men

Rewrite the Stars- Zac Efron and Zendaya

The A Team- Ed Sheeran

Alone- Bruno Coulais

Arms- Christina Perri

At the Beginning- Richard Marx and Donna Lewis

Bleeding Out- Imagine Dragons

Breaking Down- Florence + The Machine

Burial- Danny Elfman and Deborah Lurie

Carol of the Bells- John Williams

Castle on a Cloud- Isabelle Allen

Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol

Come Home- One Republic

Conceal, Don’t Feel- Christophe Beck

Control- Halsey

Cosmic Love- Florence + The Machine

The Crystal Chamber- James Newton Howard

Crystal Chimes- Nox Arcana

Crystal Kingdom- Nox Arcana

Demons- Imagine Dragons

Don’t Hold Your Breath- Nicole Scherzinger

Don’t Let Me Down (feat Daya)- The Chainsmokers

Enchanted Realm- Nox Arcana

Even God Must Get the Blues- Jo Dee Messina

Frozen Memories- Nox Arcana

Haunted- Evanescence

Here Comes a Thought- Estelle & AJ Michalka

Holdin’ Out- The Lumineers

I Dreamed a Dream- Anne Hathaway

I May Fall (feat Casey Lee Williams)- Jeff Williams

Into the Open Air- Julie Fowlis

It’s Time- Imagine Dragons

Let It Go- Idina Mendel

Let It Go- The Piano Guys

Let It Go- Jun Sung Ahn

The Longest Night- Nox Arcana

Magic and Moonlight- Nox Arcana

Mirror Mirror (feat Casey Lee Williams)- Jeff Williams

Moon Dance- Danny Elfman

My Immortal- Evanescence

Only If For a Night- Florence + The Machine

Pearl- Katy Perry

Rainbow- Sia

Red Like Roses Pt 2 (feat Casey Lee Williams)- Jeff Williams

Season of Wonder- Nox Arcana

Serenity- Nox Arcana

Solstice Dance- Nox Arcana

Sorcery- Christophe Beck

Starlight Serenade- Nox Arcana

Swam Lake Theme

This Is Me- Keala Settle & The Greatest Showman Ensemble

Time Slips Away- Nox Arcana

Time to Say Goodbye (feat Casey Lee Williams)- Jeff Williams

Tourniquet- Evanescence

Unconditionally- Katy Perry

Vuelie (feat Cantus)- Frode Fjellheim & Christophe Beck

The White Queen- Nox Arcana

Winter Rhapsody- Nox Arcana
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This is a list of songs that I’ve compiled that I always hear whenever I’m thinking and writing Twyla.

All This and Heaven Too- Florence + The Machine

Between Two Lungs- Florence + The Machine

Bleeding Out- Imagine Dragons

Blinding- Florence + The Machine

Breath of Life- Florence + The Machine

Broken Glass- Rachel Platten

Coming Back Around- John Powell

Dog Days Are Over- Florence + The Machine

Fairy Dance- James Newton Howard

Forbidden Friendship- John Powell

Heartlines- Florence + The Machine

Here Comes a Thought- Estelle and AJ Michalka

Here I Am- Bryan Adams and Hans Zimmer

Holdin’ Out- The Lumineers

How Far I’ll Go- Auli’i Cravalho

How Far I’ll Go (Reprise)- Auli’i Cravalho

Howl- Florence + The Machine

I Am Moana- Rachel House and Auli’i Cravalho

I Do Believe In Fairies- James Newton Howard

I May Fall (feat. Casey Lee Williams)- Jeff Williams

I Will Always Return (Finale)- Bryan Adams

Into the Open Air- Julie Fowlis

It’s Time- Imagine Dragons

Know Who You Are- Auli’i Cravalho

Learn Me Right- Birdy & Mumford & Sons

Let It Go- Demi Lovato

Let It Grow (Celebrate the World)- Ester Dean

Little Solider- Lilly Allen

Logo Te Pate- Olivia Foa’i, Opetaia Foa’i, & Talaga Steve Sale

Merida Rides Away- Patrick Doyle

Merida’s Home- Patrick Doyle

The Monster (feat. Rihanna)- Eminem

New Tail- John Powell

No Hay 2 Sin 3 (Gol) [feat. Davíd Bisbal]- Cali y El Dandee

On My Way- Phil Collins

Part of the Pack- Adrian von Ziegler

Rainbow- Sia

Roar- Katy Perry

Romantic Flight- John Powell

Run Free- Hans Zimmer

Shake It Out- Florence + The Machine 

See You Tomorrow- John Powell

Shine Your Way- Owl City & Yuna

Sticks and Stones- Jónsi

Te Fiti Restored- Mark Mancina & Opetaia Foa’i

Test Drive- John Powell

This Will Be The Day (feat. Casey Lee Williams)- Jeff Williams

Tír na nÓg (feat. Oonagh)- Celtic Woman

Third Eye- Florence + The Machine 

Touch the Sky- Julie Fowlis

Transformation- Bulgarian Women’s Orchestra

Try Everything- Shakira

Unconditionally- Katy Perry

The Voice- Celtic Woman

Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)- Shakira

We Know the Way- Opetaia Foa’i & Lin-Manuel Miranda

We Know the Way (Finale)- Opetaia Foa’i & Lin-Manuel Miranda

We’ve Both Changed- Patrick Doyle

Where No One Goes- John Powell & Jónsi

Where’s Hiccup- John Powell

Young Volcanoes- Fall Out Boy

Rain- Hans Zimmer
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And I'm back at it again with a small list of facts about my little bean, Twyla! I'm sorry I haven't been posting much as of late and have been answering comments mostly. It's crunch time for grades in college and I've been devoting much of my time to studying and review. ^^; But I managed to find time to compile a short list of facts about Twyla! 

1.) Twyla is the youngest out of the Elemental Angels. She is 5 years old, quite the drastic age difference as the others are either 19, 20, or 21.

2.) Twyla is the Elemental Angel of Life. And by 'Life', I mean the Earth and all it's creatures (not including humans). She has the ability to control, create, and kill any plant, animal, insect, or fungus. It may sound over powered for a small child, but she has yet to tap into that vast power. Right now, her powers are limited to comforting animals, healing plants/animals, and having small plants grow and move about.

3.) Like the other Elemental Angels, Twyla has markings. Her's a vibrant green markings that are shaped like vines. These markings stretch over her entire body, save her neck and head. So from her shoulders to her toes, are where the markings are.

4.) Twyla has heterochromia, or two different colored eyes. Her left eye is a bright green and her right eye is an earthy brown. This was also a side effect of being an Elemental Angel of Life. They usually have heterochromia eyes that are green and brown. But they are not to be confused with hazel eyes.

5.) Twyla has a deep connection with animals, often being able to understand them as though they speak in her first language (English). This is a plus side to her species of Angel. All the other Elemental Angels of Life were able to understand the animals they encountered in their native tongues. 

6.) Twyla's first stuffed animal that has been with her since she was a tiny baby was a stuffed animal lion whom she affectionately named Leo, as that was the name she saw fit for him.

7.) Twyla's hair is the longest out of all the Elemental Angels, it reaches all the way down to her feet. It's always growing as she grows. In other words, it is a long as she is tall. And she FORBIDS it to be cut! It's her 'mane', like a lion's mane! And cutting a lion's treasured mane is like taking aware their pride and will to live!

8.) Twyla has yet to grow her wings... but when she does... it may be the tiniest bit painful...
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  • Listening to: The Greatest Showman soundtrack
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I think it’s a pretty cool design! But I will sourly miss his original...
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That moment when you find out Charlie from Hazbin Hotel is the Princess of Hell...

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Happy Easter everyone!!!! And Happy April Fools Day! And a happy day to find out that the Hazbin Hotel trailer will be dropping this month!!!!! Get excited everyone!!!!!
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Apparently Alastor from Hazbin Hotel is allergic to bees...

Beware the demon insects that fly and sting, you masochist, sadistic, cannibalistic buck...
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I liked doing Melody’s so much so I decided to do one for Alice!!!

Reference for Alice is here:…

8 Facts About Alice

1.) Alice is the Elemental Angel of Ice. This means she can create ice with her thoughts and channel the power through her hands and sometimes feet.

2.) Alice was born with Oculocutaneous Albinism (OCA) more specifically OCA1a that has affected her to be dead pale, have pure white hair and have bright pink eyes. It’s a side affect from being an Elemental Angel of Ice, as every Ice Elemental Angel was born with one form of albinism from their powers.

2.5.) Despite this, Alice has no trouble seeing anything. She sees everything in perfect 20/20  vision if not a little sharper. Normal albinos usually have eye problems and require glasses.

3.) Alice’s markings did not appear when she used her powers for the first time. Her markings are actually the scars that decorate her entire body, save her hands, feet and face.

4.) Alice received this scars from the 13 years of torture she suffered under by her own mother. Her mother claimed her powers to be “demonic” and proclaimed her a demon spawn, locking her away since she was 6 years old in the basement of the house.

5.) All if the scars were made from whip slashes, knife cuts and stabs, pieces of glass and abrasions from physical assaults by her mother.

5.5.) Out of anywhere on her body, the most horrific and almost impossible to gaze upon are the ones on her back. Since her mother whipped her for the most minute transgression, her back has been mutilated, layer upon layer of scars cover her back.

6.) Twin scars going vertically down Alice’s back were her final wounds she had inflicted upon her.

6.5.) Cruelly ironic, these two scars are where her wings form from. The cruel and ironic part was that they were to mean that she was no angel and that it solidified the notion that she was a filthy hell-spawn with unholy powers to freeze all she touched.

7.) She didn’t die when she was trapped in the basement because her wounds would heal overnight and killed any to all infections she would have otherwise received. One of the big plus sides to being and Angel.

8.) Alice’s birthday falls on the Winter Solstice, one of her favorite days not just for her birthday, but because it’s the night she can go out the earliest and stay outside the longest.

Tagging no one because this was fun!!!

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1.) Melody is the oldest one out of my group of Elemental Angels. While most everyone else is around the age of 19, she is 21 years old.

2.) Melody’s power is fire and heat. She can create fire with a single thought and channel it through her hands and the environment around her. It’s the hardest element to control for Elemental Angels for its destructive, uncontrollable nature.

3.) She unlocked her powers when her twin brother, Malcolm, tried to drown her in a lake when they were both 5 years old. The result was her unleashing a huge fire tornado (like the one in The Prince of Egypt) and drying up the lake completely. It was also the time she got her markings. 

3.5.) For some Elemental Angels, when they receive their markings, it’s often painless. It would be like having a paintbrush draw on their skin. But for others it’s agonizingly painful. For Melody, it was as if someone jabbed a poker in the core of the sun and trailed it across her skin. She screamed herself hoarse from the pain.

4.) Like all Elemental Angels, Melody has markings on her body. Her markings are delicately drawn black lines that stretch from her back (the lines of her back are drawn in the shape of fire like wings) and spread over her shoulders and back of her neck to near her ear (the lines are sometimes mistaken for hair) and down her legs. The grace of which they were drawn is much like a Japanese painter.

4.5.) Melody’s wings are massive when full spread, they’re the size of the Empire State Building. But most of the time, when she wants to spread them, she portrays them to be about as big as she is (5’11”)

5.) When angry or emotional, the black lines glow like magma and sometimes small fire, like candles, that are in the room burst into flames. Other than that, the lines are as black as an ash cloud.

6.) Melody’s father was White American and her mother was half-Japanese (think like Mikasa from AOT). In such, Melody knows how to speak a bit of Japanese, although English is her first language.

7.) Melody was trained by her mother and father to use every type of sword in the world. From playfully sword playing with her parents at a young age to being in championship fencing tournaments by the time she was in middle school, she’s grown to be an expert swordsman and a valiant opponent. 

8.) Although she despises her brother with a burning passion (he’s a demon of wrath, hence why he tried to kill her as she’s a holy being), she won’t kill him. He’s still her brother, for better or worse.

I now tag:





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To anybody reading this, have a lovely and happy day for love, whether or not it is with family members, friends, or a significant other! It’s a day for love that you have and share with all those close to you! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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I was browsing the internet for 9 movie related things one day after watching the movie 9 and come across this:

Posted January 20th, 2017 at 11:38 pm. 

Could it be?! Is it coming back after 8 years of silence?

Could the 9 movie be coming back from the ashes?
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Hello, Twilight-Na here to introduce her own FanFiction review!

The story I'll be reviewing today is one of my person favorites. My number one choice, if you will. The best 9 related story I've every read- and had microscopic editing in- is GRACEPUNK by :iconqille: 

Now this story is very interesting. It's a mash up of two different elements: Graceling and the movie 9. Two stories that no one would really think could possibly be good. But Qille thought it up and so the 18 chapter story was created. It took over two years to finish, but by God is was amazing. 

First off, the entire idea of her own vision of a 9 universe where all the characters are now Gracelings. And they aren't labeled by number now. They each have a name with meaning and purpose carefully selected by Qille. While 9 was in a setting where there are no humans, everyone in this story is a human... or at least partly human. They all have the limitations of humans, human emotions, but also have different abilities that are meaningful to themselves. They all can suffer human injuries, sicknesses, and have backstories that defined them. It opens up a whole new frontier because we don't know what will happen next. We see characters get tortured and get deathly sick and we're on the edge of our seats! Several characters nearly die and we all hold in waited breath to see if they make it! Qille threw in such great plot twists and story structure that it was very hard to not get addicted to this universe of 9.

Another thing that makes this story so unique is that Qille made each character with a certain personality. While the Stitchpunks were pieces of the Scientists' soul, each representing some part of him, the Gracepunks and Gracebeasts all had certain events lead up to their present personality. They all have a personality unique and different from the movie. In the movie, a lot of the characters personalities were either explained by someone else or experienced. Hell, the Beasts were just machines with animal like appearances. But now, we have good guys and bad guys with personalities we can understand as humans. One of my personal favorite characters is Warren, who portrayed the Winged Beast. In the movie, the Winged Beast was simply sent out to capture the Stitchpunks and ultimately died. It had no personality and had a rather abrupt death. In Gracepunk, he's a good guy being held prisoner by the bad guys. He was raised by them, trained by them and was tortured more than once for certain things. He's forced to help them or he could be killed. Hell, in the original draft of the story, he died in chapter 8. Yet he didn't. But, then again, that was me intervening and making a character (Icy/Alice) to introduce as a minor character with a bigger hidden purpose that ultimately saved him from dying off. But, do you see what I mean? I personally got so attached to ONE character enough that I didn't want him to die. Hell, I knew he wouldn't die, but that still didn't stop me from worrying for his life and what would happen to him next. Everyone else who has read the story has a specific character they got attached to and wanted to protect from death. And even after three years, I still get anxious and worried about them when I reread the story. 

Another thing is that Qille did such a good job following the 9 story and yet adding more story elements to make it better than the movie in my opinion. What little we had of the Stitchpunks from 9 now changed. We had Christopher the total prick who had a good reason to be one; James the widower, who was still upset over the death of his family, yet still had the ability to smile; Sam and Erika, the twins who's small amount of story time was well thought out; Ben the anxious, ADD healer of the group who's such a lovable dork; Caleb, the sassy, sarcastic little shit who's abilities are killing him, yet he still finds room to be such a sassy shit; Jen the protective sister of Caleb who's soft to those she let into her heart after so much hurt and death in her and her brothers' lives; Josh the lumbering giant who's tough exterior hides his softness; and Andrew, the pyrokenetic who nearly sacrificed his life to save his friends multiple times in the story and was the savior of the group.

I hope in the future, we see more of the Gracepunks and whatever is left of the Gracebeasts in the the sequel stories. 

Let me know if I should add anything else to this! This was my first time and I was so nervous typing it out because I don't know if Qille will kill me or not. 

I've been such a pestering bitch....

Until next time, lovies!!!

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I love my new journal skin

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 9:54 AM
So it's free premium membership day and I'm happy I found this journal skin. After all, I love 9. Just want to get some things off my chest.

Currently it's spring break where I live and my sister has come to visit is. And right now I patently wait Fro everyone to wake up to I can eat with people.

In other news, my art and literature are coming so, seeing as I'm cramped with school work and life. Bit when summer vacations rolls around I'll be writing more stories. Have no fear, I can't leave characters and viewers hanging. ^^ Anyway, I'm still getting overt dog, Hershey, passing and it's been a rough few months. So let's say I've got a reason to hate February 28th now. My family is looking to get another dog, preferable another chocolate lab or a German shepherd. But until then, we'll let the wounds heal and mend. 

In other news, I'm going to focus a bit more of my math, science, and Spanish, seeing as I've got low F's in them. So no art or writing until I've gotten them to a  C or B. 

Getting past depressing things, I'll probably be not swimming next year so I'll be writing up a storm of stories next year after I do homework of course. 

And of course, spending time with my older sister is going to be fun!

See ya later!


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The best I've seen!…………

Qille nd other fangirls get ready to blow your mind.
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