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SPN: Touched by an Angel
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Published: October 6, 2008
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:iconangelwingleftplz:SUPERNATURAL SEASON FOUR SPOILERS!!:iconangelwingrightplz:

Everybody gets to be OOC in this one!! Wooooo!! XDD Well, except maybe for Sam. He did want to be a lawyer before his life was screwed up in the first episode after all. That makes this all the more funny. *laughs at victimized Dean face* Hahahaha. So unlike him.

Yes, this was inspired by that episode of Family Guy or whatever where they make fun of the show Touched by an Angel (a series about angels helping people, in case you didn't know) by turning it into a sexual assault case. I probably could have gone the same direction with this, but I'm most likely already due a random smiting as it is...:paranoid: Plus, Castiel really did touch Dean on the shoulder...hard. :XD: >>>>>[link]

I think this one looks a little more like Castiel. Getting closer!! =3=

Dude!! This past week's episode- 'In the Beginning'- was SO FRICKIN AWESOME!! Such a good episode!! :heart: Haha, I especially like when Dean woke up and Castiel was sitting on the bed next to him. "Hello Dean. What were you dreaming about?" Hahahahaha. :lmao: And then in the end, when Dean was so sad that he couldn't stop her from making the deal in time and you can hear Castiel fly up and then you see him put his hand on Dean's shoulder to comfort him. Squee!! I love it!! >3<

Castiel, Sam, Dean (c) Supernatural
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Sam looks like a Phoenix Wright character.
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ArtisticPawz|Student General Artist
This is so cute!
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zombiecop88's avatar
dont ruin a great show like touched with an angel with stupid jokes like this.
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TheAngelOfTheLord's avatar
TheAngelOfTheLord|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How about this? Gtfo.
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Sanna-Slytherin's avatar
Yeah, I keep thinking, which arm is it supposed to be on?
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FlamingMist's avatar
FlamingMist|Hobbyist General Artist
OBJECTION *wild phinex wright appears*
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SGT-Stories's avatar
This... this is... so... so perfect...
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Fiver25|Hobbyist General Artist
*sobs* he touched me on the shoulder! 
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AterImber|Professional Writer
Omg! In the court room! Love it! Love how defensive Cas is. Adorable.
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WolfieGrrrl's avatar
WolfieGrrrl|Student Traditional Artist
Aw~! I can't get over how adorable that is. ^_^

Their expressions are too perfect. =P Fabulous job!
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Kaamoshukka's avatar
This is AWESOME<3
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GoulartAlves's avatar
GoulartAlves|Student Digital Artist
oh dear he touched you?
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PhoebeHolmes12's avatar
I love this omg
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apocalyxtic98|Student Digital Artist
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brambleclaw23|Hobbyist Artist
so cute poor cas lol!
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randomise42|Hobbyist Writer
Haha, I love this :iconnawwplz: Is it sad that all I can think of is how cute sam looks in that suit... :iconshiftyplz:
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Nenja-Black's avatar
Nenja-Black|Student Digital Artist
I love this. ^_^
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Wishshecouldraw0829's avatar
Aww poor Dean, being victimized like that ahahahha, awesome i love it!
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konekonekonaito's avatar
konekonekonaito|Hobbyist General Artist
I love your work! :heart:
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ApolloSunborne's avatar
Soooo in the satire-drama style of supernatural *faints; wakes many hours later, faints again...* I can see it now...."Law & Order: VAU; Victims of Angels Unit"
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Twilight-Deviant's avatar
Hmm... Yep. I'd watch that show. XD

Also, um. Please don't use my artwork for your icon. ^^; Thanks~
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