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to be continued

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i need to get away. as i lay in bed today i think about who i am and who i will be. today i dreamt of a girl. never told her my thoughts. ive had so few words with her..but i feel so strongly......she will never know...i wish to confess my love....but then...i wake up. that is my life. alot of mistakes and alot of disappointments. ive no one to be with. ive no thoughts to be happy with. so i slink back toward my hole and wonder. i must relook life. i must figure things out. im not the most depresed person also not the happiest...i will be back....maybe in a few days maybe weeks. until then take care all and dont forget me.

this is for


to those not listed if you have ever cared and cared enough to let me know i care for you too...i havent forgotten you. take care all. see in shadows.
-travis - twigs-

"at times i feel my place is empty
it looks as though i never met me
but my smile does only show one side of me"
lost prophets - for sure
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that is a pretty gagnormonous bummer- hope you find what you're looking for.
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What you wrote in the description made me think. It's very heartfelt. I agree with Zzaga, art is a great way to express emotion. Art with emotion in it is really the best. Always express yourself as you know how. You can always get support from those who care for you. I hope you feel better (if you don't already).
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Hey... I dont know you and you dont know me. But i've seen your art and its AWESOME. Times can be hard. Extreamly hard. I Hope that things will get better for you.
Best wishes,
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hope everything's fine so that you can come back again with the awesome work you got us used to :) (Smile)

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take care, buddy.
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ooooooh, :( (Sad) :( (Sad) ill miss uuu! hope to see you back on soon! you need the rest..hope it doesnt last too long >_O :( (Sad) Hug
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that is such a sad looking drawing :( (Sad)
hope you have a good break, and come back in due time all nice and refreshed ready to dazzle us once again :) (Smile)
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ur leaving? Sniff Thanku for sharing all your wonderful art with us. U have a great talent. Heart
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Hug i'll miss you... feel better... Hug
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travis. if you leave me here without anymore of ur mad pieces of art. i will definately NOT be happy. *pout* live it up luv. we only get one shot at life. come back fresh, new, and with more smiles on that face. come back with more ideas and more eyecandy too =p (Razz)

remember, there's always someone loving ur workPoint Right Point Right apparently neurotic Crazy
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This is so great!!

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i simply love this one. you've really expressed your emotions into it.
this actually inspires me and i'm liking that stick figure.
hope that you start feeling better,
just let all the bullsh*t pass.
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hmm...i think a bug crawled up bollock's ass... anyway, even though i don't know you, i've checked out quite of few of your things and i must say, you are great and worthy of my deviantwatch. i'm going to add you so i'll know when you make your "return" and i hope things work out for the best.
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*snifff*.... ones realy evil.
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*awkward pause*
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alright what the fuck is this.......
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hi there. i've only come across your gallery here a few days ago but absolutely adore your work. i love this sketch, it's very simple but beautiful and touching. i hope you feel better soon, and keep up the great work. :) (Smile)
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this is simple but nice.... very nice
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this reminds me of my little sisters drawings :) (Smile)
she's 7

interesting sketch
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*neeps* Hug Good luck - and it's a very good sketch...
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Welcome to the depressed guy's club. Your complementary beverage tins and bathrobe will be handed out in the main entrance. I'm your host, rsdl, and on behalf of all our depressed members, we hope that you enjoy yourself.

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This is so great. I feel the same way :( (Sad)
Love it!!
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