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Things-Not-Seen is a group that's open to all types of artists and mediums with its main focus being around "things not seen". This basically means that our art is focused on the things that we don't normally see everyday. We're looking for art that is original, unusual, striking, outlandish, strange, interesting, out of the ordinary. And, as always, the quality of your work is important.
This group is open to all skill/experience levels.

I've put together a feature with some of Things-Not-Seen's best pieces. If you'd like to see more, feel free to watch us.
Enjoy. =)

Misty deerthing by Spyrre Gliding dragon by Spyrre Egg Shell by micar4 Whale Tail by Ler-ac Thief's Highway by Wrayven behemoth n moonlight sonatha by Ler-ac Sea breeze by ferdicamacho Portrait of a mosquito by jopeli

Artisan Crafts
Bubble chameleon by Azach Three Seasons Journal by MadeleiZoo High Heel Figurine by Verusca Recycled Orange Lily Duo 2 by Christine-Eige Phoenix by blackcurrantjewelry Day and Night Peep Plush by P-isfor-Plushes Recycled innertube purse 3 by Lioness123 Purple Summer Embrace by Saartj1e Egg by NieMamSerca Diamante by Sliceofcake

Cartoons and Comics
Let the games begin by lilblondezombie quiet as a mouse by Loopydave Simpsons Scream by inspirational-dreams Mosquito by Lilian-art Banana Fury by poison-is-my-koolaid I'm A Rabbit by Skia Lifehouse lyrics by Foxmaker :thumb139354548: Alice is not herself. by LillianLai

la pwn llama by ande-art Llama Rampage by KinnisonArc Apple Fruit Logo by Svengraph streamline by ladyrapid Grabstract WP by GrungeTV Reckless Impatience by evilhomer145 Whats the point? by pete-aeiko :thumb139817683: Bounce together by Droneguard eye am a green fairy by ftourini

Designs and Interfaces
:thumb162245786: Essence of Life by Lukay7 Full of trash by KarimFakhoury KAREN O T-SHIRT by lora-zombie my city by soma25 C2 advocacy ad. by bluzero8 3 branch Sakura tat commission by yuumei 'Carmen' Door Detail by DGolden :thumb159525685: Zombie Typeface by Chibifoxxylady

deviantART Related
brushstroke II by fudaryli The Day The Clown Cried by SebastienTabuteaud The Witch by ValentinaKallias .shot. by Dyemelikeasunset July ID by mynti ..C.. by curlytops Theft was not a good idea... by DameOdessa control by Spiritofdarkness Mouse by Anelu On fire by ImmortalAmour

Digital Art
:thumb169672326: No longer frigntened by delira Spiral Torture by belez :thumb161091738: Eater of the path by vimark passing through by chuckometti Experiment 05 by Aledin a beautiful emptiness by ultradialectics Fishing for Apples by saperlipop Balance by incisler

Fan Art
Paul Booth Delusions by soularising Com: Moon Goddess Selenity by shirua Taking_Tea_In_Wonderland by AngelusNoir Sailor Jupiter by shideh :thumb149844953: :thumb158617130: Right there all along by FugueState OP- Luffy Usopp Chopper by Amandine-f Mermaid Tia by elixirXsczjX13

Film and Animation


:thumb168389335: Old MemoirsI am not left behind.
I am not forgotten.
I am unmentioned
I am silently existent
No longer am I spoken of
But I have not slipped their minds
I've made a mistake
To speak the truth
I should not have expressed my feelings.
Expressed in "Bullshit Friends"
I know they are not
Yet still I feel betrayed
The world has become monotonous
Without them, I sit in my room
Idly waiting, idly thinking
Waiting, knowing they're being joyous
Joyous without me
Now that I have my unwanted limitations
I have to become used to it
I'll miss them
I'll miss them ever so dearly.
Their humor, their laughter
Their company.
I shall move on
I will move on
For they are joyous without me
'Tis best this way
For I am bitter, I drag down their joy
New companions, new joys and delights
Yes, we had good memories
But perhaps that will be the end of it.
Perhaps in ten years, it will all be vague memoirs
I'll miss you
I don't know if you feel the same
And I'm trying not to care if you do
For it will all end soon
For soon en

Mature Content

Postmodernist MartyrWaking up with the sound of a bell
Slowly tickling to his dismay
He decided to die.
Shining clouds of smoke
A rainbow passing by
A caterpillar enjoying its breakfast
On his scarred chest
Ah.. the reminiscences of the last night's beauties!
no more than a broken dream
Face the reality!
Non-conformists destroying his windows
The rain in his shower was over
The coffee from the table was spilled
On the dusty shelves of the past
Silence & Smoke (SS!)
Why bother? Oh yes..))
He decided to die!
allowing the lead
in his eyelids
to fall.
Enlightement? Oh yes..))
No image has arisen,
no thought has occured.
So was it worth it all?
Pain is just rubbleRubble pricks my soles and makes my feet go different directions. It stings through my flesh almost perforating it.
"Come! Not much time left." the grey haired local urges me as she leads the way.
My heart races into my chest abducted by fear but lit by sparkles of excitement.
I try to listen to the summoning words of the wrinkled old woman but the scorching heat defeats my aching body. At once I fall at the ground like a harvested ear.
My swollen belly bursts into flames.
"AAAAAAAARRGHHH" I moan in staggering pain. My hands fold upon my abdomen. My teeth screech.
Thick dust is inhaled by my dehydrated mouth and sand scratches my face almost ripping it apart.
If only that were so simple! If only sand could cut like a steel knife through my worthless being making room just to get her out. If only!
As I hear the woman swearing and lamenting in a precipitated Mexican dialect, my mind squirms with remorse at our poorly made up plan. The border with Arizona is almost
ShiverLike a feather gracing my skin
Down my spine and repeats.
That familiar unsettledness
Disturbing your mental voices.
Making your breath stop
When you hear a sound that
Resonates through your bones
Your eyes and shoulders roll inward
Attempting to curb the sensation
That is fleeting yet so memorable
Wind breezing through your fingers
Scurrying to the depths of the body
Cooling the blood and every nerve
And all you want to do is scream
And shudder but all that comes out is
A shiver.
in my head, you're a galaxy. by paperheartsyndrome spoonfuls of alphabet soupmy thoughts have turned into an alphabet soup; all the letters, all the words, all the memories are still there, but the coherence is all gone.
i l i f                                 i live in fantasy;
r i j a p                            reality is just a place
t r m f                              to rest my feet.
m h i i t c                         my head isn't in the clouds
b i f a     &
Star-SentOnce there was a girl who was in love with the night sky.
She had visited planetariums and read children's books on astronomy. She had learned to identify nineteen different constellations and would always look for them on dark, clear nights. She had gotten her father to stick glow-in-the-dark stars and planets to her bedroom ceiling. She had eaten freeze-dried astronaut ice cream and thought it tasted better than anything else in the world.
As time passed the girl began to learn about the universe, about things like asteroids and black holes. Little by little she came to know the invisible forces that governed outer space, and the night sky became more than just a sky to her. It was a giant treasure box, filled with the secrets of the places beyond earth.
The girl's love slowly turned to longing. She wanted to know the stars through more than just pictures and models, because deep down she believed that there was something in the universe she couldn't find on her own planet. The thoug

Pisces by shirua like the moon of the sea by kidchan Art Trade: Yu by shirua Curse of Nature by shirua I enter you , the Dummy King.. by MrKingArthas KIMONO: Lily by izka197 Blue by shirua Faith Innocent by Myrretah Happy Easter by iNintendo Curse of Nature BW by shirua

R a i n by Rosse-San :thumb124222770: Hysteria.Delirium by PorcelainPoet Birds Play by yuniarko I love kittens 05 by XElYX man by MustafaDedeogLu Serenity by YOSHIMETAL Open Your Eyes.. by Khomenko BALLOON by cetrobo Don't leave me by Asligg

Resources and Stock Images
:thumb154368870: :thumb155082790: Basic Proportions by Makime Blooming by Clovcent Phatpuppy Abstract Goldfish by phatpuppy The GRAND Space Collection by tadp0l3 :thumb150785713: Stock...  Random 6 by RhysBriers Pencils are Overrated by Cataclysm-X :thumb156616832:

Traditional Art
Day Dreamin' by Lady-Leviathan104-24 Eyes-hand-foot by Vio-Vione Winterdream by villasukka Inspiration by VforVieslav How to: Everyday Eye by AppleBrandy nit by SoraMP The suffering by unImago Light and Shadow by Schiraki Cat by TeSzu 13thGarden by senyphine

Heart by loveErica We Lied by BOBBb12345 Sing Sweet Nightingale by hakumo Judgement by sandara Mommy... dinner guests by Taborda08 ::Never Gonna Give You Up:: by The-Terminal-Show :thumb153941385: 'Why, hello there...' - WIP by Fiji-Fujii

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