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"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight." ~Phyllis Diller

SMILE by Make-Believe-93 :thumb146005249:  Laughter by LittleMissAnastasia  SMILE by Jeanutti  Michael Fassbender Smile by Sanithil  The Old Megamind by yearuzzaman  Smile by Pearlan  No One's Perfect by ASHURII-sgtfunkytown  the smile by cachealalumiere  pauper's smile by nixelz  Smile by CaptainCacao :thumb275810404:  Smile,please by Bara18  SmiLE PaRtaAY- ThrowUp by Midnight-Specks  Smile by morgueprincess  smile by jordache  the smile of smiles by dinocat :thumb276065761:  S a y  S m i l e by FlabnBone :thumb275887652:  laughter by darkangelkiss  smile by mystiquenigma  morning smile by Larisoi  Laughter by StacyToddPhotography  moer smile by k-BOSE  Smile by soulofautumn87  Smile by Sophalone  Smile by F-Candle  Happy Birthday by LimKis  Smile by Samt-al7anyin  I didn't do it by Joeman454  Smile. by treyplay  Such a Nice Smell and Smile by BaronTrance  Smile by scorsagra  Snail by CheShindra  smile by dottydotcom  Smile by CarsAndMore  smile by johnberd  Smile by BlackJack0919  smile for the camera by sheddinglies   Just Smile by xbooshbabyx  childhood. by chartreuse1  Fat and Happy by Queeny-o-Hearts  Joy. by JulyZui  Happy Toe by Grodden  smile red fox by Erago77  smile by monellseba  The Light in Your Soul by since91  Smile... by CatherineSatrun  Smile by SkikiRiXa :thumb276129208:  Smile by Bartty  SMILE by ISMAILEREN  behind the smile. by JeanFan  laughter by jayceekhoo  Smile by kaukaumooo  monkey by Alveeus  the Sparrow by CapnDeek373  smile by SaraWhack  touch of happiness by saggy-emopunk  Smile by Seculla  Smile by Objectix  Old Smile by Last-Savior  Embera Smiles by emirasmussen  Eevee Smile by ToygerCat Say Cheese by NikkiNeon  With a fist and a smile by gilad :thumb184425517:  Smile by xavierrey  smile by PrimaGo  Toothless Trying Smile by TheBandicoot  Ram Says Hi by SirTiefling :thumb176418521:  Smile by valters :thumb35908471:  Be happy. by photography-cc :thumb276078734: :thumb276107345:  smile 3 by OziXtc  Be Happy by inObrAS  Smile brings happiness by KsenPo :thumb275847454:  smile by groundhog-day  Gir by Eryn-Grace-OMalley :thumb189983412:  Smile by bulavina  Laughter by anathalyst :thumb275907000:  laughter by squirsh01 :thumb177406226:  Sparkster pen tablet complete by thunderaxewarrior  Smile by Evex92 :thumb192701827:  Brothers United by darkjon :thumb125193369:  Smile by siamois  Smile by HarryBuddhaPalm  Smile by dianora :thumb276101672:  38. Smile by x-loveyou-x
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Great collection! I will have to use submit some to my group about smiling :D
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"Come on, everypony, smile, smile, smile.
Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine."

Very nice collection, but it needs more Pinkie Pie. :3
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that one with toothless is a screen shot :/ other than that theres some cool stuff here :D
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Thanks for the feature :iconeeveewiiplz:
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oh my this is so cute! You made my evening :D
And thanks so much for the feature! :tighthug:
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Thanks, I'm feeling good now. : )
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Thank you!! This feature made me smile :)
x x x
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thanks a lot for the feature :aww:
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uve featured the most beautiful expressions in whole world "smiles" uve got good taste... !! thanks for sharing my artwork here :)
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Aww, love the features, and the phrase! :la:
It's really amazing :D
mariaacoutinho's avatar
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Thanks for the feature :).
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