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:lightbulb: How old are you?

20 years old.

:lightbulb: Where are you from?

I'm Guyanese, but I've lived in NYC all my life.

:lightbulb: Have you ever visited Guyana?

Yes, of course! I love it there and I try to visit as often as possible. I still have family there and my parents still have friends there. Plus, my dad recently bought me a house on one of the islands there. Guyana's one of my favorite places. ♥

:lightbulb: Do you plan on pursuing photography as a career?

No. Photography's just a hobby. I'm probably never going to give it up, but I plan on pursuing a career in the medical field or zoology.

:lightbulb: What camera do you use?

A Canon EOS XTi with a Canon EF-S 17-85mm lens.

:lightbulb: How did you get so good at photography?


:lightbulb: How long have you been doing photography?

About three years now.

:lightbulb: How did you get interested in photography?

I was always interested in art, but I was never good at it (drawing, painting, ect.). Photography looked like an easy art since I thought it was just a click of a button, and, well, how hard could that be? No need to tell you how wrong I was. ;)

:lightbulb: Where do you take your photos?

A lot of my photos are taken in Forest Park, NYC. I love that place. <3

:lightbulb: Do you edit your photos?/ How you get your photos like that?

Of course, it's digital photography. I edit, but I never manipulate. I shoot in a format called raw (which is basically a digital negative) and I use PS CS5 to open it up and edit.

:lightbulb: Do you use filters?

No. I hate those things.

:lightbulb: Do you have a boyfriend?


:lightbulb: Are you a model?

Haha, no. I just like taking photos of myself when I have nothing better to photograph.

:lightbulb: How many photos do you usually take to find the right one?

I usually take a lot of photos. I normally have a general idea of what I want when I go out to take photos, but that won't stop me from playing around with my angles, composition, etc. And then I'll look at what I have when I get home. The "right" shot can be the very first click of my camera, or the very last.

:lightbulb: Is that your natural hair?

Yup. It's completely real and that's my natural hair color.

:lightbulb: Is Twiggy Teeluck your real name?/ Why do you call yourself Twiggy?


:lightbulb: Can we chat?

No. Actually, hell no. Feel free to message me on deviantART if you need to, or email me, but no we can't chat on AIM or Windows Live Messenger or any other programs.
"Dear random perverts on the internet: No we may not be "good friends". No you cannot try to get to know me. And no, we may not chat on any kind of IMing programs. I have better things to do than to humor a creep."

:lightbulb: You and your photography suck.

Then gtfo.

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Would you marry me?
Yes :giggle: