Art You Can Eat

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I was browsing around when I came to the Culinary Arts section. I was amazed at what I saw. Some of these things look too precious to take a bite out of.

Enjoy. =)

cake 3 by TulipKenobi Princess Castle Cake by zoro-swordsman Parrot Head Cake by Heidilu22 Wedding Cake by RTyson Teapot Cake by Saiyuki08 Tiger Lily Cake by DavidArsenault :thumb68538244: Flip Flop Cake by Heidilu22 christmas tree wedding cake by Dragonsanddaffodils :thumb154361346: Wedding Cake 03-14-2008 by stringy-cow Autumn Fall Wedding Cake 2002 by ALICE-on-ACID Undead Noms by Snippersaurus Sorting Hat Cake by dalamar33 Alice in Wonderland Cake by Kahlan4 Atlantis Cake veiw 2 by The-EvIl-Plankton Sweet Little Turtle by Claw-Ravenscroft Chocolate Flower Cake by xXx--Kawaii--xXx :thumb151016276: Playing With Chocolate by Nymphaelle :thumb57034655: :thumb144421974: :thumb150753246: :thumb151809417: :thumb151447640: Flower Silloette cake by The-EvIl-Plankton Haro Cake by Kralle-K :thumb157147383: Porcelin Paste Centrepiece by raynich2 pink present cake by pinkshoegirl Christmas Yule Cake 07 - Klimt by ALICE-on-ACID Kisuke Cake by Mieko-Kaida Hibiscus by BluestOfBirds Humming bird and Orchid cake by The-EvIl-Plankton venetian mask cake by Dark-Arts-And-Crafts Wedding Cake by xXx--Kawaii--xXx pillow cake by cakelover88 ice age-cake2 by azsammaiski Poop Birthday Cake by ShinseiTenshi Santa Hat Cake by Heidilu22 Southern Belle by Er-ca sugar flowers n chocolate pots by Dragonsanddaffodils Pink Wedding by Heidilu22 Two Peas by Heidilu22 Lolita Cake by dubloon-o-matic Spooky Cakes by Nimhel October Wedding Cake by theshaggyturtle Chocolate Pizza by Ferntree sweet 16 cake by diullbar22 prince by cakelover88 Sea Turtle CupCake by theshaggyturtle Treasure Map Cake by Erisana Mad Cake by Snippersaurus Sakura Tree Cake by xXx--Kawaii--xXx p. dot boy by cakelover88 Earth Day Cake by JinYonMin Phantom Birthday Cake :O by Whiterosepetals91 bunny's cake by harryjames Crazy crazy cupcakes by maytel Fondant Rose cake by Zappe Tiger Tail Cake by DavidArsenault blue bow cake by pinkshoegirl Bottle Overboard cake by Cakerific Milk and white strawberry choc by Dragonsanddaffodils Blue And White Seashell Cake by xXx--Kawaii--xXx Sacher Torte by Verusca :thumb105274903: white chocolate wraps by Dragonsanddaffodils Cake by thefunkygibson Prince Charming by Heidilu22 Converse All Stars, Pink by neongeisha wedding cake 3 by KeelieWood :thumb155037508: Pretty In Pink by meechan Corpse Bride Wedding Cake by Acid-PopTart Double Happiness by BeautyCanBeDecieving Pink and Black by Heidilu22 Wedding Cake by Heidilu22 Puff Apple Tart by Heidilu22 Spring flowers wedding cake by Dragonsanddaffodils Red fabric rose cake by Dragonsanddaffodils Ribbon Cake by The-EvIl-Plankton teapot cake by diullbar22 Beach Wedding by see-through-silence Ashleigh's B-Day Cake by Heidilu22 delicious cake. by bat-girl13 my first wedding cake by greensprout starry night cake by quidditchmom Woah Wedding by Heidilu22 White Wedding Cake by theshaggyturtle Cupcake Mountain by dashedandshattered Halloween Wedding Cake by Erisana Children's Museum Cake by Heidilu22 Starry Blue Cake by xXx--Kawaii--xXx tina's birthday by freethegnomes :thumb157624357: A tiny orphan... by SALioness Wedding cake 64 by ninny85310 Popcorn cake by Golden-Phoenix0-0 Practice polkadot wedding cake by willowswhisp Sugar Cherry Blossom Bonzai by kgc-inusan Fall Wedding Cake by ohnoono Widmer cake by Kahlan4 Cinnamon Mini-Cupcakes by AsaalatTameem Ewok Birthday Cake by AntVar Wedding cake 63 by ninny85310 :thumb158132303: Wedding Cookie Pops by Sliceofcake car by anafuji Wedding cake 57 by ninny85310 Chocolate swirls by TheForest Wedding Dress Cake by stacylambert :thumb157144333: Bunny Ballerina Marshmallow by SweetBeriiChu BIRTHDAY CAKE by ozpop Rainbow Sherbet Cupcake 3 by oldschoolair 3 Tier Classic Wedding Cake by Verusca St. Patrick's Day cake by Kahlan4 Edible Book Fair 2010--Detail by TubaQueen Scorpion Latte by MonkDrew Gone Fishing by Sliceofcake :thumb157265294: Bunch of Flowers by Verusca Nintendo 64 Cake by chimera-99 :thumb156906677: Gifted by Sliceofcake Cinderella's Dress by Naera Bride And Groom Cookies by Sliceofcake Diamante by Sliceofcake :thumb156796603: Hitched by Sliceofcake Pirate Birthday by Naera Edible Book Fair 2010 by TubaQueen :thumb156713631: Animal baby shower by see-through-silence :thumb157267806: Strings by Sliceofcake Graffiti Cupcakes by Igasm :thumb156508397: :thumb157646907: :thumb157638430: :thumb156809539: The Jewel Box by Sliceofcake Oriental by Sliceofcake :thumb157335472: :thumb156382514: :thumb156383515: topsy turvy cake by Verusca DisplayCake Wedding Event nr 1 by Naera :thumb157531398: :thumb157638593: La Lolita by Sliceofcake Sway by Sliceofcake :thumb157146792: Batman by Naera :thumb157329155: Classic Romance by Sliceofcake :thumb156901061: Sakura Blossoms by Sliceofcake Legend of Zelda cake by see-through-silence fairy tale cake by cakelover88 Lemonade love by Itti Crooked Cake by Verusca Roy Mustang by youtakethecake Musical birthday cake by see-through-silence Mint Dessert Cake by theshaggyturtle Grooms Cake by Digitalflattery crocodile-cake by azsammaiski Out of Shape by Verusca princess castle cake by pinkshoegirl Pink Cake.... by diepretty9 Edible Architecture by doomsday-averted :thumb151569429: Van Gogh Cake by pinkcakebox cake by diullbar22 celestial cake by ilexiapsu Scarface the Holiday Romantic by miezukuri