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Autumn Journal Skin

:star: Yes, you can use this journal skin as long as you leave the credits.

:star: Don't forget to change the URLs in the links in the header.

:star: Copy and paste this code into your "Content" section:

<div class="jcustom"><div class="titles">YOUR TITLE HERE</div>

:star: For full instructions, look at Journal Skins: How-To
You can see a working example here: [link]

:star: You can see a live version here: [link]

Enjoy. =)

:star: More Journal Skins:
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FireFlea-San's avatar
This would be nice to use, but the "hot naked photos of me XXX" is an absolute "nope". 
TwiggyTeeluck's avatar
Think of it as a punishment for everyone who refuses to read the instructions and change the links in the header. :giggle:
FireFlea-San's avatar
Some people don't know how to do that and some people don't want to. But that's fine, I'll just use someone else's theme :)
TwiggyTeeluck's avatar
If they'd read, they'd know I've written up full instructions on how to change them. :dummy: That doesn't bother me at all, cheers! :)
ForestFairytails's avatar
never mind lol its not visible on my computer but i can see it on my laptop sorry to be a bother :3
ForestFairytails's avatar
how can i install it theres no button at all :(
haphazardmelody's avatar
mau-kun's avatar
There is no install button? How would I get it? ; w ;
TwiggyTeeluck's avatar
Oh, it looks like deviantART made a few changes. The 'Install' button is on the right side of the deviation. :)
mau-kun's avatar
ah! Thank you x) sorry I didn't see it xP
TwiggyTeeluck's avatar
No worries, it happens. deviantART seems to be making a lot of changes, haha. :)
mau-kun's avatar
Yes, they have changed recently x) haha :D
TimeToGoToSleep's avatar
((I love your journal skins.))
Lizzimoa's avatar
Lovely skin :D
I hope you don't mine that I use it on my site ^^
DailyBird's avatar
This is beautiful ^^
VirusCherub's avatar
amazing, im gonna use this, thank you so much :D
MarissaSunshine's avatar
Using this when autumn rolls around. :)
UiiZaelic's avatar
Very beautiful - love the vintage feel behind this!
Ameyama's avatar
this is wonderful!
you did a great job here!

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