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Cats and Kittens! Denizens of the Deviant community!  Things are going well in EL AY. Enjoying the occasional bout of employment and sunshine 24/7.  Just thought I'd post a link to my blog:

You know, in case rampant Harry Potter fan art is not enough to slake your goofy cartoon lust.  Watch out, I draw boobies sometimes! :-O
Hello Ladies and Gentlemans!

I have lately found myself in a precarious financial predicament.  So to make a few extra bucks I am now doing COMMISSIONS!  You want some Harry Potter fanart?  You got it.  You want me to draw your World of Warcraft character?  No problem.  Want a picture of your Mom riding a pony for her birthday? I'm all over it!  I'll even be willing to draw some ADULT SITUATIONS if you all were so inclined.  (You know, like people paying their taxes and stuff)

SO, here's the breakdown:
B&W - $20
Color - $40

If you want multiple characters it'll be + $10 per extra character, add background for an another $20.  It's just like Coldstone.  Except with art.  

Just leave me a message if ya'll are interested!