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This happened

This actually happened to me not to long ago! What I want to know is what the hell was so important in that kitchen cabinet that my neighbor had to find it while naked. WHAT COULD IT POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN???
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Oriana-jua's avatar
This happened to me but vise versa! And then of course and inapropriate wolf whistle came form outside that left me running.
SayuriEyes's avatar
My roommate does the same: no nudity problem.
SithLordLiisa's avatar
It happened to me once.
Never got a complaint from the neighbours. :D
LAvenus79's avatar
ROFL! aw... i'm sorry that happened. I would have been curious myself. ah, life ;p
Entropist2009's avatar
Does it really matter? Let's keep the memory of the moment, for both its aesthetic and comic perfection! :)
shadowmaria1997's avatar
hahahaha AWESOME! :D
Leamonadefreak's avatar
Lol. Thats good. Really good.
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lolapasse's avatar
This is mature content ?????????????? what a joke ( very funny by the way)
panther-chan's avatar
Hahaha! Epic moment! xD Hope you didn't hurt yourself!
MaRina731's avatar
How distracting ... oO
Yet awfully funny, though. :D

cutehhpenguins's avatar
what a great song to run to... lol I imagine you're probably scarred for life... :XD:
ScubaSteve13's avatar
hahaha thats a win!!
RoseAnderson1000's avatar
That's a face-planting-while-running-and-seeing-a-girl-naked-while-listen-to-Eye-Of-The-Tiger WIN!

ScubaSteve13's avatar
Oh my gosh bahaha! You're my favourite!
Karly-Berri142's avatar
BubbleBlowerGirl's avatar
Omgoodness this is hilarious! I love it! :D
Lt-Spork's avatar
:iconhurrplz: your graceful-ness scares me lol

Hope you didn't hurt yourself too much
justxguess's avatar
this is so perfect xD
mythicalmexicanbeast's avatar
haha! i love how you like totally collapse in shock
coNstantine2530's avatar
lmao, this is great
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